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The enemy evacuated are antworten
> Two age difference is not the young man you made me a language to put the Duchy of Bourbon Charles ridicule over the conversation and pull back on the war. Www! QuanBEn! COM Duke of Clarence Thomas ponder a lot, chose a best advice in England: "I think we should be two-pronged." Philip would like to hear the Duke analysis, Duke of Clarence Thomas pointed to the South of the whip: "First Bourbon rush revolted, lack of preparation, the siege a, then, there is an army garrison fortress suddenly appeared and relatively remote hope, bourbon must retreat difficult, soldiers fear. within a few rì, Bourbon forage consumption is completed, bourbon must retreat to go to when the army just a surprise attack. "" Neville family. "Having Bourbon duchy side of things, Thomas whip pointing to the hills that side Dijon, he smiled contemptuously: "But is taking advantage of your spare flawless clown, Duke of your army comes, they will end up like dog watts chicken generally vulnerable." Philip Although it is not want to admit it frankly: "The fact is that we Burgundians in a row in front of this dog, chicken watts lost twice." Duke of Clarence Thomas confidently said: "It was just commanding Burgundy person's generals not law, this time with the Duke sits, Burgundy knight had our cover Longbow England, they are definitely not the opponent. "back to the aid of the 6000 Burgundy Army when rì diverge, 1500 to south, all the way to 4500 one hundred planned return to Dijon. Although Philip made in accordance with the recommendations of Thomas, but 1,500 people Burgundians abandoned horses are all walking the infantry, and 4500 is the transfer speed of the charger to accelerate the march, which has 300 England longbows. Philip had just inherited the old Duke to the title, he needed a brilliant victory to stabilize the duchy in his skepticism about the ability of the aristocracy, Burgundy Duchy strong for decades, nobles naturally concerned about the new Duke's ability to again lead them continues to expand its territory. Raiders territory of His Holiness is his first effort, but the glorious king invincible too bright, he was just a foil. chūn wind blowing,oakley for cheap, robes fluttering, Philip looked at the home plants, he muttered: "This will be part of my stage." Li camp third rì, Dijon city under Neville barracks, and the men discuss the pros and cons of the terrain near Dijon. Ears suddenly sounded a hasty footsteps account everyone looked up, a man with raindrops, into account, but they could arrange the Knights around the outpost in the back. His high channel: "Burgundians! Appeared in the West ten." Shocked face sè upheaval crowd: "How many people? '" Number and we almost, or more! "Carter, the distance gradually dim down to sky, leisurely lingering ground horn sounded immediately. That Burgundians demonstrations. Sunset horizon, faint rage slowly crescendos Yang gradually, eyesight, mighty Burgundians overwhelming, dark mass, endless. Earth a dim, barracks yīn main account with the light cast shadow enveloped live here knight,Totes Coach Cheap, mercenary leader, everyone sè ugly face several recent rì, they are looking around for the best Dijon ambush locations, surprise Burgundy actually army reinforcements with horses, the rate of return beyond their imagination. Corbin God sè deep, and was looking at the map in front of a few days to collect a daze, battle sites, a long while, he looked up and asked: "We have a good idea of ​​what you?" Dead quiet silence. "Would not even listen to me now. Burgundians from afar, even if they do not Tude shameless attack, so now is a good opportunity for our transfer, we now abandon the camp, and retreated fifteen inside and outside sur-Saône. "head - I'm afraid the odds are, where there is a more appropriate place to play our guns power. "Corbin intend to mimic the composition of Hunyadi against the Burgundians," tonight's dinner to Chalon-sur-eat. "" Simon, you take twenty knights and Uri Pradesh, Obwalden state of two squares and baggage go first, "" Cheyenne, Zug states subsequently passed on, Zook Texas , you take twenty members of the Knights to help them prevent got separated. "" Finally taking Bern, Zug Pradesh, State Schwyz, Nidwalden states, as well as us. "" If there is no problem, we immediately went to perform! "" Yes, sir! "Philip, Duke of Dijon army returned and Duke of Clarence Thomas received a hero's welcome, night, old mansion at Duke Duchess held a grand banquet in Dijon has a head nobility attended the banquet will . to win the eye of artists, poets such as smell fishy cat, everywhere, they are talking about are some of the nobility derived from the art of the topic, conversation among the crowd, full of elitism. mansion lawn, pink ink character dressed Toulian shuttle which, I heard the young Duke of adults return, many women it is gorgeously dressed, to know the location of the Duchess still pending. younger Philip Duke of sight has been hovering between food and unmarried ladies with , a glorious surpassed the others unfamiliar faces in a moment of time caught the attention of Duke, Duke has ever seen. duke lost chicken bone, it is covered with a cloth to wipe the greasy palms toward the people around him asked: "What Who is? I have never seen the girl. "Duke readily caught by attendants and said:" That was the daughter of the Duke of Lorraine, Miss Isabella. "The fiery courtyard, Isabella's dress is very common, and generally no different lady, she is probably the only uncoordinated no crown of the head with a sharp, tight bras exposed on many smooth the white landscape, imagine clothes is already beginning to take shape under the breasts. pondered Philip, Duke, Duke of Clarence Thomas to rely on over, he took alcohol ambiguous smile, said: "also used to do? No prizes for guessing who Miss Isabella marriage are to come. "" Marriage of the object, of course, you, my child. "Margaret of Bavaria from two out behind the Duke, Duke suddenly stiff two endless, the old man put his son to one side and ambiguous eyes laughed," My son, Philip, you want to become a father is more than a great Duke, conquering the little girl from Lorraine to only the first step. "Duke won two glasses of wine glasses filled with Dijon came, he handed one over and do the next self-introduction, followed by Philip holding wine glasses on the topic you want to open:" Lorraine Isabella, let us the feelings of the future as friendly as the two principalities toast it. "Isabella their eyes with a touch of sadness, gently raised his glass, but she heard the Duke is one in Dijon notorious playboy, which is the noble girl's sad, no matter how much a child favored, once grown up always for the family plan. childless Charles Duke of Lorraine, and the girls they could not alone almost turned into a duchy, in order to allow continuation of Lorraine, Isabella Select only forces in many a line with the interests of the forces of Lorraine. "Not only have bad breath, but also very yellow teeth. People will be able to think of watching that last seen René of Anjou, who are still picking your nose teenager. . . Exhausted also rub the clothes on the body. . . . "Isabella shivering, a pair of eyes looking at the same youthful Philip, gently revealing a neat row of broken jade-like teeth:" To Lorraine and Burgundy friendship. "Philip to capture the action Isabella said:" cold do? Relatively warm house, we go to the house. Isabella, live in Dijon also used it. "At the same time,Outlet Oakley Active, Neville army braved the cold in the rain slowly receding. Defenders who immediately reported this situation are Bishop Baoli Nuo fly sè eyebrow dance authentic:" Ha ha ha, Duke army one, who will forward to the fourth head of the Knights of scared the crap out of it. "Someone from the head, naturally there will be others to bear weakness Listen four weeks unanimous praise, the Metropolitan Philip felt very own rose face, Isabella asked:" Duke is very sure of winning the? "In the beauty in front of Philip as it should be authentic:" Of course. "Duke of Clarence Thomas issued a laugh, he walked heavily patted Philip:" Victory has Cuoshou be won! "The enemy evacuated are not annihilated, victory there? Philip embarrassing startled by startled, in front of Isabella, he remained looked the same:" I'm sure we will soon get the victory. "Duke of Clarence Thomas Fangxiajiubei:" Solicitation soldier! Let them together and tell them that I know they tired, but as long as we immediately popped to the city, standing on the land of Burgundy enemy will definitely disappear the next day! This is better than losing xìng life. "Taking advantage of the enemy to retreat attack, Burgundians attacks have night sè cover, absolutely make the enemy's retreat turned into a rout, Duke of Clarence Thomas playing is a good idea, but then the boss Philip reluctantly, he wanted Battle is a upright, firm Burgundian nobles loyal to the confidence of the new Duke Philip was about to politely refuse, Isabella eyes suddenly see a flash of contempt instead tough authentic: "villain act. "Duke of Clarence Thomas eyed:" What? "" This battle, not elegantly. Burgundy is well known knight of the country, as a noble knight how they would take advantage of people's imaginary! "Philip's words came from the United Kingdom reveal faint young duke sullen, this guy is actually not a thing in calling him, his ears did not hear voices! Philippe Lu proud of sè, and said:" Your behavior is not correct and the Duke is afraid to reveal the face of the enemy's weakness heroic Mody? Burgundian knight did not! "Thomas musters an angry red cháo, looking at Philip's eye in more than a hint of resentment sè. Several masters saw England humiliated duke knight sword opposite will duke's mother rushed up to smooth things over, seasoned woman a few words between his son became a deliberate act says is a small eight-year-old Philip than Thomas inadvertent error. accepted this explanation, Duke of Clarence Thomas did not mind to continue to play, Margaret of Bavaria Margaret false alarm, then found a loophole Bavarian Marguerite Philippe training of the meal. Burgundy and ally of England appeared a glimmer of cracks. <
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