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28.05.2013 10:40
Chengzong added to the salt antworten
> Young reform is deadpan, this matter, thanks to the historical record, if there is no historical record, who would have thought, would actually happen. Www! QuanBEn! COM this matter, as if Young reforms through over time, the United States is close to a state of Mexico, some merchants think the U.S. might collapse, so every act of the United States secretly communicated to Mexican drug lords , delusions of these drug lords day, into the U.S. to become the masters of the United States, they can get the benefits generally incredible. "Veteran news sources can tell you?" Sun Chengzong monarch before Grossology despite anger, cursing uncontrollably for a while, to vent his anger, and eventually it becomes sensible to start thinking questions to which this message sources, you have to first suspected, if the source is not reliable, this thing, there is no need to discuss anymore. "Master Sun, this burden. Messages, accurate and reliable, true, if there is no really reliable sources, together can such a large campaign? For sources? Oh, a lot of big factory Wei Ming spying message if seriously, no matter what, the total there will still be traces of Young perfunctory Sun Chengzong reform, and this is entirely due to the history of the "prophet. "To really rely Ming Dynasty own spy system, what Guard, the East plant, it is impossible to get this kind of intelligence, like history, and even wild boar skin into the customs, such a big thing, Guard and Dongchang prior have not got the message, we can see that the Ming Dynasty was scolded smelly reign of spies in fact, is that going on, it was exaggerated, drew "civil war expert, outside the war lay. The essence. See later spy, spy organization, it was really a cow, often the enemy's combat command also stood with the enemy's headquarters, nearly got a message on their side, this can be called spies, and then look at this Ming Dynasty, the capital of the enemy down, do not know how it is, is entirely layman level. See later in countries that countries do not have well-known strengths of the secret service? Dry matter than insidious? Look at the U.S. agents, assassination, kidnapping, conspiracy to subvert other countries like less? Young reforms wonder, how this regard the Ming Dynasty ruled batch spies mercilessly, but all future generations of the modern state in an effort to get its own secret service? "Permitting later set on fire, are not allowed Ming lighting" infallible Sun Chengzong has gradually calmed down, began to consider the impact of this news, a large Ming Guard That was famous! Dongchang, Burnaby Guard, even superior. 'm Not sure what else there is the emperor's secret spy agency news to the emperor, Sun Chengzong thought of this, it is no longer doubt that the source and accuracy of the information. Even the emperor of his division. Once the Guard and Dongchang involve those from the emperor's ban, said too much is not good it. Since the news of His Majesty reliable alas ask this, I want this problem, Sun Chengzong also sigh, which even the businessmen to the point where collaborators plotters, does it mean that, seeing this great Ming Dynasty die, many people are in the other find a backer, the new masters of the refuge? This large Ming Dynasty, it seems, than he imagined more unbearable, more weakness, Sun Chengzong instantly felt a lot of their old, fiery sinking heart, cold a lot, this murderous mind, suddenly skyrocketing. "Ah, the news is true, this list linked above itemized list of eight Shanxi merchants collaborationist This eight, smuggled goods, ammunition, food to East Krupp owned enemy does not say, but also for East Krupp collection intelligence, spying news, even ambush secret agents, inside should, therefore, toward the East prisoner to my every move, you can say, well known, might even join in the audience was on what was said, or a few days, the content will be placed in the East prisoner on a table, Master Sun, thinking Federation on this issue to utter it? This is a few hundred beheaded thing. "Young casually boast reform is not terrible boar skin, from a historical point of view, the Ming DPRK boar skin, a one-way transparent, Ming's every move, making what, out of any soldiers, how many soldiers there defensively, what combat, are crystal clear, that, if there is no assistance Ming insiders can not so reveal traces do? Boar skin spy KGB secret agents are out of practice do? All extremely lean? Even more outrageous is often siege, are also complementary, um, do not do ambush Ming insiders, to do the cover, so internal, wild boar skin can do this degree? I'm afraid boar skin himself never thought to take the world through customs. Will spend countless cloth to be used only once a spy? "That being so, it got to the traitor, Qijunwangshang, outrageous, even punish the Aboriginal" Sun Chengzong ready to slaughter, Yuehua Jian, a few hundred head will fall. This matter, kindness shall not, has no room to maneuver. To this point, they do not speak any sensibilities. "They are damned, got the Aboriginal punish,Coach Outlet Sale, but merely that they are on the line yet Heaven? Yang asked such a reform." That Majesty mean? "Sun Chengzong puzzled asked this one." What is the use of light to kill them, linking East to deal with prisoner after the gold, but also disaster relief, refugee rebel against future need is massive, ongoing pay, disaster relief spending, light to kill Several Shanxi merchants, can not solve this problem. "Young and reform Shanxi merchants get money for killing has not thinking of the day day, and that may be a few 1,002,000 revenue also went to great slaughter sheep who do not kill? If they do not collaborate with the enemy, but also two said; collaborationist" That His Majesty mean? Is it, Your Majesty, quasi merchants is ... it really needs to slaughter. "Sun Chengzong heavy sigh, have understood the meaning of the emperor. Sun Chengzong been involved in most of the core secrets Young reforms, such as the former salt tax, layout Guard against merchants, salt rat thing is Sun Chengzong staff, so the emperor little one said, Sun Chengzong after a contact, immediately understand. "Oh, Master Sun understand? "Young reforms see Sun Chengzong a" is this it? "Look, I know Sun Chengzong does not stupid, how did they have to have guessed." Your Majesty Shanxi merchants are going to catch these, and then list them plotters detailed evidence, and then bring the world's remarks, made nonsense businessman , shameless, collaborationist traitor, chickens do monkey, instead prosecute merchants, merchants pull to one fell swoop? "Sun Chengzong simply say the emperor's intention." Ah, yes, it is. Union intends these Shanxi merchants billed infidelity, lack of filial piety, unjust, sell ancestral glory typical of the Ming Dynasty in the big, start a thorough investigation of the world merchant is treason, collaborationist crackdown actions, so that the whole world of people For those merchants hate, away from the merchants and traders of this class from all aspects of society from the record out, so they kept quiet and let them alone, let those who are in close proximity and merchants of the officials who did not dare, and they have anything to do, otherwise, is plotters against them, so merchants who, even isolated out, in this case, linking these solar salt thrown out, after the Guard hold the line, in one fell swoop toppled those merchants, completely Salt of the big Ming control in the hands of Union, so, together also worry about the military, disaster relief, there are silver up. "Young reforms put their minds the idea that out." His Majesty the world businessmen as to crack down on the object, which the world is not a businessman, goods can not pass the Quartet. Not convenient ah! Certainly cause unrest, His Majesty the goal, just merchants, should aim shrink it. "Sun Chengzong reminded one." Yes, Master Sun was right, in conjunction taught, and when the publicity, the Federation said that clear, small business just to make a living, not the thorough investigation of the case, even the merchants, but also of a rank or grade, only for a part of a person suspected of having a significant, time is not too long, you win three months, it is estimated that solar salt to seize the market. Those merchants gone official protection, there is nothing. If you have come out with the Union against merchants, better, just missing the silver for joint military yet. He might kill a few, so that a year of military spending is also enough. "Young reforms Taitailielie own plan to talk about this, talking about killing merchants exile fees. Sun Chengzong face of the emperor a ring looping a plan of action, a little dizzying, thought for a moment, it said:" This is very good, that is, in the eradication of merchants when it comes to repression and merchants plotters had connections to the officials, so that they dare not act rashly, and merchants were toppled in one fell swoop, this feasible Guard is specifically disposal plotters, presumably, no What people courageous and plotters to involve the relationship, not to mention, Guard behind, as well as looking at the new army of His Majesty, Your Majesty, this mode is Baiguan hit the soft underbelly, and cut off the merchants and officials who Contact ah! Isolate these merchants, so, just the merchants, will really worry about the. "Sun Chengzong Here is relieved, the emperor's the plan seemed to be" reasonable "Sun Chengzong been very worried about their emperor and Baiguan showdown battle when awry, it seems, there is some calculations to do worried. Blades purpose is to prevent the establishment of plotters, rebellion, if it is to do its type Guard his case, does not involve the plotters, the King who may also come out against the organization look on the memorial to the throne, with the suppression of speech emperor, once in the plotters of things, there are "true with things according to" evidence involves the plotters, that the brain does not dare to stand up and say that's not a word? officer, nobody burned brain. See the Sun Chengzong ignore their meaning, Yang Reform, said: "Indeed, first discredit the reputation of merchants and businessmen in isolation, separation Baiguan and merchants, finally, stabbed merchants. "Young reform himself summed up his plan, that is four steps in this feudal society, there is no greater than the plotters, and more awesome offense,nike jordan outlet, this offense, ransacked decapitate are light, every turn is razed the nations, to punish ten tribes, um, just to make people feel scalp tingling, once and plotters involved on, and that is how can not wash clean, and in this feudal society, stress is loyalty, so leave that Shanxi merchants to engage in evidence on charges of collaborating with the enemy plotters out, and then ruined merchant's reputation, and then set off a nationwide crackdown thorough investigation activities, thorough investigation by the national name of the first businessmen plotters, forcing the umbrella of those merchants not to act rashly, and then quickly using solar salt, toppled merchants, control the country's salt, even if you're done. Shanxi merchants which can be described as a primer, indeed affect the whole body, once launched, it must be Thunderclap, these salts National Salt Manufacturers entrenched bureaucratic pattern of dividends, breaking the salt, completely collapsed into their own hands. This step by step go, can not go wrong, the timing "must fully grasp, not the wrong pace, requires an experienced and prudent person to do this, and this person is not the Sun Chengzong Xu Guangqi. "Master Sun to join the checks, be sure not to make this a great opportunity missed. No, this Ming dynasty, really would be finished, but please do not play heartedness Master Sun Always Kim Bu twenty-six, Young reforms since corpse weeping a large, complex program since January sail only concrete step how to go, only to find that the mind is not enough, this otaku, play games actually good, when it comes to play books seek, to plan, we will have to practice a few years, with years of skill, the effect may be better. Sun Chengzong hand constantly stroking his beard thoughtfully. thought for a while, it said: "Your Majesty, this first step, as His Majesty said, we must borrow This throne amnesty on the occasion, these salt tax, to avoid the go, this referral "will soon be right." Sun Chengzong the first step in the reform plan summary Yang, Yang also reform the way a problem. Speaking of the name of the first amnesty, Yang Gai-ping with DEK more, which is a salt tax repeal, as well as a first name to make money, that is the case of the amnesty Wei related personnel, as long as you pay money, all reduced, names new head of the emperor came to power, do not want to see their heads chopped off,Air Jordan 4 UK, to harmony. This does not, have saved the money of 5,002,000. Can be described as a large harvest. This WeiZhongXian stay in Fengyang die, that the ministers of their inhibitions, you do not pay, you can, this case does not go on the set, they might that day. Chitose on the back nine that Chodo, and time. Emperor Wei Zhongxian is not as good as flicker. This tiger bench should the opening of the East Plant, so, between the pressure between heavy bureaucracy, most people pay a silver bullet. "Master Sun expected good, this amnesty will one-shot deal, and have a no, so it is necessary to install a few more gnaw" This money has been paid in full Wei case, presumably they are looking forward to linking Baiguan finalized it, this decision, it is necessary through amnesty name of the first ah! This salt tax, it is necessary along with a free. Quickly. Ha ha ha Speaking of his proud name of the first amnesty, Yang reform smiled proudly. "Your Majesty, knowing good calculation Sun Chengzong praised a return emperor, Sun Chengzong also heard the emperor time, save a lot, save money for this approach, the original, Sun Chengzong not agree, but this has now been affairs a force, also agreed that the emperor save money, and save at least there was, here's military has only been available off, otherwise, could be disastrous ah! "This is the second step is the implementation of patent law, and let this patent, a protection of a solar salt ** treasure, Your Majesty, it is better that patent law, but also together with the amnesty? "Sun Chengzong with a smile in front of the emperor recommendations. Anyway, this amnesty is a big basket, everything entered, and equipment, which Baiguan who want to own sins wiped with this amnesty, it can, which you have to pinch the Patent Act This recognition of the nose, which abolished Salt, you have to pinch the nose recognize this, otherwise ye sin not even think that free Yang reform smiled and said: "This, of course, is not so much linked to mood and group Chen wrangling, which can amnesty installed, try to use it, anyway, that is one-shot deal, with a gone. "Sun Chengzong suddenly feel that God really give this great Ming Ming dynasty sent a rescue of the" Holy Spirit emperor. "Although sometimes the behavior is bizarre, but my heart is filled with people of the world absolutely." This is the third step, the natural choice is to send salt, solar salt, this may require the assistance of the first Zi, he saltworks this more familiar. "Sun Chengzong advised him Xu presided over salt production." Time to say this loud noise, linked freedom to organize this thing, Young reforms themselves have arranged this future saltworks position, roughly or use Baidu appropriated, so Yang reform more confident. "That is how the third step following the Sun Chengzong added to the salt traders." Ah, um, it does not matter, like linking salt cheap, good quality, but also the backing of Guard, to sell to small merchants, general The Peddlers, The problem is not thought, if merchants'm looking for trouble linking UMAH liked. "" That's so, the salt is almost ready, the next step was sent to those who catch the Shanxi merchants, collecting evidence to their plotters, this may be, need three Division hearing, in order to verify that these plotters evidence that the record straight, it relates to the future isolated merchants, so the evidence must be true, reliable Sun Chengzong has summed up the next move. "Yes, this is a natural, they Litongwaiguo. Plotters, naturally there will be evidence, not to mention, Union also sent a team full of Gui six thousand Mongol raids, as well as associated bribed Mongol tribes to join Snoop message There will certainly be evidence Young reforms through history to know this thing, so this thing is absolutely true, so just play this thing is true, this evidence, naturally there, if only because the parties carefully without leaving evidence that Yang reform can give him to get a lot of evidence of torture in East factory Guard, you can change a lot of evidence. "So, then, His Majesty would need to play isolated businessman, isolated merchants it. I do not know how to set off this isolated Majesty intends Salt storm? "" Ha ha ha, this referral "joint approach will naturally and this, in the future Association told the Sun Master Yang smiled reform Oh, this how to guide public opinion, through the person who will be happy to tell you, that is the newspaper This crossing of the weapon, Young launched a grand plan of reform is preparing for people looking for a quick small text spit place to find a grasp of public opinion for their own tools in order to turn this dry salt merchants, this newspaper, the appearance of this a chapter written tough, somewhat vague and confusing. everyone will look, huh, please correct me, but also expect a variety of ticket "<
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