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28.05.2013 11:15
would rather choose to perish antworten
The detonator He Yusheng looked at Tsui Hark in the seaman. Cried: "Tsui Hark,Nike Jordan Take Flight UK, you don't move. You have to think about the consequences, let go of it,Coach Online Sale, if you bow to plead guilty, for you to give the wrongdoer a way out of the country." Xu Keshui laughed, "you don't say these, these years I in this system to work, what do not understand, you don't think I am three years old, with a few kind words can take me trick. I know my crime is at least a reprieve, I knew this day would come. Let me spend the rest of his life in prison, I can not accept, tell you, I would rather choose to perish together with you, also not good to be you in jail wait for death. You will have no pain, I in this house with one hundred kilograms of the strong x ì ng explosive, the end is just a moment." He will be the thumb on the buttons igniter. "Don't you, wait to detonate." Lin is not sit calmly looked up on the sofa in front of Xu Keshui said: "I have a question to ask you, why do you want to buy Xia LAN to death, because revenge on her father so simple?" Xu Keshui coldly smiled, "kill xialan indeed was in retaliation for Xia Yin, another point is that she is all too s è, she is a better not good j its ng observation, the more so the more she is my strongest opponent. If she was, would be too much trouble for me. In addition, she looks so charming, let me yearn day and night, but I know her identity and X ì ng lattice, she could not follow me. So I hope she died, I can't get the others don't want to get. But it didn't work, she escaped, but today she will accompany me to go. Ha ha ha. Lin Fei nodded, said coldly: "you're not the one!" And off he from the sofa to quickly jump out, like a ghost wandering to ten metres, lightning fall in front of Xu Keshui. A big hand I do not know when already gripped Xu Keshui's wrist, he smiled a forced, Xu Keshui's hand a loose, detonator down. Forest than the other hand firmly will trigger. Xu Keshui is like a dream, how can the young man was sitting on the sofa, suddenly stand in front of the detonator hands loosen, how, when he these questions has not been solved,Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses, will feel the face was heavily pumped a slap in the face. Xu Keshui the whole body to fly out, hit the corner of a blue and white porcelain Bangchui bottles, the value of hundreds of thousands of bottles was a smash. He also did not climb up, face was not hard to trample forest. Forest not break big scold a way: "you are a shameless bastard, unexpectedly for the sake of your demons and to hurt xialan, tell you, I have not in the forest who also don't want to hurt her!" He leaned over to Xu Keshui high lift. Whispered and shouted: "I send you a person walk!" 180 pounds Xu Keshui again to fly out, when his head against the wall, xialan jumping up, a seized him, threw it on the floor, "tied up!" Lin Fei's eyes a bright, he felt the xialan body has been restored, never thought she would recover so quickly, such as >.
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