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Oman Zernike John marched antworten
> Narrow cabin stocked with shè stone cannon on gun carriage need to install wooden wheel, half a meter in diameter, thickness of 10 cm, thick wheels is the only way to withstand heavy bronze barrel. WWw. quANBEn. Com Corbin bronze cannon wandering gaze and said: "Using the power of iron bombs bigger than you?" Roger touched his nose and said: "Big Head Excellency, iron shells need more gunpowder, gunpowder increase barrel will easily burst, since it is the same weight shells, can not help but make the best use of stone cannon, but also save gunpowder, to extend the life of artillery,Nike Air Jordan 3 UK, even a little lower power, is acceptable. "Corbin nodded recognition in the impression big heavy caliber guns finally could not survive, but to facilitate the march of small-caliber lightweight gun replaced,Air Jordan 2, he asked a talkative: "How much can this bronze horse-drawn artillery, sunny march rate is the number , rainy day and how much? "Roger replied:" 6 pull Mara one gun, one day would be able to go 30 miles, rainy day, can not be estimated, if stuck in the mud, the most of the day were unable to move. shells, then, with dozens enough grain, followed by the siege, the local materials. "tasteless, tasteless gesture. Oman Zernike Earl forces from the territory of the Knights is Luodezibo country recently, that place in the country following Ofer Niebo, the other a territory far south-west of France adjacent to the Duchy of Navarra, probably later on in Spain and France above the junction of the place. Departure from Lyon to Luodezibo country walk to a small two weeks, plus bronze cannons, the traveling speed of the army have declined, arrived one day late 达罗德兹伯 country, on the road would create more part of the forage consumed. Lyon is not a place where grain, Corbin must fight Macon food stocks jīng After looking, maybe talk to those under the command of Burgundian nobles to discuss buying food produced in their territory, in April this value is depleted food stocks began chūn Ploughing rì son, Corbin funds on hand does not know how much food can be procured. Burgundy nobility brought 123,300 francs to give him large sums of money, now get our hands on a 70000, looting church assets acquired about 32,000 or so, leaving more than 4000 Neville accumulation of some recent count once led China from 6500 Riffle levied coins, money Knights Curry accumulation francs, ECU replaced Foluo Lin almost 16 million. Lyon whole population 14732 people, 5773 people Macon, Chalon 7437 people, Neville Baron brought the current master of the population roughly 32,000 people. Swiss mercenaries have agreed to help guide the training, Corbin conscription 1,800 people arrived in the Swiss can limit the number of training, training costs total 100 francs. Weapons ordered from Switzerland, they have a lot of ready-made rifles, 220 francs Order 1800 17-foot-long spear, spare replacement weapons 5000. Armor, which is Corbin headache thing. Lyon library armed, only 100 Leather and Leather make this thing not only takes time, capital consumption is also high. No way, Corbin only let his hands whiteboard soldiers into battle. Anyway, Swiss as well. Get the next batch of rifles delivery mercenaries arrived, Grand Masters Marines are trained mercenaries on hand thrift. To hire 2,000 people a year prepaid half regularly commissions 430 Foluo Lin, clearing Dijon further renewal commissions bloody six months, from the hands of the Swiss buy horses, 1700 Foluo Lin gave the Swiss take debauchery blink of an eye. Total cost of 2450, which did not count the Knights of the pension, reward, His Holiness insert a horizontal bar to make the most of the victories destroyed, but the Knights win is to win, and this is a fact, not conclude cancel his followers reward. To pikemen month's salary is an expenditure, spending money like water, with no trade taxes Neville led the Knights simply can not sustain long-term activities, expand funding to find a source of income before the Knights rì child must After looking jīng fight. Down the cabin, Roger bronze cannon to make people brought into the dock of the warehouse, called on the wizard, followed by Corbin administration building single room. Italy Wizard to carry a map spread out on the table, with the most intuitive way to tell 阿曼涅克伯 country Luodezibo country terrain. Looking at the map on the two share a very open territory, Corbin doubt: "The kingdom of Oman Zernike Luodezibo John inherited from other family's territory?" Wizard seems to know a lot about this: "Yes, 100 years ago, Luodezibo country Milo Henry, Earl of family in the last one died, Luodezibo country to go to Oman Zernike Earl Bernard VI hands as Milo earl's daughter Cecilia Leah Oman Zernike Earl Bernard VI's wife. "Corbin blinked in astonishment:" Not to say France is not inherited from the blood through the territory of female xìng what? "Wizard explains:" According to Salic Law of Succession, female xìng descendants shall inherit the land is, but everything has an exception, there are thirty years ago near the house Jadwiga of Anjou in the throne throne of Poland, the use of the king's words, rather than the queen, she eventually married Jogaila. Oman Zernike count for the Valois royal family in Italy, Flanders expeditions for many years, playing a lot of victories, His Holiness a happy letters to put Luodezibo country him. "to continue listening to some of the things that fathers Oman Zernike Earl, Corbin two on the map and go in a circle, his heart had some ideas, Oman Zernike John betrayed France to invest in Castile Kingdom, the territory Rodez in the royal territory within the abdomen, two territories to enhance communication, he will definitely go to win the country sandwiched between two primary territory, allowing two Bo Guocheng as a complete whole. Bo country to expand, it means that the future expansion of the territory of the Knights, mantis stalks the cicada oriole, oriole Corbin only feel let Oman Zernike John fattened while the mantis first and then the next port is also good. Collar China formed consisting of pikemen fighting force needs a lot of time, this time, he decided to handle Chalon migration, rations purchased from all over the thing. After thinking it over, Corbin got that night nuns went to Martin V wrote a letter, continues to request aid supplies, not the other required items, or artillery, but he needs is to facilitate the transport of small caliber artillery, Corbin does not intend to use the first batch is too heavy artillery, he needs some kind of small-caliber guns, smaller power does not matter, can keep up with the march speed like. This with his upcoming strategy has great relevance. Blink of an eye, May come, more and more serious plague the north Chalon population movements very well, just ten days to put Chalon inflicted a dead city. Duchy of Burgundy disregarded on the close proximity of the territory, before they are in the hands of shortage of troops not to act rashly, and later even came from the nearby provinces of reinforcements of 2,000 people, and they do not dare to take the hardest hit by the plague in the vicinity of this towns, Rhone River diversion Cheyenne River nearby. Of course, Margaret of Bavaria could not idle, Charolais Countess Maintenon Na she please do visit the Duchy of Savoy marriage messenger. Because the Duchy of Savoy is the fourth week of Burgundy most threatening forces, even if the marriage fails, follow Maintenon Na Go Savoy Burgundy entourage also from the local nobility probe tone, see Principality Savoy No north of preparation. Marriage is more than a messenger sent because Margaret of Bavaria have more than one daughter. Mary Anne, Agnes and Margarita, which four girls worked in addition to Margarita age 10 in 1404 and Charles VI was only seven years old, died early devil subsequently married the dauphin Louis , the other daughter can come to befriend his country out of the dilemma of Burgundy. Following the visit of the Duchy of Savoy messenger after leaving Burgundy, Burgundy people trapped in the border of Burgundy Duke of Bourbon heir proposed marriage. Yes, that is marriage! Corbin three lost harms do decree Margaret of Bavaria did not humiliate the Neville family, stranded in the border of Burgundy Charles became the old woman to vent grievances of the object. But the marriage, it is not weak to strong behavior mercy Why? Bavarian use her daughter Margaret Bourbon nail into the Duchy! Bourbon occupation force, temporarily powerless, then go to weaken Bourbon. Bourbon with a grand wedding depleted financial, with the Duchy of Burgundy flag pole which attract disaffected nobles Bourbon rebellion, let her continue to fight against the aristocracy loyal to the Duke of Bourbon, Bourbon dukedom caused greater strife. As long as Bourbon a mess, Burgundy Bourbon duchy adjoining provinces will be able to draw preparedness Bourbon troops. But in vain to let others do your daughter, okay? Charles did more diligent, the faster the dead, as long as his wife had children, Philip, Duke of Burgundy just kill Charles, ready remote control Bourbon, with a daughter for a principality, it is worthwhile ? ! Quit, so much the better, that time, do not stir feces Burgundy club, who are eager to own Bourbon muddy. Charles not only lose to lose the city, had to wait for his wife with ulterior motives lonely days hooked up with a man, give him wore a green cap. Burgundy from which you can take advantage of, how worth! Charles is not marriage! ? Burgundy afraid he quit, Bourbon male breasts were Burgundians as a sandwich after sandwich, no matter who move a bit before and after battles can make unbearable public Bourbon ** blew out, defeated. In creating chaos in the event of a careless missed captured, heir to the Duke of Bourbon Charles future no future to speak of. Knights another enemy, Oman Zernike John, Earl early in the year before the end of December, which is the northern war in full swing when the size of the emergency mobilization collar aristocracy. By the end of January, Oman Zernike John marched 3,000 people from the capital of Oman Zernike Auch departure, across the Garonne,Nike Jordan 12 Shoes, Montauban attack from the east, a few rì after Luodezibo country mobilized 2,000 people from came west, this river Garonne River to communicate something of the royal Citadel stuck up two weeks of the fall of the inevitable onslaught. Connect Luodezibo country was thrown open, the two armies joined forces in Montauban, with the city defense immediately Houmengtuobang the consolidation of military enhanced 阿曼涅克伯 country does not have four Raiders royal territory, twenty then led his army south, aimed against the administrative center of southern France, the royal powerhouse Toulouse. Toulouse, southern France, stands in the city, in the reign of Charlemagne era, here is against the Muslim's heart. Since then, the Spanish peninsula, the flow of goods Toulouse Eastern Christian world hub, has been the symbol of the affluent south, over the past century, Toulouse through continuous development, not only the commercial capital, or the arts center. Even after the Black Death epidemic, this battered city still has the most southern city of the entire French population of 40,000 people. Of course, cāo the Spanish chamber will not even write a few words in French Oman Zernike Earl John IV certainly do not know the city's history as well as the city's wealth, but he knew one thing, ever since the Earl of birth knew from the first, Toulouse is very rich, lay Toulouse, he made! This is comparable to everywhere you want to go rob a small rural high spirits much, but everywhere inside Brothers Toulouse, Toulouse village women everywhere outside the city so that bishops comparable collection of beautiful nun slowly fondle it! ************************************************** **************** recently not much time to carefully check the information, my mistake, after the book's unit conversion, I will try to use as we used to domestic units. <
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