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28.05.2013 10:18
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> This thing is so Laozhang Ren Yang reform sugarcane to the south, so that the Queen and more attention to the Lao Zhangren sustained and forceful pressure, so that the history Kui Zhou fools, only intentions to act. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm hear the Queen's mention Laozhang Ren Zhou Kui to the South, and also wrote back, feeling good, if things go well, this time next year, there will be a large number of jīng England to the south to buy land, planted sugar cane, promote the development of sugar cane, which requires labor, which the population of the North, we can automatically flow to the south, this population explosion pressures will ease, otherwise, by the emperor went to the treasury relief that point, Yang Di reform which rates The title probably have further changed. "Oh, this is a good thing ah! Hopefully Lao Zhangren he can run it. Give I help handle, I can relax." "...... Emperor assured Chenqie often urged, and will give this piece It completed. share those concerns for the emperor. "Queen week Waner is bent on helping her husband, Emperor Chongzhen, but nothing has been a good way, in addition to be able to manage this ** outside is no longer anything better way share those concerns to the emperor, the emperor now confessed an active boat of the "big" thing, naturally, is to be more attentively. A person can not write two words. "Oh,OP Art Coach UK, so much the better, this thing, if you have enough money with Lao Zhangren, Waner told me that I could still be out, be sure to run this thing is,New Arrivals Coach, this thing, enabling the boat, power future ah! "...... Shall, love, befriend, happy like gods. This is Young reforms since the crossing has been the happiest day of. ...... Next morning, Young reforms jīng Dousuo of God to go to work. Wenhua. Yesterday rì, to discuss the general route. Today, it is necessary to discuss the specific details and Sun Chengzong, perfect step, this matter, such as on how, and must be of concern is related to their own lives. ...... By noon, this detail perfect, be considered an end. Results of the discussions, so that Yang reform somewhat refreshing. Yesterday rì far as big kill four of pleasure. For the details, a few people made a lot of general staff problems to be solved. Young also reform their own questions, you can not, or difficult to solve. First, Mao Wenlong there must be clean, it must be firmly under control, absolutely not in the West two lines of attack, Mao Wenlong still at home leisurely leisurely. That Mao Wenlong how to control? Former civilian who was passing by, no drift Mao Wenlong of forage. Now the emperor has received a supply of forage, then, that Mao Wenlong problems, it all depends on the emperor's, and if the emperor not to force, unable to control Mao Wenlong, it may suffer. This, after several staff proposed to make a big headache Young reforms, without which the experience of controlling a military commander. Midline, Yuanchonghuan is great promise, from training, to attack, seems to have a complete solution, but the Sun Chengzong just ask a few simple questions, like Yuanchonghuan defeated cock fighting, did not speak. For example, the question is: If it is in the winter, to ensure that you march in the snow? To ensure food, ammunition supply it? Will overcome the East Jin defense forces after Krupp do? West, it is Young's proposal to reform the battlefield shelter and thorough home to wild boar skin contact and looting Corps cut off, which is to work on the site in Mongolia, is a problem. As well as covert people, scorched earth strategy how to do, how to defend the city, one that a lot, getting more and more dizziness, Young heard the reforms have clout, finally get rid of the nightmare of yesterday, today, came back to his head up. ...... Get at noon, can not stand. Young decided to go for a walk reform. Breathe. Forbidden City, still magnificent. The sky, but it is dark clouds pressure rì. Walking in the National Palace Museum, Young reform wondering about how to do this yourself. Young reforms most troubling is not the plan in the loophole, but no money, such a huge military operation, hundreds of thousands of light jīng soldiers is that huge military spending, so that Yang reform to hit the wall. Ministry of money, we all eyes were fixed on her pocketbook. If you follow the history, they can add Liaoning rates, a year, how much can get several million ounces of silver, but this is the cup of poisoned wine, ah, but also drink thirst than drink dove dove thirst! This may not a bank mortgage, fortunately speak, there are rules, which can be is usury ah! Or the kind of compound interest is usury, the future will use tenfold, a hundredfold of things to come yet. Plus rates, Young reforms to prepare thoroughly negated. It can only rely on their own going to get some money. Young sad reform, which rates emperor's name, it seems to bring the coffin gone. As for taxes or something, Young reforms do not expect, and off (ED) tax do not count, jīng British ban on the sea are still shouting it, you want to charge tariffs? Business tax, not much, almost negligible, nor want to raise taxes, the shops are all open backing, are the landlords, privileged class, a move that is, and the world landlords, bureaucratic class enemies ......, mining tax, and more Do not say, the early years, the emperor sent to collect taxes even eunuchs are killed off, Yang is not prepared to reform beaten faces, places not shot, one shot, we should get all of them get on the ground, in the absence Before the gun hard enough, this thing, think about it when. Young reforms stroll in the National Palace Museum, the memories of this effort the industrial revolution in the United Kingdom is the Editor,Air Jordan Shoes, how the UK will become increasingly stronger it? Own this great Ming Dynasty, almost to bankruptcy finished. Industrial Revolution ...... Rodeo? Yes, the enclosure? Rodeo doing? Rodeo engage in real estate? Oh, no, it is the 21st century, not now. Rodeo? Rodeo farming? Definitely not, farming can become successful capitalism, that China will be able to enter a thousand years in advance of capitalism yet. That enclosure doing? Rodeo is not to say that a man-eating sports? Right, the sheep eat people ah! Their history of how these schools have said something to forget it. English history of the development of capitalism, that is, man-eating sheep movement. This is the history textbook said ah! Since the United Kingdom because the sheep eat people become stronger, why they engage in sheep that eat people, if not open the Industrial Revolution, how can get a few silver flower bar. Figured out, Yang Shuang reform big hearts. Secretly grateful to the nine-year compulsory education thanks ah! Otherwise, how do you know their sheep eat people engage in sports do? ...... Figured out, then quickly to perform, who is going? A right person? Is a problem. Opening of Scholars classes? Seems not, the one not opened, two Scholars who come to do business, unless they use a knife to his neck. Eunuch classes? This, it seems somewhat likely, but looks like someone I saw a eunuch to engage in, the first thought is that the emperor get another matter, we will have the emperor sitting on the world, but also sent eunuchs compete with the people, it is Taibuyinggai . Objection. Scheeren classes? Or forget, war maybe they Marketer, or willing, to enable them to do business, they are all born with an officer, who will buckle down to the base business? Young reforms depressed, his side is not a reliable person to execute the idea. After much deliberation, or the thought of that extraordinary woman, claiming to be the world's woman Huo, Sun Li mother, she seems to be a good candidate. Recently do not know how this glass made up? Glass is not news, she also sitting there, in that case, might as well call her to run this campaign sheep eating it. Anyway, she bent forward Huo world come forward. This man-eating sheep movement once started, it may be that the colonial ball ah! Huo world, it can be really worthy of the name. Presumably she will be happy to shop and go to it. Young reforms made up his mind and decided to go and see Sun Li Niang go. ...... Yang Wang Chengen reform back on the road: "Great companion, last I told you that copying a" geomancy IWC full map ", and somehow did not?" Yang Sun Li Niang reform ready to go there, they seem to think of their own last promised to get her a map of the world, called Wang Chengen back a copy now, should also come in handy. "Qibing Majesty, ready." Wang Chengen for Chongzhen emperor then has always been uncompromised execution. Since the emperor commanded, it is certainly more important things, so come back immediately as people working towards. "Well, so much the better, bring the share of copying, the eviction to go." Young reforms in high spirits. Yīn head shrouded in haze, it seems went a lot. ...... <
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