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28.05.2013 10:46
canonized from sending troops antworten
> Initial leather heart secretly proud, weeping Japanese troops stationed in Okinawa only a few hundred people, all the bamboo deep spider, just send your own point people in the past, will be able to get the Japanese a very neat. wWW. QUanbeN. Com "Zhu Ai Qing heard one messenger to say, and have proposed this meeting it had with the emperor when the emperor spectrum, can not say nothing themselves, the most important duties of the emperor, or when the referee if there is anything the Emperor To do according to their meaning. emperor also best not to directly say how how this was to use a prop, the emperor wanted to do something to prop up, so the emperor on the throne squatting do "referee" This comparison "reasonable." at least in the form it is "reasonable and ministers if you do not discuss it directly on to do. Thus, it is vulnerable to opposition ministers. Young reforms such as the long-emperor, the emperor one of these, be careful with the points scored. "Qi Bing emperor, the country that teach this hunchback, hunchback country think so disrespectful towards me, it is very arrogant, and I do not knock it if hunchback towards people's arrogance, presumably, in the future there are worse things to do out This is the Japanese Ming literati damage is still quite large, this says to fight the Japanese. someone stood up and said the use of force against Dan. "Qibing Majesty, the minister thought, this hunchback States in the Ryukyu country but disk kneeling four five hundred people, the court can organize navy, wipe out the past, something a thousand people would be sufficient. This is Jagged. Clamoring to play in the past. Said a few people to fight the Japanese. Are relatively "young". Standing behind, in front of some of the bigwigs, not talking. Young reforms also think that today Chodo things above, very strange, very smooth own mind. Almost all of his close friends. Graduated from Yan also prepared to persuade the emperor. This money, what could go to war? But this Chodo, the "outsiders" in, not to drain the ins and outs of the court,Coach Handbags Sale, so, staring eyes, anxious, not to say that still have to face. "Qibing Majesty, the minister believes that His Majesty was the first under a hunchback States denounced the edict, let hunchback automatically exit Ryukyu country, if the country did so hunchback. Could be waived a sword, if you do not follow the advice of His Majesty then think later some smart points minister seeing bad in the "outsiders" in front of their own bottom line and explosive family scandal, but also had to use this "turn into" approach, to persuade the emperor sedate little. "Qibing Majesty, the minister said that the silent rational adults , think this hunchback, is also trained me toward canonization. His Majesty so why not pop down an imperial edict. So quit Ryukyu hunchback country, so. Can effortlessly resolve the matter, "followed by several ministers are out, all this rhetoric, which Ryukyu angels watching anxious. No way. Myself this large sesame officer. Besides waiting for someone else's" ruling. Outside. There's nothing good way. This emperor did not let speak for themselves, and even cry. Sadness playing cards have no chance. Young reforms to hear "Hey," snicker, these Siyaomianzi guy, the presence of outsiders. Sven really have a lot. "Union edict so useful? Oh, my big Jiajing Dynasty, hunchback Kou constantly robbed me spoiled coastal army, which the court did not under the edict? I Wanli expedition Korea, anti-hunchback Peninsular, numerous casualties, spend countless, the court did not under the edict? linked here, an edict really useful? Yang reform see these "false," the guy in front of outsiders evaded the question of money, you know these people Siyaomianzi, so. nor talk about money problem, and instead talk about the war. "Ryukyu messenger, driving the Union troops occupy even the hunchback in the Ryukyu people, to be Union soldiers had gone, not that this hunchback people back? So, this expulsion Qibushibai effortlessly? . Young reform want is garrison, the garrison, which overseas trade, will be opened. The Ryukyu messenger said: "His Majesty also invited for the next national justice thought, then said:" I do not know Majesty this? , A small man obviously did not understand what to say Young reforms. "Oh, this referral, you do not know? Troops driving toward me hunchback people very simple, like a few hundred people. Associated faction point people in the past just as crushing insects generally easy, but it lost its expulsion, the hunchback people go ah! Ryukyu people you less and less thin, shortage of troops, enough to resist the attack hunchback people, so linking mean is, I go forward driving hunchback people easily, but also Paul allowed hunchback people treat me towards turning , went to take over Okinawa, so, your home country Lord, is it once again was abducted? So, this was another way to think of a foolproof is ah! Otherwise, just click hunchback driven people, but also unhelpful in Okinawa, Ryukyu Herald , you say? "Young talk about his family did not reform surplus laughing matter, but talk about it expelled the hunchback people easily, but that people such as the Ming army hunchback gone, went back, and that ye Ryukyu to do? King has been kidnapped hunchback country? Is it not a greater humiliation? This messenger one, suddenly anxious sweating, how such consequences would not have thought it? This emperor right also justified, and this great Ming separated by vast oceans, even looking at the country of the poor's sake, go help Ryukyu country once or twice, but after this hunchback country Jiabu Zhu went to harassment, it is true, as Emperor said. The main country was again abducted? Ryukyu messenger quickly said: "Your Majesty willing to please have mercy, solve our country in dire straits, not to heavy catastrophe befell our country, not to our Lord suffered such humiliation, thanks to the blessing of the imperial state. Thanks to the support of His Majesty" This referral, angel ass up a lot of money do not send. Also mention. This hall where ministers, see the angels say poor, their main country whenever they abducted by his country, it is tragic, but also have a point of compassion, this ass. Good enough for a bit, and all of them airs. Very, very proud. But do not want one of us before the scenery. Ding after light exposure. "Ryukyu messenger, not the product volumes two discuss sending troops to go public now have to have another way to introduce small Wan got ah! Otherwise, things thankless. Would not it be counterproductive?, Xiao Yang reform bent garrison This messenger Jizhongshengzhi, Road : "Qibing Majesty, Her Majesty why not send patrol boat division Ryukyu it? So, the hunchback did not dare to harm our country up. His Majesty also invited the envoys outburst mercy, not only is Young reforms, the ministers also eyebrows,Air Jordan New School, the hearts were like, this guy touches whimsical. Thought it was the founding of that would do, where there is a large effort to send out boats Ming everywhere now patrol? It costs just how big boat division of an astronomical figure ah! This guy really is fantastic. Young reform is also weird, visits Okinawa. This guy is how to come out? "Inspection Ryukyu?" Young reforms also gave it what "outsiders" no "outsiders., And directly asked. Minister to see the emperor a little white" feel beneath the face, hesitated for a long time, or out. Said: "Huibing Majesty, I looked at the Dynasty. Emperor at the time, it touches every year to send patrol boat division territorial waters, there are thousands of warships, a grand scale, but this is a two hundred years ago. As for inspections Ryukyu. minister to remember. like no record in this regard. "This ye, minister it is in unambiguous, which for hundreds of years can tell a thing comes from. This information is certainly no less review. Young reform, "ah!" A bit, Taejo. Emperor when there are thousands of warships. This. Looks like too much to force it. So many warships, looks like the United States but also future generations so ah! Appears. Seven Seas overlord himself to do it, as long as the time to return to the level of Dynasty and emperor. Basically no problem. Young hearts itch reform, could not wait to have numerous warships, and would like to immediately send troops to Okinawa. Start your own Seven Seas overlord of the road. That kg. Ryukyu messengers came again and said: "Your Majesty Qibing this tour Ryukyu record is there, under the country are recorded. Was six years in the big Ming Hongwu Hongwu years, the two have a heavenly navy patrol Ryukyu record, Your Majesty, this is a record of this messenger seems no less hard, which for hundreds of years can come up with something, please do it. encyclopedic knowledge, it is the ministers of this messenger admiration. Yang Reform think this messenger is really cute, with visits Okinawa, which the Navy's ultimate goal can do less? thought, said: "Bingbushangshu in? "" Chen in! "A minister stood out." Linking ask you to send troops to expel the hunchback who occupy the Ryukyu country. Need to send troops to the geometry? "Young reforms quickly would have an outsider, these ministers the opportunity to install Sven, decided to send troops Ryukyu things to settle down. Ministers see the emperor and the Ryukyu messenger" collaborating jar. "Good touch on, suddenly turned around and asked to send troops from this thing, it is edgy, ready to persuade the emperor, but this is the main thing in the hall where they are not directly say troops Ryukyu not worth it, this face how let go? This really is the presence of outsiders face hit his face. all mouth, but can not say this is really 哑巴吃黄连, mention I have ah! Bingbushangshu also opened his mouth, dumb quite a while, but look at this face Ryukyu messenger message of hope, eventually bitterly: "back to His Majesty, the hunchback think it occupies Ryukyu people, but four or five hundred, if I send troops to North Korea, as well as to assist Ryukyu ,Nike Air Jordan 2 UK, the minister think, twelve thousand, seagoing vessels dozen warships enough finish, this Bingbushangshu shut up talking about it. Hearts bitterly. But also helpless, which can not be publicly beat his face ah! Himself a person how to say when no one can be, there are outsiders in this money to send troops, money canonized things, and how can it? It's not called the vassal chilling you? Ministers are Dizhuonaodai, these things do, somehow make canonized from sending troops Ryukyu it. Young funny reform bored in my heart, these ministers ah! Or the face too seriously for that. If it is a not very to the nerve, it will immediately tell the court treasury empty, sent not revolted. Canonized facts can not afford to, but unfortunately, these people too much to face. "Ministers what?" Young reforms hold back laughter, asked ministers. "Minister in the Ministry of Shang rushed stand out, but funeral face. A very upset to see that my heart." Twelve thousand, ten warships ships. The soldiers fees geometry? . Ministers teeth for a long time, finally calculate the data. Said: "Huibing Majesty, the minister thought, do not build a new ship, called the elite, if time-consuming year, launching fees, weapons, soldier's pay, chewing, gunpowder, maintenance, pension, burning buried Shangyin The fee one hundred thousand soldiers two ministers about this honor, really teeth, this Ministry a total of only ten million ounces of silver, sulfur practicing this country about what took one hundred and two thousand, it really is not justice, but, dignified heavenly Ministry of the country was more than ten million taels of silver, said out. those who believe? If people know, this is the face of the imperial state do you still want? shame really throw grandma home. hated teeth itch, but no point approach. ministers is baffling. too quickly the point of it, this money has increased from tens of thousands of two to one hundred and two thousand twelve, too, which under the Ministry of the base silver, is completely bottomed out, I knew, these altogether, point, promised to His Majesty canonized thing, there will not be sending troops to do this, and now, not only to send canonized, had sent troops and thorough that point the Treasury spent all the money saved up . Fortunately, this country occupies Ryukyu hunchback talents hundreds of people, and size. sent a thousand people, the costs are "barely" acceptable, also knocked out teeth, my feelings inside. minds of distress, but also on its own. <
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