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28.05.2013 10:38
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> Leather goods fist straight times in the years just hit the palm from Titan ※ room is Young fist smashing palm reform a person's voice. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm this open French, really is a mess of cattle, as long as their efforts salt production. The use of salt for food, which the late Ming famine, it seems hardly mention. Young reforms in the fugue state, and thoughts. "Master Xu, which opened French, a stone grain exchange much salt lead?" Young reforms feel. Salt production in the country's first figure out again, first figure out this exchange ratio. Xu Guangqi obviously looked into this Salt. Was immediately said: "Huibing Majesty, according to the distances, a lead salt can change from one to five stone grain, if Her Majesty opened in Shaanxi, then, by the canal, take the Yellow River, to Kaifeng, a lead salt roughly interchangeable three stone grain , if you want to Xi'an, about two stone more than, in the case in Northern Morogata estimated to have a few stone bucket on the good estimate of the open French Xu Guangqi exchange ratio. "an argument is how much salt? "" Huibing Majesty, an argument which is the salt three hundred pounds "Little Xu immediately answered it. Disaster of a lead salt to an average of almost interchangeable two stone grain, that is, the ratio is almost 32, three hundred pounds of salt for two pounds of food. Young pondered in the heart of reform, if it is the exchange ratio, it depends on which country's salt production number, and if a high enough salt production, Young reforms do not mind to replace it with a grain sea salt. As Salt their interests, Yang reform opinion, there is nothing more frightening Ming peasant uprising? own hands Guard, knife or cut too touching Yang reform this time intend to fight it, who would stop their . himself chop who had previously been in myself, do not easily blending into Yantie sort of business to go, but now Young reforms being forced silver heart and the hearts unusual excitement, thinking about playing like Young and Dangerous chop as violent people, chop those merchants, Young reforms severely hit his palm. "Xu master, I can be made towards a year how much salt lead? . "Huibing Majesty, I outline towards the existing law. Annually ten classes, each cited Gang salt two hundred thousand, three hundred pounds of salt per lead off Gang Law? Another out to gnaw. Gang Law? Yang reform dizziness, just not to say Open French do? now out of the Gang Law? annually ten classes, each outline two hundred thousand bows, is that every year two million lead salt, three pounds of salt per lead off, so doing, lead salt annually Ming Dynasty , about 6 billion kilograms salt around this figure, very huge, Yang reform is also surprised how the salt so much. "What is Gang Law? I eat much salt per person per year towards? "Young asked confusedly to this reform scare" For the ancient some professional terms, Young reforms touched the door, originally did not intend to start with the participation of these things intertwined interests, Yang reform also know that this money Yantie ancient tea etc. avenues, which the relationships are intertwined, interdependent, Young guns hard before reform, do not intend to manage these things, but now, disaster coming. Had to take risks, have like Young and Dangerous, as people holding a machete chop, chop Young playing object of reform is that merchants, officials and those who corrupt ink. "Qibing Majesty, a loud noise. Five of the small salt annually takes about five pounds, about ten pounds of salt per person per year really is about Xu Guangqi homework done, and quickly reported the numbers. Eaten per person per year pounds of salt, Young reforms very surprised, when this can own salt, and remember cooking. only put a few tablespoons enough ah! pounds a year to eat? If it is an annual six billion kilograms of salt production, in addition to In pounds, does it mean that the Ming only six million people? this, seemingly significantly less head ah! Remember, a lot of literature, this Ming of the population, are in the ** ten million, nearly one billion people, even some instructions at the end more than 100 million population, nearly 200 million now cited by the number of terms in this salt, Salt is still very prosperous trading Yang Reform estimates that at least half of the people who eat Salt. Would not it be said This salt tax, actually. received only half? Yang Ming reform Dan plays the administrative capacity of these have a certain understanding. Xu Guangqi Yang reform gave additional knowledge: "Huibing Majesty, Gang Act is to the world by the collar merchants Salt cited compiled Gang book is divided into ten classes, the "eternal holiness Huang Chao Wai Fung fan nine, ten words compiled for the registration number, registered Xu Gang forever according to the supplier as" the nest "old annually based on the number of registered faction of new guidelines, nameless may not join, that is, people buy sell their underwriting system operators, the court from which the taxed only responsible for underwriting? Gong breaking monopoly. still hereditary monopoly has been broken barrier head Young reforms which entangled interests on Salt , it really is not an ordinary chaos, they have to get involved in salt, it seems, even the doors are now is not to find out. Yang reform foggy confuse, this thing really got to be careful to find out ah! what Kai Zhong, Gang Law, what underwriting, nest the salt cited. mess. Young reforms have completely head .. If you cut salt in their preparation. did not know where the cut is better since then. " Master Xu, in your opinion, what is the opening line of this salt France, or outline law? "Young reforms Mama head, the head has a mass of paste it. Still ask Xu Guangqi got both, and then re-open to open the French say Xu Guangqi, obviously, is there countermeasures." Chen believes that France should re-open to open to encourage merchants to deliver food to the border, or in Shaanxi disaster relief, "Young is preparing to reform promised down this thing, this thing. saw that it was a good thing. three pounds of salt can change to hit two hundred pounds of food each year are well documented there are two million of lead salts, can be replaced by more than one million stone grain, pour water handy if shipped Kaifeng, you can change to 45 million stone grain, this seems, straining every year as long as the sun salt , you can ping calamity and salt production, on his own this crossing are concerned, it is no longer under the words, especially small Baidu accounted for ... referral male, back to tip search Baidu, the ancient carved guess there know how cunning, nothing better than this thing, not to mention every year people have to eat more than half of Salt, if the salt lose it. then and this salt potential, seems to be more big Yang reform confident, ready to go back tonight look, this is how solar salt field of solar salt, which salt a drying out, the cost immediately drop ah! seems to be more profitable. while someone out, playing and said: "Qibing Majesty, must not, outline law for the court annually lose one million silver, border forage, largely rely Gang Act, once stopped Gang Act, which the Ministry of deficit is grievous. Border of forage, it is difficult to raise. "" Qibing Majesty, Gang Law must not waste this court expenses already distress, if stopped Gang Act. The court is deficit badly. Your Majesty must not "Your Majesty, Gang Law is indispensable, salt annually 1,002,000 class, if His Majesty waste Gang law which 1,002,000 where to look to go?" Group of ministers, said Luo Gang Mile pair repetitious method is indispensable. Yang was originally a mess change thatch and more are being fights disoriented, Yang reform today. This salt has been thoroughly get Weighs. And now by a group of ministers noisy. Is dizziness, confusion. Previously, Yang reform has been very afraid of their own hands if the salt, which merchants and officials colluded to take salt tax card his neck, or to stop the salt coercion themselves. Legislator himself, so it should not have been told myself hands, once hands. Kill the whole we must make those merchants will never stand up. Originally a little heart, ready to intervene salt by these ministers a noisy, Young bolder reforms and shrink back. However, a flash across the minds of the Young reform, reform captured by Yang, as this salt method is good or bad, Yang reform felt that he already has a standard it. "Wait, which published Diao Ai Qing said I looked into the salt tax 1,002,000 annually for?" Young reforms quickly to seize this scare, tail. The salt tax year 1,002,000? Not the memory of the number 1002000? If you own mathematical operators are right, then. Salt similar to this. Forced poll tax "thing privileged class are exempt, you can do accounting fraud, but can not eat salt, Salt natural and accurate poll tax ...... every bite, and they received a silver concave old division multiple ounces of silver, which Ming is low taxes can really no wonder that the history of the Chongzhen no money to go to war, if ten pounds of salt per person to eat, then, catty salt tax, the actual talent. cutting six two, that is, a pound of salt, but imposed two scared, copper look. treatment before it bites, say 1,002,000 taxable minister stood up and said: "Huibing Majesty, I looked salt tax. Indeed 1,002,000 annually, or even increasing every year, like this year, increasing a few one hundred and two thousand is not a problem, if the waste Gang Law Majesty, this salt tax, to be levied, can be difficult. "Young hearts reforms already clear, that these two ministers. Always around again and his own, always refused to put the real secret to tell myself, always refused to put the core of the problem with their own interpretation clearly and directly asked:" That Song annually Salt can lesson of how much? "Young Reform think this one thousand, said Wan said. Wan wound around one thousand, always around, but the" confinement Song and Ming are unified feudal dynasty, then why not have your own race with this Song salt tax records in the end is how is it? Otherwise. Just a group of ministers with their singing can not add salt tax. Gang law can not be broken, and that there ass to use. This salt tax, Yang reform always feel like we always walk in the fog into heaven, like see the direction, but also get know why, do not know where to go. Even Xu Guangqi, to put it is vague, incomprehensible, other ministers, but also to persuade myself not to get Gang Act. Where is this issue, Yang reform pains for a long time, did not understand a lot of jargon in the end is what the ancient meaning. But obviously there is a minister of the word give something away, there are 1,002,000 annually salt lesson, since there are numbers, and that their numbers can be used to make a direct comparison. Or do a Song and Ming salt tax comparison chart, so, is it clear at a glance? He was a twenty-first century man. Did not eat pork. Is not seen the pig run it? Song. Is the former. There is history, and why they do not compare Song. This does not have to sub it? Young reform-minded gradually clear up, which asked the question, also asked to key ministers see the emperor suddenly asked Salt Song are face with horror, looked at each other, nobody said anything, Xu death, start the is staring blankly do not know what Sun Chengzong more altogether, eyes closed. See unmanned long answer, Young reforms and asked: "How much can receive annually Song Salt?. Voice inside, already with a little anger, Yang reform ministers see the expression, you know that there are tricky. Meet ministers is pair attitude, mind is furious, Fudge emperor nor with such obvious, this clearly written on the face of the emperor "idiot idiot fool." one minister to see the emperor, then getting cold, could not resist. stood up and said: "Your Majesty Qibing. Matter, to investigate the historical job. "To find information? Yang Reform think this person is so very interesting, what should investigate historical data. Then want you to these cabinet. Vizier, chancery doing? Eat cooked rice do? Hearts of anger, already furious, we must attack it." Huibing His Majesty, the Song can receive twenty-five million annually coherent salt tax, even to the highest penetration over three thousand million. "Xu Guangqi with a little passionate discourse. These salts Song Lesson shouted out." Twenty-five million consistently? 25002000 silver? Associated heard wrong? . Young voices of reform immediately improve Hatta. Really shocked! 25002000 silver,Nike Jordan 3 Shoes, this year more than Fu Ming, tax sum is even higher ah! My God. Song is playing like a year over ten million two C's Salt, that his step to open what Jinwu means? Rings such as "public, degree? Holding these salts lesson, you can Swinger Li Zicheng, trampled boar skin. See Xu Guangqi these" secret "that out, other ministers, and his face upheaval. Just still 1,002,000 per year silver salts lesson running cries, called Gang Law can not be broken, and now it burst Xu Song Dynasty annually 25,002,000 silver salt tax, this difference of a few times, called these ministers such as Li apex., gone Take eye fat emperor, the emperor would see how angry. 25 times the gap, Yang reform fell to the Throne, the hearts of a cold, wow cool wow cool. said Ming darkness, no one thought could be so black The black of the 24 times the profits, if not burst out of this disparity Xu, Yang reform killed not believe such a big gap. 25,002,000 1,002,000 silver and silver, which are The gap between that system, Bureau of come forward, but also statistics any good tricks to. "I looked and Song territorial Who big? Population who more? Price of salt How? Salt How? . Chongzhen emperor of ice cold as fast, these have been fairly warm Wenhua, cold as ice. "Huibing emperor, I looked bigger than the Song territory. Population similar in volume and Song, but the actual population is certainly more than the Song Dynasty, the population is there absolutely; Song text catty price of salt one hundred twenty I toward three hundred sixty Man catty; Song Salt Salt pumping fifty text catty look, I looked Salt Salt pumping twenty-seven text catty look; Song Salt annually up to 25,002,000 or more, I looked one hundred year Xu Guangqi million ounces of Salt Salt obviously studied this, this data, a slip of the newspaper out. listening to these data, the Chongzhen heart, a cold salt three times the price of the Song Dynasty, the tax rate is only half of the Song Dynasty, the population ratio Song also much. received Salt is only a fraction less than the Song Dynasty, and even the closing of the salt tax have not received a fraction of this. should not how to say it. Yang reform suddenly feel that Ming does not perish, but have no justice the Yang reform heart really is such a "genius. Like data to the cold dead, Yang reform decadence, and suddenly felt. He was in too good to be true, also counting ZTE Ming dynasty, look at this Salt of the "no drift. Extent, or just let the downright rotten dynasty fend for themselves, a large Ming Dynasty, go to hell! Chongzhen emperor sitting Throne. deadpan stare silently,oakley sunglasses outlet, his eyes reveals a deep sorrow. cold eyes looking into the distance, revealing a hint of desperation, the ministers standing at the bottom looking at the emperor, the emperor angry hope, has already done prepared to bear the emperor's anger, still Wenhua Lane. depressed. very uncomfortable. Young reforms now I know why Xu said that when this matter. haltingly, why say it when a heart as big concerns it in fact is the whole pounds large Ming Dynasty official * Manufacturers * hook * Junction, corruption, no drift, deceit emperor one person only, also makes the cloud work emperor fog cover, uninformed. thinking that it would continue its merry career, not knowing. engraved doom the Chinese nation, where the greed of these people came. Yang reform heart a little cold, and he was busy this busy off why ah? they are made of glass. again engage in imitation of weaving, but want to make some money to raise points army, do not let the loss of life? now booing, this salt tax every year was "no drift" to 10002000, leaving only a fraction up to yourself, it is still a fraction divided by three, their This scared. crossing Goldfinger who came to open the money, juggle the. thought very cattle by1 fact, nothing but a joke Yang reform heart, in tears. Yang reform suddenly awoke, he seems very tired, this salt tax thing, do not want to discuss purely egg pain right. come home to sleep. hint of something: "San Leba,Nike Air Jordan Womens, home to wash sleep finished. Dragging a heavy tired body, back to the Palace of Heavenly Purity. The remaining ministers face to face glimpse, see the emperor actually did not get angry. Clearly not normal. Seems to be very disappointed and tired. Who knows. Chongzhen heart at this time in tears, shed tears for the Chinese nation, for the greedy elites Ming tears. Of China who died for the people of China funerary tears. But also for China's suffering and tears. Some people looked ill Xu Guangqi, that look. Xu Guangqi put the blame like the emperor's head enveloped in fog blew away, eliminating the fog heaven, which the emperor knew the secret of this. It appears that the emperor was a serious blow, I do not know what crazy to send it. You blame this guy telling the truth. After away from him. Demolition of his desk. Xu is a look decisive and stand up tall standing there. Did not move, did not care what others poisonous evil eye. Staring at the retreating figure of the emperor. What seems to think, with a trace of anxiety. Ministers have shook his head away, Sun Chengzong been eyes closed, open your eyes, see other people have gone, only stared in front of Xu Guangqi was still standing there and said: "Son Xianxiong, Cheng Zong support you! That Ming dynasty North Korea. indeed come to a lower weight is not the point of the drug. real man. some things, you and I are half buried body of people, but also afraid of anything, do not you?. Finished, Sun Chengzong also went out himself . Xu Guangqi sigh of relief, this time to the emperor lifted the heavy salt tax shady, he offended people can be said to be half-court. Fortunately, this Sun Chengzong also support him, the emperor still support him, otherwise, he shaped alone and alone, not to mention the salt tax reform things. Even standing Chodo have lost eligibility is not reform salt tax, so go on, in addition to a large Ming Dynasty gradually choking, no other way. Sun Chengzong did wrong. yourself there are few good living? afraid of what? Chongzhen Young reform is himself a man alone back to Palace of Heavenly Purity, go to bed and sleep, this heart broke. <
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