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28.05.2013 10:44
This thing is not difficult antworten
> Carry one hundred eleven this, it touches forgotten. Www, quanBEn, cOM the son came today. There is an A; roar is ready to be customized batch of objects, glass objects. "Young Mother reform, see Sun Li talked down to business, but also to think of it that he did have something to do Sun Li Niang to yourself." Oh, son really something? I do not know what it was? "Sun Li Niang had changed but tease Young Huan grass lust in bed, I did not expect things really well, and said solemnly, and quickly asked what it meant." Ah, I am ready to be customized small group of objects of these objects. How do you say, is that some glass chopsticks. Some glass balls, some big as eggs glass balls. Some large sized glass spheres have such a number, this glass chopsticks, but added no requirements, this glass ball Well, demanded more stringent, requiring no air bubbles inside, must be transparent, and you bring me some use to me. "Young Reform think their proper business, quickly advance this is to say, free time to ourselves to forget, then to delay things." Son doing to these objects? What's the use? "Mother Sun Li Strange, I thought the emperor would take to go back to the palace to discuss some glass mirror palace's joy, did not envisage that these two things. Behind something a little bit tricky, what the glass in front of the chopsticks, but I do not know what to do with. "Oh, you do not ask, is my own use. "Yang said the reform very mysterious, this matter should not be made public yet." This son can not tell people do? What do you want to do a small woman so secret? "Mother Sun Li began playfully, would like to know in the end what is the purpose." Oh, this referral, "and you say you do not know," Ai Aiai, "Do not scratch, and afraid of you, telling you it does not matter, you know This telescope do? used this glass do, I want some of this stuff is to do what telescope, some time ago, came a foreign monk, said to be doing a thousand miles from the mirror, I will look up today came the way to bring him a little. "Young reforms would also like to confidentiality did not envisage Sun Li Niang pair of hands, has been in the body Naoliao up. Itch, however, had to "tell the truth." "Telescope? This, a small woman have heard of it, is said to be able to see things thousands of miles away, it is a wonderful thing, I did not expect, actually is made of glass, this glass , it seems, really is a magical thing ah!, Komago her body was very curious about this telescope, is actually made of glass. If so, the value of this glass can not bare the "bogus" This is one kind of jewelry Value of That had to turn several times ah! mind suddenly and calculating the added value from this glass together. "Oh, telescope, the name screamed nice. Within a few years to see what touches you can, say a thousand miles, a little nonsense. "Young reforms think it will take the name of the people are very deceptive, it is up to the telescope to see a few miles, away, not clear. These telescope's name, scoffed." Oh, "! Is not, This telescope to see Trinidad Well, looks like it is possible ah! can also be more than "Young called reform these binoculars telescope scoff, think of it there later this satellite camera, has come to the centimeter level. This telescope can not white said, speaking in the dog house roof. Absolutely surprised! And this telescope, to see far more than a thousand miles? Such as the famous Hubble telescope, to see things. Even based on light meter. Think of this layer. Young reforms, then you say nonsense. "Ah" Son, you in the end what to say ah! Telescope. In the end can not see Trinidad ah? "Mother Sun Li Yang reform prattle was also to get confused." Can! But not now! May later be able to! "Young reforms to think clearly, under such a conclusion. Sun Li Niang white, like Young reforms in the end can not be, she did not understand. Young reforms reluctantly shook his head, these things are not better explained to him ah!" Son To these things, send someone over to say is, why do yourself a trip? "" Uh! This, this does not bear her body do? Mainly want her body, so come and see, slide down, put this thing to say about. "Young reforms quickly convert lipped, these Sun Li Niang arms. This woman can not afford to offend. Sun Li Baileyiyan Young Mother and reform." Son of a small woman preparing something, is to honor the palace sisters, son go back go back when the Sun Li Niang also talk about his own gift ready together. The emperor himself with it, and it is still let the queen, harem know, as early as this evening to say that this time there has been a fresh glass objects. Just to be a gift. "This" Young reforms also depressed, which on the outside mistresses,Outlet Oakley Radar, mistresses give gifts to the family being the wife, but also to bring their own back, do not know this great wife Skywarp, and Young reforms do not know what to say. "Women do not know the palace has several sister heard someone say, son now has only one queen, it seems there are two concubines, it seems there is a Queen Ann Yi, a small woman also prepared four copies of gift, son watching can you? "This Sun Li Niang Obviously, the situation is this palace he gave clear. This thing is not difficult, ask Shen Fu-yuan, basically clear. Young Reform little "pain", and straight to pull their hair, which is not to be regarded as mistresses counterattack? To the wife at home challenge ah? If it is in the future, you had better drop a threat to marriage own charges, go to court when a divorce may cleanse the family ah! "Her body, you" Young reforms would love for Sun Li Niangshui: If you want to enter the palace, together can give you the name of a concubine. Do this outside the palace for launch counter-attack, so I was embarrassed that the emperor ", suddenly think of it, but the emperor himself, the eight children of the emperor.'s Not future generations," the masses "When the emperor's not a Sannomiya six homes not good to go out to greet people, myself that it is ye? emperor was substandard when ah! actually forgotten, this emperor, married Sannomiya six homes, but written "constitution" of. they are completely legitimate, this mistress, three milk, four milk and even seventy-eight milk, that are a legal status. yourself how these things forgotten. would appear that is absolutely not what the mistress of the counter-attack,Oakley Oil Rig, which is entirely mistress tribute to the wife at home. pick Well relations Ming Yang reform figured out that they quiet down, and this time do not be afraid. court sentenced more afraid of their own "purification" of the family. "her body, your mind, together know, which is something I will bring back Palace, incidentally,UK Nike Air Jordan, put your things with Ms explain, she knew, would certainly admire you. "Young calamity leather figured out, this talk will have clout. Boasted to others guaranteed to start." That's good, "Sun Li Yang Niang see what this reform seems to be very affectionate Ms Queen week looks like. They secretly jealous . home red flag does not fall, colorful flags fluttering outside! This is Young reforms are thinking at this time, <
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