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28.05.2013 10:44
you first do not worry antworten
"Wife, if placed in a fair competition environment, we statically Maple construction company can by virtue of their own advantages, to win in the demolition of the competitive bidding process?" Forest not asked. "If......" Bai Ruoyun smiled, paused, looked at the forest not, her eyes like the eyes of general and thorough, said softly: "certainly, the terms of our commitment is what I know to participate in bidding,Oakley Radar Sale, the most reasonable, and our company's qualification is required, in addition to our capital reserves is the most abundant." Looking at the Bai Ruoyun firm eyes, listen to her words, Lin non nodded and said in a low voice: "wife, you first do not worry, it is not such an outcome, I'll see what I can do." Bai Ruoyun a smile, looked at Lin Fei and said: "husband, I know you are there, but in my eyes you are except in the fight,Nike Jordan 4 Shoes, the Internet, tease woman these aspects in business to do business, as I really dare not flatter." Lin Fei heard these words, my heart can not help but have some sad,Air Jordan 5 UK, he was in Bai Ruoyun's eyes is such a person? After a short silence smile: "wife, I do not do business, but I can do is to should belong to our stuff back." Bai Ruoyun did not speak again, gently leaned back in his chair, open CD, the carriage of Australian singer Lenka and a classic song THE SHOW, white ruo-yun follow croon: "I'm just a little bit caught in the middle Life is a maze and love is a riddle......" Lin Fei is focused on driving a car, quietly listening to her ethereal melodious voice. At the end of the song, white ruo-yun automatic speaking: "I have a little bit of be in a nice hobble, life is a maze, and love is a riddle, the lyrics to write......"...... Back home, white if cloud after washing, will lock up the house, slowly walked to the window, in a garden plant Gardenia in the dim moonlight, on a whirling shadows, breeze blowing, elegant flowers floated into the room. Bai Ruoyun leaned on the window sill automatic speaking: "Mom, I am very confused now, it seems more and more could not see the man, he is like a puzzle, in many respects, especially with Liu Jinjie things, many of his practice is beyond my imagination, he can do things is not the ordinary people can and the. He is not a man, he is very strong, and he together to make me feel safe, also can let me feel warm. He is very good to mom, filial piety as my son. He hurts me, care about me, never forced me to do things, and care about me very much. I can feel, he loves me, it is beyond doubt, but I did not understand, since he loved me, but why provoke another woman, and I trust the people who. I don't know that he and Aileen had what had happened, but I can feel, experience and emotion, not the two of them. Because I know Aileen like I know myself, she in the emotional aspects.
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