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28.05.2013 10:52
Zhang Xian Yong know ass where antworten
> Two Chad're not products of the big operators. WwW, QunabEN, coM house Kenneth A person while others follow a knowing laugh from Seoul, one is relieved, the emperor happy, estimated to retrieve a life. "Ruo Lian, you're very good, very good, this, according to United for you, and that six people, this month dropped the bar. Ruo Lian, put the ears the money, well, also your credit , Union does not stingy, good work. " Young very happy reform, which seems to put usury, or be as large of. "Yes, sir, His Majesty the Emperor Ruo Lian had appreciated very happy to own this, it seems, is to bet on, such as the emperor said, this thing can put usury money, definitely value for the emperor, presumably, their own position will grow ah! "Qibing Majesty, the minister there is a word, do not know when speaking properly speaking. "Ruo ripple confidence outbreaks. Prepared to go on a word to win greater" profits. "" Oh? Oh, Ruo Lian, you have something to say? "Young reforms would like to see, this guy is, but also what to say." Huibing Majesty, the minister believes that this month's mother money. Wei Chen believes that the ear in order to increase doubled to 1,202,000, think now this loan so popular, presumably, this month, the harvest must be enormous. "Ruo ripple ready burn up the fire, add a spoonful oil thoroughly let it explode, so the emperor does not care about will not work. Third of the big old Ming trace the money to put into this bold vision, Lian Yang reform their own, have had to say a little crazy! "Ruo ripple, so that money is not the problem, the problem is that you have almost a certainty? To time if only marginally profitable or something screws up, it can be is happy over white back Young reforms to prepare a look at this guy's guts, in the end how much. Ruo silicon face of the emperor's questioning, seemed very calm, said: "Huibing Majesty, the minister thought that Imperial Academy now so popular, many lifts in order as soon as possible into the prison, took less money, you have to borrow, Wei Chen here , also only a mere 1,202,000, simply nothing. Moreover, not all 1,202,000 are borrowed lifts go there, which is unusual trace the money business, it is still good, micro- minister willing to guarantee their lives, certainly lucrative profits this month as required by His Majesty reach the level bipartite Lee, Wei Chen willing to be punished! "Ruo Lian also spotted the opportunity to prepare for the next re-injection, fiercely Bo a, in order to achieve a high to see the emperor, remember the effect to the emperor a. The impression that they can take on important task with which trace the money, as their magic into the body. Crazy, crazy! Young reforms do not not commented this man, like the original, ask yourself how this massive capital usury when Li Yan said about five or six between one hundred and two thousand, but now, not other people put usury light yourself here, there is 1,202,000, is already twice the size of the original, if coupled with other people trace the money, this scale, probably more than three times ah! But another thought, this Imperial "business" wore. I am afraid there are so courageous Ruo Lian reason. Young reforms can not help but see a word that Ruo high ripple, this young man, intelligent, courageous, is his confidant and cultivate the kind of people who work. Now he sent himself to give him a stage up. "Well! Since Lee Qingjia so forthright, linking not stingy, if you can complete as you say, you promoted to a joint, for praise Yang reform decision" generous "one back, threw out a one thousand households bait. Ruo Lian overjoyed, and immediately knelt on the ground, shouting and said: "Wei Chen will make every effort to effect His Majesty monarch are happy enough, Ruo Lian got high to see the emperor, the emperor had a guarantee. Young reform as she had a happy person who can act, for the lack of people now own worry. That charge usury six individuals, it is pleased with this, the emperor does not seem to kill us. Most happy to belong to that called Gui Zhang's, and had thought would die, did not expect pandemonium walked trip back. Due in early May. Dragon Boat Festival. The future the 21st century, there will be many people like the day, because it will have a holiday, you can drink delicious meal. But in the Ming Dynasty, the palace, this day, but not how good, this is one. Bad day, a very taboo day. On this day, the imperial palace Zhao Qin Ming Zhang Xian Yong positive a real blessing to the palace, approach things evil flooding disaster. Zhang Xian Yong Singing on stage in France to engage in most of the day, be considered this prayer, ritual exorcism Escaping engage finished. "Zhang Zhen, Zhang called to live a small yellow door." Amitayus blessing, Pindao polite, do not know the father calls Pindao have anything? . Although this is Zhang Xian Yong Guanpin high enough, but in the palace, or to put a very low figure, amiable, approachable, even if the other side is a small eunuch, still the polite gesture spared. "Zhang live without much ceremony, His Majesty please Zhang Gong after the Court a reality to Syria." Eunuch told Zhang Xian Yong yourself purposes. "Go after the Court Palace? His Majesty the Emperor summoned?" Zhang Xian Yong excited, although their positive towards Tingqin a real seal, however, to imagine a trip to the emperor, that is not so easy, now able to get the young emperor himself summoned, but also a nice thing. "Zhang live without doubts, go fast with our family, and so on for a long time do not let His Majesty." So saying, he took little eunuch Zhang Xian Yong Palace after the Court to go. Palace after the Court Wanchunting. Today, Yang reform is not only the Sun Chengzong invited, also XU poisonous and surgery: since only the two right-hand man busy public affairs, to Palace after the Court of flowers, Kawakita head was. Zhang Xian Yong a look, this Wanchunting, in addition to outside of His Majesty the Emperor, is a big eunuch Wang Chengen, there are two old man, a closer look small precisely two real "Imperial Tutor" and not the kind of imperial division back a name The Imperial Master. Both Imperial Master, but the emperor himself Huanzuo master ah! Not generally able to compare. "Amitayus Fu, Zhang Xian Yong mouth Pindao see save the Queen Long live Long live!" Despite being the world's first Taoist, however, met with the emperor, and this is still to kneel kneeling. Young staring at the four-year-old reform the Fearless, an air of calm, luxurious Fearless wearing robes, wearing Fearless cap, carefully looked at, really a sort of "SAGE" looks like,oakley eyeglasses sale, But Yang reform know, man, he would have to eat and drink Lazard, as boat "immortal" get up? Bale is a purely glamorous face. Young is also a bit worried about the reform, as many fear through the book written by those circumstances, what the old priest, at a glance, themselves and the general "masses" is somewhat different, is what the dead person, what they rewrite the fate , another day to converse kind of stuff, and if so, he may have to consider reforms Young abandoned atheism, converted superstitious. But obviously, this guy wearing a very rich is not original, nothing different capabilities, we are not able to see that he "is not normal. Capacity for kowtow to be very diligent Yang reform calm down." Oh, live without much ceremony, get up. The pavilion, space is not wide, in addition to the emperor a man sitting, the other people are standing, no place to sit. Zhang Xian Yong wonder, the emperor himself to move this back garden doing? Flowers? Although the May flowers have something a read, but, obviously, this palace back garden, not a place to talk down to business ah! "Pindao thank His Majesty Ron." "Oh, Zhang Zhen? For the common people rain thing? Busy how the?" Young guys reform toward understanding, still before Chodo, there is a veteran, so that the proposed guy rain, drought mitigation things come forward, his nose was, but later learned that this guy is not a real solution in the dry, the solution is arid hearts of the people, in the face of drought, even if there is no response to the court way, even if the rain is impossible to achieve something, but the court still must be so dry, because the people believed that the world, if not, that the world's people will believe the court that does not care about them. Have this, Yang reform also got inspired by this guy. Although her look down, but it is still very far-reaching effects, not their own imagination as nothing, then, and only then a lot of ideas. Hit his head to go. To him, Yang reform no less preparation. "Huibing Majesty, Pindao has been raining seeking practices. Prepare Pindao Mana Ho meager rainfall fear this issue, it is difficult! Said than done!" Zhang Xian Yong a figure who trained their best look, look their limited capacity and can not Drought relief for the court, that do nothing, they have the best of it. Zhang Xian Yong is not a fool, which have been predicted Emperor, Shaanxi planetarium indicates, there will be ten years of drought, how he dared to predict that he could of drought? That is not court death? So. It also said the Emperor Shun, anyway, did not own anything that is rather marvelous biography of the legendary emperor dream man of God that Professor legend, even more so Zhang Xian Yong scruples, if the rumors are true, that the emperor can be really that had seen the man of God. While he, then nothing, which met with Li Li Gui shrink, everything revealed the secret. Young hearts cursed the God stick reform, pretend to be kinda like, seems to really rain general. However, these things, Young reform is not prepared to intervene, is not prepared to expose. Today, I called him, and not in order to do what rain, because rain this matter, even in the twenty-first century, still no good way to play up what is playing rainfall, the rain ease people than he hearts drought much better. "Zhang Zhen, Alliance today you come, and you want to chat about the road thing, determined to seek joint road, it is regrettable, but do not know what is Tao, Tao where. Thought Zhang Zhen Taoist charge of the world. Presumably should be a The comprehend Zhang Xian Yong an emperor to seek? Could this great emperor in the Ming Dynasty, but also out of a guy like immortality? hey, if so, that this Taoism, but also a beautiful one. moment my heart like eating the honey in general, sweet. Sun Chengzong and Xu Guangqi an emperor to seek the heart puzzled, the emperor looked very smart a person, how would believe those rogue? longevity believe that people can do? Does God no longer favored large Ming Dynasty the? let this looked very shrewd emperor obsessed with alchemy, elixir of life? contemporary face on the black. "But His Majesty asked? "Zhang Xian Yong obviously does not believe that the Holy Spirit legendary emperor would ask him Tao, this is not a legend, the emperor dream a man of God to teach you? Can predict natural disasters do? Zhang Xian Yong actually still like to ask the emperor, this god who looks What, you can not share what religious experiences, and now the emperor asked him to change what is the road? blind lead the blind, blind leading the blind ah! evidently, His Majesty the Emperor who dream of God, nor is it often at work ah! "" ah, it, together thoughts. What is Tao? puzzling, Zhang reality for linking doubts? "Yang reform a puzzled look. Zhang Xian Yong ecstasy, this emperor like Taoism, presumably also thinking about longevity,Air Jordan SC 1 Sale, enlightenment such things, as not another thing, as long as the emperor liked this gateway, Yong old children weep. Will soar. This Taoist day. Will be better. Moment on potassium "Shen said:" Your Majesty, Road to Road, very Avenue. Name that can be named names, unknown at the beginning of heaven and earth, the famous mother of all things. So often desire to watch his wonderful secretly proud of Zhang Xian Yong Ping regarded as a holy book of Taoism from the "moral", I believe this esoteric "moral", which will allow the emperor fell in love with the road Dao, although presumably the emperor the dream of the man of God to teach, I am afraid to see God every day, so, have a thing to ask yourself, Zhang Xian Yong think so proud. Sun Chengzong and Xu Guangqi two people. Black face, watching the look of pride Zhang Xian Yong flicker emperor. Although he annoyed, but there is no way that this is the emperor himself asked that he not good to interfere. "What is the meaning of this sentence?, And Tao have anything? Yang reform pretending not understand, ask Zhang Xian Yong what this means." Huibing Majesty, this phrase means "road" If you can use words to express, that It is often "Road," "name, if you can use the text resigned named, that it is often very impatient reform Yang, Zhang Xian Yong said, If you listen to this" moral ", that is a hundred years, not even think about this" moral "Then, the moment on the Road:" Zhang live Do not say too complicated, simple and plainly. Union ought to understand. "For the emperor's requirements, Zhang Xian Yong gladly accepted, it is to show their profound opportunity Road Act, said:" Huibing Majesty, this sentence means, "Tao that can be used to explain the universe's original" Road "is the key to unlock the mystery of all." Tao can be used to explain the universe, the Tao is the key to all mysteries, which two, Young reforms are understood, Yang reform is these two. This guy thought he was white, with a "moral" Fudge himself, but do not know their origin, for "moral" in the famous few, but look at yourself more, listen more, a variety of explanations, but also know something, they know the time to less than his. "Zhang is a real person," said Tao, the universe can be explained by the original? Where all the wonders of the Dharma? . "Huibing Majesty, this is true." "That's what it is the universe?" Young reforms continue loading white. "Huibing Majesty, the word universe, was originally two words, separate solution, Yu, refers to the upper and lower Quartet; universe, represents a small ages together mean, up and down through the ages Quartet" on behalf of the entire world, all the " . Zhang Xian Yong explained it is still very good. "Oh, Union understand that this means prison space, Ray mean time, add up to time and space, so understood, can? "" Indeed, indeed, His Majesty is really noble and wise, to have such a view, we can see His Majesty Dorgan not shallow, "Zhang Xian Yong think Fudge emperor thrall Taoism, so, Taoism forces, may be necessary to rose, and began to give the Emperor Jiang * * soup. "ah, well, since this channel represents space and time, on behalf of all the universe, which is the key to all mysteries, and that association, that Taoism with" Road, in the name of the world would like to perform live Taoist Zhang ui, between heaven and earth is clearly understand that many of the "road, slightly? Understand the universe lot of mystery and Famennian slightly? "Young reforms very mysterious with Zhang Xian Yong said. Zhang Xian Yong see the emperor a mysterious look to ask yourself," Road "truth and mystery, mind immediately figured that the emperor in the end is to say something? Said that heaven and earth mysteries?'m Afraid, still want immortality of how it this stuff, have always been the favorite emperors. Zhang Xian Yong know ass where the principle of the universe, the world wonders, for the emperor wanted longevity this idea, have heard of countless times. Zhang Xian Yong feel that they have understood the meaning of the emperor, but also with the Emperor is very mysterious and said: "Your Majesty, but to look for longevity? , Small "ah?" Young hearts big sun reform, this guy really is a God stick, also flicker own longevity, you know, his nine-year compulsory but it has undergone, the most despised these violations objective law of development of things of things the. To be able to live forever, you fart Britain Britain when it came to their own ghost real? Zhang Xian Yong obviously did not understand the emperor's "ah" sound that, with what disdain. With much doubt, the moment it is mysterious, said: "Your Majesty, seeking longevity can easily ah! That Dharma, hard to find ah!" Present from God to continue when the stick, from the emperor to flicker. Young reform shameless enough to think that this guy, and he is by his own performances nausea was not, think this drama could not play anymore, recapitulation, their non-vomiting can not. "Zhang Zhen, together here today, there are a lot of difficulty, is to live to Zhang Tao, would like Zhang Zhen Taoist leader for the world, must be able to explain this truth linking to explain this mystery of the universe and Dharma Young reforms mouth that was in the "Road", which one would light a weight will put a "road" word read too secretive. Zhang Xian Yong confused,Jordan 5 Sale, the emperor does not seek longevity, ask yourself what "road" ask yourself what wonders and Famennian really is hell. they know the secret of Dharma ass, to say chanting meditation, that he is a master Yang reform a look at this guy face God stick loaded confused hearts burst despise, to say God stick loaded You are not our opponents through the congregation ah! Our history is able to predict the development of super-god stick, stick you that God is a small stick of God is a false god of small stick, we are the big stick of God ah!, <
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