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> Sichuan potential shipbuilding missionaries. wwW! qUANbeN! coM start thin His Majesty the Emperor to the East side of the warship construction techniques. "In other words, generally a fleet. Should have one, or while several large warships as the main battleship, and then configure several ships or some relatively small battleship firepower as a supplement. Then there are some smaller warships, assisting large and medium-sized warships combat? "Young reforms original of this ancient warship warfare, to know is limited, the main thing from the film, television, the, games and the like. Pirates of the Caribbean such as the kind of two boats which approached. Each other with artillery bombardment scenes. "It is. Dear Majesty the Emperor. Rely on large warships is unable to complete combat missions. Also in need of the help of small warships, such as some relatively shallow water where large ships can not close, which requires a small warships in the past a .. Also, this large battleship firepower. relatively strong anti-strike capability that can be used against enemy warships do positive repression, these are co-ordinated need a variety of warships, "Yang reform also hear could not nod, I feel it right in saying: "Sun Aiqing you talk about my North Korea's navy at sea, is how to combat it? Yang reform ready compare these Western and Ming Dynasty warship combat way to This to be sure that what they have to build warships. "Huibing Majesty. Wei Chen has not experienced naval,Purses Coach Online, maritime how to play against, Wei Chen is not very clear. However, Wei Chen read some of my writings toward, for example, Qi Shuai said: "Fu ship tall as the city can drive non-human. Has only been windy. Hunchback dwarf unsolicited boat as I freesia boat, so blessing boat Adventure under pressure, such as car crushed mantis. fighting ship force rather than in the bucket manpower. Thus, my blessing towards the tall ship, relying on wind-driven, like a hunchback man crush insects generally rolling boat, relying on power boats, so , Wei Chen thought, I looked and the hunchback's sea battle, relying on the big boat boats rely on collision suppress the power of "Sun Yuan naval though I did not experience, but still allusive. Eloquence. Furthermore. Hill View "Wubei Chi" on the record "with a firearm and waves canal, the undulating waves, may not be the thief, even in men, nor geometric, but can leave times to scare the enemy's heart gall ear. That relies on those two: emission Franco machine. yes but not in the boat is not no powder. one also. fireballs and the like in order to bow, when the encounter. thrown from a high fire burning hair and pirate ship small two also. shows , naval, to rely on a big boat, sturdy Can collision enemy, relying on artillery sharp Furthermore, across the bombardment of enemy, and finally, relying on the burning of enemy fire and the like, according to Wei Chen seen. naval operations, generally is This is a more effective way of three Sun Yuan emperor or try to explain how the battle Yang reform how this battle, really is white, only played "Uncharted Waters four" kind of games, watched some movies, read some. know is far on the use of artillery bombardment, the more powerful artillery hit farther. greater attack power When the ship approached, they rely on sailors boarding Rush. now listen to a Sun Yuan said, this ancient sailing battleship battle mode. have some more reliable understanding. "Then I DPRK navy, combat generally with the kind of boat? How much? Generally have much artillery? Personnel? "" Huibing Majesty, I looked warships, big gun like a three-masted ship like Juzhou, down, and blessing of the ship of the class ship, and then down a small point is haicang boats, Cangshan boat, combat Juzhou artillery, three-masted ship such Juzhou gun, artillery between several tens to a hundred doors, together with other firearms, or a bow and arrow. Fu boats such ship, generally have artillery dozen doors, together with other firearms, bows and arrows and other weapons, "As for the treasure ship, it has been extinct, Wei Chen did not know what the specific assembly according to Wei Chen know, I looked in recent years, Qi Shuai hunchback used by warships, mostly blessing boats, each boat around to accommodate hundreds of people. Sun Yuan may also wish to give the emperor explained from this battleship various Yang reform listening to this presentation, I feel Ming now battleship seemingly far to the edge ah! and This is the West's "Sea King number" Configuring a ratio. difference was not a grade ah! seemingly is able and Western Treasure Ship "Sea King number" race with, but now the treasure ships, technical information has been destroyed, causing not made come, still, unknown, this Qi Jiguang anti hunchback, using hundreds of people but can accommodate a blessing boat, evidently, the Ming navy decline is true that his past may be too optimistic Ming navy which to fight Seven Seas overlord To the Ming Dynasty to all kinds of people looking for one, had to take "Sea King number" of such warships to their pressure into account ah! Yang reform into deep thought. "uh! Just who is called, "Amdo missionaries," "Dear Majesty the Emperor, the next waiting Majesty inquiry called Amdo missionaries who immediately agreed." Linking to hear you say that you are the Spaniards? As is create more powerful than England warships? In order to take revenge? "Young reforms asked." Dear Majesty the Emperor, indeed. Next is a Spaniard, England defeated the Spanish Armada us. Has been suppressed with my motherland. Next wanted to find a more powerful force in the East beat England. Next really want revenge, Your Majesty, Your Majesty can build the next super-battleship. For example, "Sea Kings Road" Your Majesty, the hope that one day the next. His Majesty's fleet, to appear in the Mediterranean. Beat England people, so ugly England taste the taste of defeat! "This. Called Amdo missionaries talk about this destruction of the Armada, a Kudachoushen look, two eyes have cropped up anger. Yang reform very interesting watching the foreigners, in order to combat the UK people at all ah! Armada? For this "Young reforms still have little understanding of how much. Destruction of already? Look at the Amdo little seems to revenge, only to find a more powerful force Orient, and if so, it touches you can save a lot of things, "Yang reform head fast running, thinking up. Thought for a moment , said: "Missionary Amdo, in conjunction with the construction of large warships really mean, as to say you desire to say this in the future. First is the real point of it, together requires a Western warships for joint construction of a person, such as the construction of "Sea King No." I do not know you can not do? . Young reforms like a long time, decided to try to make this foreigner, presumably small these foreigners after Xu Guangqi, Sun Yuan recommendation, somewhat real skill, if not hack it, did not dare to deceive themselves here. I heard that to build "Sea King No. little smoke Amdo eyes glow with excitement. Immediately said:" Yes, sir, my sire, are willing to help you. Small "ah, well, then, you're in first-out design. Demonstration, modeling, and practicing a number of craftsmen can help you, contact you want to see a person with an endless centuries also made a boat. understand me? Yang reform think that this technology Xue Daoshou say. An Duosi cents did not feel there is anything wrong, happy said: "As you wish, my sire. "Emperor happily agreed to the request. Additional small shipbuilding missionaries would worry, Amdo had built" Sea King Road. Work, and their own, but got nothing. The moment he said: "Your Majesty, there is me? I will build warships Young reforms to think of it, there is a person able to shipbuilding, then said:" You accept the leadership of Amdo it, and he built together Battleship bar. Of course, if you feel that your talent is much stronger than the Amdo, you can apply individually to the United Reform shipbuilding Young remember this is called Amdo people the impression that this person is good, and decided to let the person leading shipbuilding, other people on along the way, of course, do not forget to Anduo An arrangement of small row of a competitive rival, let dry Amdo also refuel. Otherwise, someone will catch up later. This man is mixed, pleased that she had an oriental monarch to work. Decent enough, sad is that she has to give their companions along the way. "Big associated with these two guys down. Well placed, but also to a treatment of a visiting it. Do not treat it. Let them draw the design, a drawing, a model, which costs, it will give a twelve hundred, less in the future. coupled Yang reform is not stupid. prepare the real ability to look at these two, if even the drawings are drawn out. they would be less loss of points, one thousand two hundred ducks and drakes, he still afford to lose . to see this two companions have been the reuse of His Majesty the Emperor of the East, others red eye immediately. have been uneasy, looking out of the companion, salivating. Snappers, leaving these will cast cannons, training will do mercenary kind of person. talked about a half-day boat problems, Young reforms already have in mind a general understanding, for dealing with the rest of the group of foreigners, but also have a preliminary plan. According to today summoned these foreigners feeling between these foreigners and the Ming Dynasty, is still a little things. himself had been doing very decisive, very fast, but today, it seems can not be too hasty. yourself or find a more person in the know to ask better, himself lest misjudgment. "you're very good, so be it, you first registered in the Union where the chamberlain about your own name, experience, expertise, those capable of performing the work. Union re-arrange you, so be it, great partners. Let these people go to register it, and then sent to place them about, do not let them run away Yang Ming reform think that remains between the foreigners and the facts, and their original plan to consider a little different, intends to ask the insider . And then decide on their own such as the use of these Westerners. Today had an important message, which many programs are affected, you may need to change it. Young missionaries reform had to arrange these things, to the pressure on. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty Wang Chengen Buddha Lang machine for these people is not a little goodwill, promised to finish the emperor, you took these people left the Buddha Lang machine. These foreigners and in front of a completely different treatment of those people who, suddenly bustling's call up But another look, this guards around, obviously not a prime, only Suozhuobozai, out, in accordance with His Majesty the Emperor meant to do. "Sun Aiqing leave, the United something to ask you see Sun Yuan Yang reform also prepared to follow these foreigners walk together. Hastily pulled over. The Sun Yuan "must be insider. Prepare yourself asking is he immediately respectful Sun Yuan said:" Huibing Majesty, I do not know anything for His Majesty, your Majesty please contact us. "Young reforms see those people go about it, it asked:" Sun Aiqing, I heard my big Ming Dynasty Union. When Westerners who had hired mercenaries? May have the matter? . Young reform can not wait to be asked about this matter, and if this is true, then, and his original intention, there is very different. Their originally intended. Is to hire these people when their Keqing. Now all of a sudden when I heard that they are willing to mercenaries, and if so, it is much simpler. Relationship no longer complex, a visiting position can be considered relatively high, can be regarded as a certain political status, many people. Too much trouble, Young reforms afraid courtiers in this matter trouble for himself, if only the employment relationship, Young reforms do not mind hiring a lot of foreigners to own their lives. Sun Yuan emperor listened, then thought for a moment, said: "Huibing Majesty, that is, there are one thousand years ago, provides critical points east, toward the hunchback indeed been granted just ignorant to hire teachers, dysprosium division, this matter, Xu Wei Chen urged teachers still made. "This case is still Xu Guangqi engage? Young reform find it very interesting, it seems, who own Master Xu, not only in domestic affairs has insightful. This is the military side, not bad ah! "That hire these people, mainly doing? Then how about? Can achieve anything? These relationships, just hired?" Young wanted to know the details of the reform. Sun Yuan thought, said: "Qibing Majesty, for these things, Xu Wei Chen also heard talk about some of the division, just know that these people seem to be specializing in Portuguese gunner practice, concrete is not very clear, it just know some fur His Majesty careful if you want to contact us.'m afraid I have to ask Xu Shi. "Sun Yuan is unclear circumstances surrounding this matter. Straight said Xu know to ask. "Oh? Was so" it seems this thing, but also by Xu Guangqi go ask ah! Young people can reform the use of mercenaries for the Ming Dynasty such a thing, it is interesting, if able to Western mercenaries fan commission their own money to hire a group of mercenaries can even go directly to exterminate the Japanese Ryukyu country, so You can do so on their own boat made good, practicing can be completed sailor war, incidentally, help his naval training, so that more than originally envisaged relying on their own inside the Ming navy re-training may be much better, because it Ming Navy has degraded so badly, and these foreigners are not the same, across the ocean to the East from the West, presumably marine technology, combat techniques are thoroughly tempered, it must be very rich combat experience. As the Eastern empire emperor himself, presumably. As long as Gogo fingers, foreigners will have lined up to give myself as mercenaries, so that their navy navy can quickly grow into the military can shorten the time, and myself, is the lack of time. This boat is not designed, create warships year, that's just imagine, not necessarily be able to create, even fashioned. Have to do adaptive training. Experimental performance had warships, had put those landlubbers excel real sailors, um, takes longer, and myself, would like to go to Korea to fight this year, it seems that a mercenary way, promising, this thing, really have to talk to immediately find Xu ah! Young reforms figured out, can not wait. "Great companion, Master Xu immediately go home, together with important things." Young just back from the outside toward the reform of Wang Chengen said. Wang Chengen also is preparing to close, one said the Emperor,Oakley Oil Rig, not closed immediately, looked at the sky outside. Concern: "Your Majesty, I am afraid that this weather is not late." "No, immediately went and large with speed!" Excited at the thought, Young reforms could no matter what time does the time, I remember, playing games, also overnight normal ah! "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Wang Chengen not Zaiquan the emperor, the emperor immediately to prepare for the eviction of items. Xu Guangqi, a pedestrian went straight home. Xu Guangqi body almost rejoice more gradually, at home recuperating, I heard reports that the emperor housekeeper came out to meet immediately, however. Just come out, they head hit the rush of the emperor. The moment to salute. "Chen Xu Koujian save the Queen Long live Long live!" "Master Xu not much ceremony, please hurry up, together with important things and Master Xu deliberations." Young reform is almost a sprint speed in general burst into the home of Xu Guangqi , and panting. This allows Xu looked very surprised. In the end what a big thing, let the Majesty so hurry. Is where a coup? Emperor intends to flee? Not like ah! Imperial Lane did not hear any sound, Xu Guangqi threaten their own, even the hairs stand on end also. "Your Majesty, what is going in such a hurry?" Xu gave as much, quickly asked in the end how it was. If someone is really rebellion, Xu and his intention to fight to the bitter end, and resolutely defend His Majesty the Emperor. "Keke" Master Sun, Lenovo to ask you, do you know who the Buddha Lang machine mercenaries this thing? Sun Yuan joint hearing that this thing is to urge you to? Give Union talk. "Young reform really want to know the ins and outs of it, their own plans, there is a big loophole, which attack North Korea, using its own warships, fleet, too impatient points, which only a few months time. Ironclad made no new warships, only use the old Ming Dynasty naval warships or rent, buy merchant for personnel carriers, training recruits. too risky point if there is a foreigner when seasoned instructors, their fleet the Army will certainly speed several times faster, combat skills must be able to rapidly increase, rapid maturation, which is bound to secure for themselves a lot of time, their lack is time this year will be massive peasant rebellions broke out, this migration Farmers sea, it is necessary immediately, the sooner the better, otherwise the power of this rebellion, would one day be thrown to the ground of its own. boar skin will enter next year off, before next year if they can not drag the boar skin In Korea. boar skin and it can only be a decisive battle in the customs, the Young wild boar skin reform may not want to watch again and again in the customs robbery, did not as soon find a rope hanging forget, though Young has done a lot to prepare the reform, even ready to let Yuanchonghuan disregard their own risk, to copy the lair of wild boar skin, but with confidence, also in fifty-five between wild boar skin if we can try to drag in Korea, then, you can free up a lot of time training , to raise rates, the longer this battle the odds and wild boar skin,oakley eyeglasses sale, the greater <
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