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28.05.2013 10:26
the world really is a big antworten
> Young reforms that out of a litter of their own home mouse, rat or a group of groups, chest anger burned badly, although the former are also some text and video above to know some eunuchs would dip the emperor's cheap, but I did not expect such a furious, almost brazenly, the emperor is quite a man. WWw! QUAnBen! Com also thought of the court where the emperor's Fudge also many, just think that this emperor, the world really is a big idiot, no one here wants emperor dip cheap. Fooled, cheated, stole, and a variety of large ones, this emperor really is living in deception, lies a small boat in the ocean,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, you must have a pair of eyes of fire jīng eye, see a variety of fog, to distinguish the direction beware capsize at any time. Also think that Li Yan was right, he was a man to put trace the money, it is estimated there is no carry out not receive any money, though this Division keystore eunuchs in the palace can be considered a kind of mold, but out of the Palace, so it is not very loose. Calm down a bit the hearts of anger. "Li Yan, you talk about, what are you people together? '" Qibing Majesty, there XX prison Hu XX, XX prison sheets are XX, and XX library Sun XX ...... "Li Yan, one hundred fifty-one ten for your own gang out. Wang Chengen next calf was not yet agile, Li Ren heard talk about the palace where the rat problem, nor natural face sè up calf not more agile, do not know is gas or something else. "Very good, great companions, edicts, the Li Yan said these people pass over, Zhenyao see, this palace of the mouse are long, what kind." ...... See also Wang Chengen legs shaking, I feel very strange, sudden remembered that Wang Chengen to their edicts, but sprinted run, this marathon of pain, Young reforms have strong feelings, and I remember when the school eight hundred meters exams, Yang reform their own after the finish, but on the ground sit for a long stretch, and face sè pale, eyes dizzy, numb hands and feet, walking erratic, body aches for a long time. Now Wang Chengen like this, and also their estimated time almost. "Great partners, find a bench to sit with it, you Tizhen edicts, run too hard." "Slaves not tired, not hard, the emperor in front of a chair without slaves, slaves could not sit ......, slaves also serve emperor ...... "Wang Chengen answer but tears, very moved, the emperor so concerned about him. He was a eunuch, is again graces, nor sit in front of the emperor, to be so, which serve the emperor's living fear is not go dry. "Sit down, sit down, okay, find a stool, find a place to sit down in the back of it, I was not any left, I have something, tell you that ......, alas ...... great companion since I do not listen to advice, decreed that I had to make big with a break ...... "Looking calf kept quivering Wang Chengen, Young reforms with a bit sorry and somewhat mercy. See Wang Chengen also decline, with the decreed to force Wang Chengen to rest, the most loyal of their own people and ordinary people is absolutely different. "Laonu thank His Majesty ......, Laonu Zunzhi ......" Wang Chengen wiping away tears, walked to the side tottering to rest. Li Yan ...... that several of the "partner" one by one came in, come in, it naturally came upon his knees,Coach New Arrivals Online, the palace is a place quickly pass gossip, Li Yan put the money in advance minute mark broke out, after the moment, the palace and down, already know that several partners, there is naturally afraid, always pay attention to the latest trends, to hear the emperor to cut Li Ren's head, are secretly relieved, thinking the matter thus exposing too, who knows twists and turns, the emperor and sent him back from the pandemonium lira, you know these things, I am afraid that this rì make life difficult. When one looks at all Dimeishunyan, cautiously, if not others informant, how do you know these look very good people would secretly when mouse? "Is to you guys, stole money palace, out of the money put mark?" Young reforms try to calm tone asked. "Damn slaves, slaves to death, ...... damn slaves, slaves to death ......" Several persons interviewed emperor immediately pestle with his head on the ground, all recruited. Although here carpeted, however, still knock "pound" sound. Young reforms did not halt, the faint watching these people with his head pestle ground. Thought to myself something. Several people kept kowtow, Snappers, the "pound" sound, has not stopped, wait on the side of the eunuchs and concubines, although the bow along the brow, but can not help but secretly watching these people, most people kowtow, also knock few, the emperor will stop now, these people, knock a cup of tea time, the emperor did not halt, all are curious, secretly craned their necks to see in the end how it was. Young reform is not good man, what people are kind and friendly. Encounter a thief, do not kill are considered a good treatment. ...... And knock for a while, a person really can not stand, kowtow knock weighs. Fell on the side. Several other people saw, but yes yes appalled. But did not dare stop. Soon, the men's head had swollen up, Zihei Zihei, watching scary, original look, has been out of all recognition. "Well, why do you kowtow? But I did not call you kowtow, hum hum, I stole something, okay able to kowtow? Feelings this deal worth doing ah!" Young reforms faint laughter, hear Several people the creeps, but extreme sounds, the devil made a Buddha tone. Li Ren looked at a few other people who kowtow to knock Weighs in there, already dead heart, actually frighten them. Few have looked at the following not recognize the original appearance of the "mouse", Yang reform of the gas does not eliminate that not too many feelings, the body's natural that the emperor's disregard for life eunuchs, inadvertently, starting quietly a role. "One of the palace to talk about how he is stealing money of it, how to put marks on the money, and how much money." Emperor faint voice sounded again. Emperor eunuch is a natural indifference. Young reforms that over the twenty-first century through the otaku is also about the rules of this natural, life and death on the eunuch, with a weak and indifferent, did not mind too much, when the emperor, if not kill a few from time to time a eunuch, which is also called the emperor do? Palace, the annual death eunuch, do not know how many. Several people will continue to get money out of their own when a partner put usury, how much profit are Yiwuyishi road come to this, the "resist strict, home for the holiday." This sentence, where , does not work. Eunuchs to kill the emperor, then normal, without any reason. Are just drop a good death, the most frightening thing is miserable killed directly installed with broken sacks thrown into the graveyard to feed wild dogs, and even the lower half of the eunuchs that can not be buried together, the afterlife, had eunuchs. Young reforms on several eunuchs, and do not care, and the rest of the world of the NPC, like many a small, less a lot. Young reforms they are interested in is how much money they earn, how to put the means to trace the money. Li Ren only a few years of effort, we get a seven million ounces of silver, here are five partners, If you take the same amount of money, it would mean that you can get four hundred thousand taels of silver flower? This raid, it really is a wealth of opportunities, however, before speaking in various forums post that's home to take down the save military officials, no one thought that this eunuch, but also very fat. Another is that the means put usury, terrible is not severe, is how to get, put quotes inquire clear himself inside the treasury that several 1,002,000, the use of usury lending a very short time, make a time difference , you can earn a lot of money. Several people will shake their bottom line are out, only three forty-two thousand less, and more than ten million two, seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight together, actually there are as many as four hundred and two thousand, which greatly exceeded the estimated Yang reform . Had only intended to get hold of three hundred and two thousand silver flower, no one thought, actually there are four hundred and two thousand. Young indifferent to listen to this reform is only a few eunuch said, eyes drifting occasional hint of these eunuchs head, without any language. That few people see the emperor has no speaker, sitting where very quiet, the mind Yes uneasy, do not know what tricks you want them to use the emperor died. Subject to a few eunuchs said and done, Young reform was to: "Hum hum, yes, it really is a good Goucai, quite capable, and did not see, I wait on the I inside, actually there is this other hotshots ...... "Faced with the emperor's ironic, Li Renhe these eunuchs was silence, uneasy, waiting for the emperor's ruling. These things a little better, studying a mutual affection of the emperor, and sent to a cold bureaucratic waiting to die of old age, the emperor bad mood, directly Bangsha it. If the emperor was very angry, then under this Qiandaowangua also, just look at the emperor's mood. "Ha ha ha ...... interesting, I feel good today, do not want Hansha enemies, bad mood, see you very ability, and you want to play a game, do not know what you would do it." Young reform is a good mood However, I will talk about it in front of less than an hour, we should cut someone's head. Young reforms pondered, kill these eunuchs, but a word of it, but they can take advantage of a waste, it is actually quite a few people are very tolerant, and can trace the money to make money, why do not these people own trace the money to put it? They Shumenshulu, you can immediately start up their own money to go out today, and tomorrow you can begin to collect interest, which is not to earn money, wasted day is crime ah! Several "pig" hastened to say there is interest, which at least is better than direct Bangsha, a little hope to live. "Zhenkan you very ability, and courage is also very fat, put usury also cooked, so be it, I give each of you a sum of money, with a month to see how much money you get back, you have six people, earn at least that was eliminated, and the rest into the next phase of links, such as next month, I thought well how to play, and then went to play, you see, how? "Several" pig "looked at each other, in addition to promised, Is there another way to do this? Six selected five, live opportunity is still very large. Survival instinct, infinitely magnified. "...... You put trace the money, I will send someone to follow you, you tube for money, you just find someone to put, debt collection problems, I will send for you to close, as long as the money and wanted to pay back the money will, unless You also do not lend to those from the bankrupt, that I can not do anything, okay? Also, between you to follow the rules, do not framed each of these is the rules of the game, everything you see after a month's performance to determine out who ...... "Yang reform like a long time how to put trace the money, find the fastest, most direct is the direct use of existing channels that few people today put their money where the treasury put out, and tomorrow you can time exposed skin, interest received, this is the money to make money, the fastest speed. But also have the use of these mice mind, so give them a game set. Several "pig" is also hastened promised down, so that, in fact, very cow B, just put himself emperor help their debtors, and the world who would not return? This does not make money, and that their addition to a death, there is no other better way to go. Put a few of them so long trace the money, naturally have their own avenues of. Yueyue yù actually have a heart test impulses. "Great companion ......" Wang Chengen quickly came out from behind, and sat for a while, rest for a while, this leg, finally, much better. Not tremble it. "Slaves In." Wang Chengen face sè much better. "It's a few I, went to grade errands, etc., have copied the ill-gotten gains, this body official clothing, for the time being do not peel, and still allow them to trace the money to go up, not the official clothing this body, I was afraid that they do not good put usury of it, this game is, it does not mean. "" Slaves Zunzhi. "Wang Chengen agreed. These palace has a head for figures, and thus, the emperor floating word, determines the fate of life and death. "You're human, you six individuals out later, good fun this game, I remember the rules, do not say that I let out you put usury, and still say that you've put it, okay?" Young actually wanted to reform immediately turn yourself inside the treasury money to move out, and tomorrow will be able to interest received, no more than that of a money fast. Several "pig" Although we are eliminating the need for an errand,Kristin Coach Cheap, grade, forfeiture of property. But there is a body approved skin, dry or "imperial" live, my heart does not know whether to laugh or cry. [We will try, there is still a few on the 3000 collection, oh. Oh, finally arrived. 】 <
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