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28.05.2013 10:48
this is also linked to the purpose antworten
> Delete reform and Sun Chengzong talk will put North Korea's strategic fork thin pondering, four, considered finished. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM off the Sun Chengzong. Young Reform said: "Great companion, to join immediately Caozheng Chun got." Young reforms on their own intelligence system capabilities, very disappointed with how many Korean troops there, confused,Oakley Sunglasses Outlet, and even into the future boar skin off, such a large It is also unclear, their intelligence system is already in a state of failure, this. Must, immediately, immediately attention. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty." Wang Chengen promised, and then sent for Cao Zhengchun it. Soon, Cao Zhengchun arrived, a small slip of the trot, to the emperor greeting. "Well, Caozheng Chun, without too much trouble, the United something to ask you, how well you do the ONI? Intelligence what this progress?" Young reforms also know that their own intelligence system, mesh network reconstruction, much still No time to play a role, but also it is wait. "Qibing Majesty, slaves have been commanded by His Majesty, the DPRK, Mongolia, East Krupp, sending a lot of secret agents, to gather intelligence, but due to a short time, there is currently no access to any major news." Cao Zhengchun is true Nothing good news to the Emperor report, which was opened a few days ah ONI! Will have a significant intelligence available. If that is true, then I'm afraid the news Believe it or not, it is worth considering. "Ah, the United MIB know you just opened, but no major progress, however, the Korean side, you can pay attention to? May be represented by a person? '" Huibing shoes, the DPRK side, slaves also sent some people in the past, however, as Mongolia and the East side of the multi-Krupp is. Majesty, do you want to deploy more staff in Korea? "Cao Zhengchun asked, puzzled. "Ah! That North Korea now seems very important, you need to advance to the intelligence department layout, you send more people in the past that it is said to last year's East Krupp expedition Korea, North Korea has surrendered, East Krupp stationed in Korea some people, Union to know specifically how many people, how troops, together prepare crossing expedition Korea, the DPRK from the east under the control of prisoner freed, related to the safety I looked, you know how to do it? "although they can go back and search history of what happened, but this was still the arrangement layout, Empire, a person can not rely on its own. "Yes, sir, Your Majesty, slaves understand." Cao Zhengchun soon promised down, but a small thing, just point to North Korea to send more manpower is. "Ah, you know like, this intelligence. Linking said, is an invisible war, during the war, and you win, that is, Liansheng, and you fail, that is joint failure, okay? This the outcome of fronts related to the survival of my big Ming Dynasty, so you must be careful, we must seriously, we must pay attention, did not miss a trace of clues. "Young nagging reform can not help but play this intelligence is important. "Slaves understand slaves obeyed." Well, as soon as this thing running a bar, do not delay, this thing is still top secret, do not tell it to anyone, you know? "Young reforms really busy today, no effort with Cao Zhengchun gossip, talk of." Slaves obeyed, slaves rotation. "Cao Zhengchun emperor received a mandate to pull down, hearts rejoice, the emperor is not random tantrums This MIB has just opened, not to say anything worth big say special achievements and news, a bad curse does not suffer Dayton said the emperor alienated, lost job, may bad. bid farewell Caozheng Chun Yang reform and was relieved, which are arranged in the layout anymore. was to busy themselves up. "great partners, joint morning called the man to do? "Young grass ready to take advantage of change, this paper comes out, they have to prepare for a long time, but has been busy person till now." The intrinsic Majesty, to that person, but to His Majesty summoned? "Wang Chengen yelled." Ah, see you. "Palace of Heavenly Purity, the East Snappers." Caomin Liu Abu Koujian save the Queen Long live Long live. "A civilian population can enter this Palace of Heavenly Purity, but also a good fortune. Liu Abu unusual excitement Yang reform a sit down, just doze off, I heard someone kowtow, open your eyes, just this man kneeling on the ground, being is seen in his past that Abu engage in printing more powerful, now how surnamed Liu of? "Abu? Liu Abu? Are you prepared even when surnamed Liu a? "Young bullying leather casually asked." Back to the emperor, oh, no, back to His Majesty, Caomin Recently restored ancestral surname, Renjieguizong it. "Liu Abu talking, and that they cheer up." Oh, "linking allows you to do something, you do get how the?" For the name of the person the question, Young reforms do not intend to go into details, just want to let this person, give get their own newspaper, get money, if the person does not work, it is for individuals, their needs is people to their own work, rather than someone else's family research **. "Huibing Majesty, have been able to make a very beautiful Caomin lottery, and printing was also clear and easy to recognize, you can use a variety of colors, your Majesty but to look over?" When it comes to professional thing to say that Liu Abu clearly and logically it. "Ah, there are finished? Then give joint look, if done well, in conjunction with reward." Young reforms remember, just call this person get lottery, try doing beautiful, as is the future and toward the day, they would be issue about paper tickets, this paper tickets, a point of silver or gold reserves, it can issue several times the paper ticket, it can be said. Is a property of the amplifier, with this, 1,002,000 silver, can be used as a few 1,002,000 to spend, we can say, is the real Goldfinger, Yang reform has long coveted, and so they have sufficient reserves of silver, when it out paper tickets, the Americans had had about the future of life, no money will be children ... money, of course. Well things have got to get the bill technologies. Focus only, see Abu Man, Young reforms but no less pinned hopes on this Abu body. "Back to the Majesty, that sample, the palace when they were taking away their father, saying that they hosted," when they would naturally be tabled Liu A Wu said. "Great companion, someone to take the samples to contact immediately sent over." This palace searched before practice, though a bit not authentic, but it comes to their own people safe on, Young felt the need of reform, and not make too much intervene. Naturally palace palace rules. Door soon come a little eunuch, carrying a tray, tray is put inside a few colorful paper. Wang Chengen took over, handed Young reform front, Young reforms pick up colorful paper, this paper is a palm-sized, looked at. This paper, and later than banknotes, or thin a lot, evidently, is certainly not long-term use. See, using woodblock printing techniques, do a little word "stay" far above writing notes like in the future as neat. However, it touches used in the green, red,Coach Online Store, blue, black pigments, this palm-sized paper is really made of the "lottery" Young reforms from which a paper umbrella, forced shook have said something , "cries loudly, a lottery ticket torn in two. Yang reform heart: it really is not very strong, the future banknote, comparable firm which is much worn banknotes, after washed in the washing machine, you can still take to use, the estimated water can not Yang Reform torn in half again this lottery into a cup, and soon, this paper bleaching color above, and put the tea into something colorful and sure enough bleaching ah! lift, this lottery, already wet blah, the hand pinch, this lottery, the ball mud. Wang Chengen Emperor looked puzzled not only tear, also the paper into the cup, even more puzzled. looked dyed colorful tea, very baffling. Liu Abu kneeling on the ground, I heard the emperor seemed to tear up a lottery ticket. heart had been scared half to death, but did not look up. lest Nothing to do their own thing the emperor's discernment, attracted impending massacre Yang reform that looked colorful candy cup of tea, and said: "Liu Wu Ah, this referral, the lottery, not durable, not strong, it is easy to tear to pieces , not water, an encounter water, they fade, paper on the technology, this does not work, and the United Nations have in mind a large gap between the lottery, you can do one kind of rub repeatedly stacked, durable, not afraid of water, fade lottery, the lottery, to be able to still be able to use after the blisters had clearly identified, do not fade, do not fade Yang reform this requirement, is entirely in accordance with their terms of future use of the bill, is to put as soon as possible This bill ready for the future that day, if you have the opportunity to issue banknotes, you can directly put this out with, be regarded as reserve in advance technologies. Liu Abu hear a daze, but also durable, not afraid of rubbing stack, but also beautiful colors, a clear pattern, but also to withstand washing, which requires, says that he has sent fire-resistant, and Liu Takeshi believe that this paper, and the world Exist? Kneeling blankly, not knowing what to say. "Liu A pour" Young reforms put myself say, absolutely no attention Liu Ah Wu. A look, realize that this guy has been petrified, Yang reform think that perhaps own this requirement is really a bit much. "Caomin in, Caomin in the" Caomin damn, damn, "Your Majesty indulgences, indulgences," the emperor Liu Abu woke up before they recovered, this is where their, what you're doing, immediately ceasing kowtow asking for forgiveness. Young reforms might feel too much point to the Ming Dynasty, who produced twenty-first century bill, um, maybe something difficult. Did not mean to blame. This LIU Abu, which is a chance, is a venture capital, not put all their hopes on him, if he can not, Young reforms do not mind immediately substitutions, changing institutions to engage in this matter, he is the emperor, out the idea of ​​the idea, was under the decree, not an engineer,Air Jordan 14 UK Sale, not a scientist, does not care about the specific process. "You can hear the? Joint needs lottery thicker than this, writing, design than this clear, do not fade, do not fade, durable, not afraid of water, even after kneading over the water, still in use, you can understand?" Young reforms think it is a long story short, their claim had to mention the other, let these people go to solve the Ming Dynasty. "Caomin listen to understand, Caomin down, and durable. Clear, not afraid of water, do not fade, but Caomin venture, would like to ask, the world has such a paper do? If so, Caomin venture, please His Majesty to give a Caomin make samples according to this Caomin do "Liu A Wu did not even feel the world and this paper is simply to draw up, its future knife kill the emperor, not as now Wengeqingchu. If you have the real thing, I myself can do it according to the real thing. So much easier. "In-kind? No, that is not, so just let you do it, and if so, why bother linking allows you to do it? Assured, certainly made, in conjunction believe you." Young reforms not carry anything through the just souls only. If ** crossing, then added a few cents are not allowed to carry with them, it touches can make a sample or something, but certainly not now. "Huibing Majesty, Caomin understand." Liu A Wu did not even understand their concerns very small life, no fear of their own making, the emperor knife Kacha. "Ah, this thing, you do not get any quiet, do paper, pay attention to confidentiality, including doing the lottery process, the use of materials, etc., shall not disclose to anyone, you understand? This, nor is it associated When necessary, you slowly explore linking to the foot of your time and edge with, how many, how much contact to understand me? Yang reform bill do know it is not able to get one or two days only can look forward to, the Ming Dynasty and later indigenous banknotes can make a little dip side of the "bill" their thankful! Yang Ming reform seen using "Baochao small" To be honest, do I really do not gnaw sample, a thin, poor quality paper Zayang above, with the board, printing a few words. character is not very neat. printing was very vague, so when the silver with, really is to fool people, ah! Even if you Ming orthodox again, and then a good reputation, there is no way to get others to believe you this piece of paper can be used when the silver Yang decided to bring the reform bill has done a beautiful spot, doing good value for money. etc. emperor comes to the foot time to do it slowly. no hurry, Liu Ah Wu's confidence is back, quickly kowtow give thanks this time, you can really God Paul overestimated. "Liu Wu Ah, you do not rush to give thanks to you called Alliance today , not for this thing, there is one important thing to you to do, to run, to give you an official Dangdang, is also possible, okay? "Young ready to engage in reform newspapers, and on the lack of this printing, the printing press." Caomin understand Caomin understand "Liu Ah Wu heard an officer, it is incredible. A pingming people, not the over scholar, but did not Over lifts, necessary official and has become bureaucrats, and how to not be excited? "big subject, this sort of Dibao give him a look. "Young reforms put on the table several Dibao, showed Wang Chengen, showed Liu and Wang Chengen Abu ancient Dibao is actually a book if you do not know what it looks like, flip through their school reading textbooks, and probably That almost. Liu Wu A look at a half-day Dibao do not know what it means emperor. "Liu Abu, which is currently used Dibao, you see the above words, printed handwriting is pretty clear, however, in conjunction feel This page is turning a relatively trouble, Lenovo with a large sheet of paper, the entire contents of Dibao contained in a piece of paper, printing on both sides, so that you can do it? "Young reforms do not bother to consider what can be, directly on the mentioned requirements, as to how to get naturally, we have the following people for their own way, their own when the emperor, not the scientists and technicians." Huibing emperor, Caomin often been Factory printed book, this is no problem, is to engraving bigger point is just that, Your Majesty, everything printed on a piece of paper, this one person to do engraving, will probably take several days to carve out a printed version to ah! So, copied Dibao time spent on the long, much faster than hand-written. "The experts are familiar with printing technology on Dibao no stranger." Engraving? Have not you seen the movable type? . Young reforms Remember, this is China's four great inventions of the printing press, this movable type, but in high school history textbooks focus emphasized, old already been made, at least in the Ming Dynasty there, I remember still called The Bi Sheng invented, like Sung, Young reforms have guts to ask this movable type. "Huibing Majesty, Caomin know movable type, is also used, but this is out of the writing of movable type printing, engraving far less neat, clear, so not much use! Caomin as His Majesty to this several Dibao, are used woodblock printing. handwriting have such clear, if you use type, I'm afraid this is far less clear handwriting. "Liu Abu Yiwuyishi own" professional. everything inside to the emperor told a plainly. "type is not clear, then you wanted a way to get it clear, this is also linked to the purpose of call you are printing, there is no reason carvings on clear, not clear movable type, associated ideas are the best overnight, The Dibao print out large quantities of printing, you understand? "Young reforms long ago stir newspaper, no less go back and check printing, knowing this time, already had printing machines, so it was not prepared to engage yourself presses, just as people going to get, as long as their results. "Caomin understand Caomin obeyed." Liu Wu A request for the emperor, had promised down, as reasonable and unreasonable, that is not important, as can engage in out, go back again. "As to how the newspaper printing, linking here to give you a template when you print, follow this to do is. "Young reform gets himself." Muscle. A newspaper to see Mrs A martial. This newspaper, and future generations quarto eight edition of the newspaper about the same size, with a large crop of rice paper, which is then divided into eight sections, each area above, but also wrote the word rice paper with paste, it becomes Yang Reform is now showing this newspaper, this, and future generations newspapers, has basically alike. Liu A Wu looked at the Emperor's "New Dibao" quickly said: "Huibing Majesty, this is not difficult, Caomin can do." This is really not difficult, is to previous finisher's Dibao all India In a piece of paper, that is, that's it, very simple, as to why not before that Dibao Ran Liu Takeshi not dare to ask, actually. This is entirely a personal habit Yang reform. "Sure enough, then you go and get it, you do moveable type, it is better to invent a machine can be easily printed, so printing them, but also it is convenient, Western Union had heard of such a thing, You'd be able to refer to this matter, not a good point out, Liu Takeshi not understand promised a return. movable type printing Dibao, um, there are records in the Chongzhen towards the beginning, this "can only say that the fundamental not cheat. It seems that the ancients is not a fool, "<
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