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28.05.2013 10:51
two oil stocks cattle for a long antworten
Lin Fei is such a smile, in the original silent venue is particularly clear, all eyes to notice him. Under the field the people whisper to one another. "This is the new director, heard just a few days into the headquarters is mentioned, appears to be some trick." "Do not know, that he returned to the chairman of driving, is not that what......" "Well, I don't think he will only by a face to eat put." "Small voice, let the chairman to hear you still want to do here!" "There is no so-called heard, I share her take away." "You little equity, chairman said the swallow to swallow, over several times than the market price for your purchase,Air Jordan Take Flight UK, you can resist? The chairman of a drop in the bucket compared with you." "It is, I can not say,Air Jordan 3 UK, a little stock I also want to be left to his son, now domestic stock than the static Feng Group, two oil stocks cattle for a long time is not trapped thousands of people." "Yes, I was really lucky to have bought Jing Feng Group listed overseas, if you listen to the domestic those Kengren fund, I almost bought gold shares in six thousand, thanks to not buy, or even there are lost." "Jing Feng Group why long-term bullish, chairman of these years is not really easy, for the majority of shareholders make painstaking efforts, other companies who could have, public listed company executives earning a ridiculously high salary, can have several about enterprise business, anyway,air jordan outlet, gains and losses are not their money." "Yes, more dangerous is the individual listing Corporation which is not for money, has been looking forward to the early R ì lifting of the ban to reduce cash." "Well, we don't say, choose Static Feng Group, we are wise." "The forest director exactly what position, said that for a long time I still don't understand." Bai Ruoyun Dai eyebrow tiny Cu, pout staring at the forest not, thought, the bad guys are thinking something, remember the morning and he's in the bedroom of the lingering, cheeks immediately start to be suffused with light red, but with some light color, or certainly embarrassment. She looked almost all communication with lips, "cough cough......" Mild cough. All the people present almost stopped just so-called "talk". Lin Fei grinned and saw a white if cloud, saw her face s è, can not help heart a surprised, hurriedly also pretend to be poker-faced. "Shareholders, to colleagues, today we convene this special board meeting purpose, mainly some important matters and we want to explain the Jing Feng Group recently." Bai Ruoyun tactfully ethereal voice reminds me of the entire venue in perfect silence. "First, I want to say the new energy industrial base about static Feng Group and Hua Tian Industrial Cooperation and all things. General manager Zheng Yi is here today, and your first introduce the expected power industrial base capacity gains." Zheng Yi stood up, every rhythm ground to say: "Chairman, dear colleagues, I am as general manager of static electricity industry base Maple new energy, now responsible and tell you, our new energy industrial base is expected capacity gains about the profit for the year 3 to 500000000 yuan. Perhaps many shareholders would say, such a big investment we have made this >
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