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> Duke of Bourbon former Duchy of enormous amounts of money early rì built a strong castle across the bloodstains, sunset shook yù fall to cover the tower, inside the castle sounded a feeble cheer. WWw! QUANBen! COM like ants leave the castle and return flow of a dense mass of each sè rolling around up tent camps, the Duchy of Burgundy Burgundy tenth banner with the word Army troops retreat was thrown to the ground. [Fearless] John stood outside the city on the slopes of the high-lying face looked Bourbon duchy fluttering red hypotenuse across the blue flag iris sighed, the castle is the guardian of the Bourbon duchy west territory last obstacle, only to pull out, the military will be able to march into Burgundy, Burgundy sleeping on the side of the tiger will be able to pull double teeth. Eat half of Bourbon, half Auvergne, sitting Flanders, Bo Genie, Franche-Comté Burgundy Duchy territory in the kingdom of France have a nine provinces, according to the time Bo Duke of Burgundy is a poor bright crown. Back in the center of the tent camp, the young pageboy for [fearless] John replaced armor, he does not take the heat chairs, a charge of NCC guard disturb his rest: "catholic majesty, the siege of Lyon Valkyrie Viscount arm came a knight wants to see you. "" call him to come. "come into a tent on one pair of eyes, the Duke of Burgundy, he figured full of good language all forgotten, he could only timidly standing there. [Fearless] John pondered out: "Aibo'er home boy, Lyon a problem?" Come surprised, wait, he does not naturally nodded: "almost completely annihilated." [Fearless] John brow a twist cold voice hum: "Neville family want you to convey some of what information? They must be very happy and very proud of it, thousands of people have been Burgundy defeated them.", "Neville said the baroness, she was willing to put Neville family's future handed your hands. "Duke of Burgundy" Oh, "a cry leaned forward, arms filled with pressure in the manuscript messy desk:" It tells me everything you know. "" We are prisoners next night, Baroness Neville's men look on me, and followed the man come together there is a claim to Corbin, Baron heir children. they understand the power lead to Neville Baron could not with you contend with the extinction of Burgundy, as attached to Burgundy, so they made it a condition, with the baron's heir in exchange for Baron. put Neville handed the future of your hands if you nod, Neville Baron's son ready to leave for Dijon. "Neville family deferential look really beyond the Duke of Burgundy's surprise, he was sitting quietly in a chair meditating, as the whole of France set off a reign of yīn seek home, he noticed a hint of unusual signs. His back by the time the best cartographers to draw maps, [fearless] John yīn shadow enveloped in candlelight to live under a large France, Germany: "Go back and tell Anjou home little girl, if she wants to surrender to Burgundy s waiting for me in Macon. "Macon Burgundy guards live in the sea to the Mediterranean town, with a population of more than four thousand, the Duchy of Burgundy Saône region Bo Genie - Loire portal also invaded the West Burgundy Allier must pass through. [Fearless] John had to go home to plan, because he received the German King Henry V and Sigismund signed Qingong France covenant news, Sigismund would come with his German knights the! Compared to the failure of Lyon, [fearless] John more angry at both alliances. [Fearless] John, Henry V are tacit know that while he was sick to his life underdog beat France Kingdom This is the first guitar rì. Please come Fengeng Henry Sigismund residual brain do? Fat has not let himself go where there is an exclusive truth? This is obviously unfamiliar Henry compare the progress of the expansion site has the advantage of the Duke of Burgundy, red Burgundy Duchy so smooth, so Henry put the German king Sigismund Zhelaoxiaozai dragged into the water together . Sigismund fishing in the water to go to France to have passed the site of Burgundy, Raiders of the land naturally also to the Duke of Burgundy territory in the vicinity. Burgundy is the gateway to Germany into France, and vice versa is also home to the other side into a springboard, so strategically coupled with either Flemish or Bo Genie northern Yonne are fat were oil, biting the juice splattered also a fertile regions. Sigismund bring thousands of troops stood pass, and if he played a pilfering mind taking advantage of the Duke of Burgundy collar army out fishing one, Duke of Burgundy on yù cry without tears. Do not forget, the king's reputation is very messy. As a result, the Duchy of Burgundy would consider sending troops Raiders troops of other forces. Less, is 肉包子打狗 gone, more worried that the home defense by people taking advantage of emptiness. Every Generation there is talent out waves pushed forward waves, short, thick face black heart of the [fearless] John was Henry yīn the one. Neville family's yield make the Duke of Burgundy soon thought of another method of annexation Lyon, Henry slowly on the other side put a good deal! Ordered removed for up to several months of siege, the return of Burgundy, along the left part of the cronies build fortifications. [Fearless] John led under the command of more than six thousand by the knight, squire, walking attendants composed jīng sharp return to Burgundy Macon. There, Yisuobaila waiting a long time. [Fearless] John to see her so on the road, where it would be polite, direct back to Burgundy house arrest with her man off together, got left a little Neville jumped in Lyon. This is the deal [fearless] John Neville home first step. He just lost over four thousand agricultural soldiers, Sigismund come again, Burgundy is a temporary spare troops to attack Lyon. Since it's hard not to poke it soft knife, [fearless] John the Neville family's two pillar capable of convincing house arrest to Dijon, Lyon, on a small Neville certainly could not convince those who have lost old he more than a generation. Not when rì, Lyon Neville family will split up several factions, [fearless] John just reaching out to a party down the other side, without firing a shot will be able to Lyon rests in the hands of the Duke of Burgundy want to go back Dijon is the way to think about the effect a bit slow, but it does not matter,Air Jordan Store, anyway, that Neville kid is not what tricks to churn. However, [fearless] John can not see that day comes, people often walk by the sea, where not wet shoes. September 1419 10rì, keep the dauphin Charles Duke of Burgundy contract. His Holiness served soft, as long as the Duke of Burgundy with Henry V decorum skin, ready to join hands to get rid of occupation of Normandy occupied Paris Henry V, Champagne - Ardennes Aube, Marne to hand over, who then , Picardy regions can also be sent to the Duchy of Burgundy. His Holiness the temptation to throw a big, early in the honeymoon followed by Henry increasingly large gap [fearless] John saw the king not only outlived their usefulness, but also vaguely threatening the Duchy of Burgundy rising momentum. He decided to abandon the arms of King Henry's investment to help King Henry returned to England to go down the road of the Normandy recover lost ground. [Fearless] John can not go back to this herd of Burgundy, and his Montero talks with the dauphin Charles Orleans camp was attacked, with his old rival Duke of Orleans, Louis I in the case of negligence, he suddenly was stabbed to death. Dauphin Charles one hundred hearing, Who [fearless] John was dead in his turf, and kill [fearless] And John really Orleans camp. Who then is silent? ! IQ is low enough to face a bunch of disgusting dead Orleans to send groups of brain damage, the dauphin was very brooding, he had heard the king completely mobilized king captured Paris news, so this finally planned by his talks just want to draw a circle with the Duke of Burgundy pie let drooling, and he not only did not win Burgundy Burgundy help but to push the English King Henry there. This time the original balance is unbalanced because of the sudden Burgundy added this monster, King captured in Paris's plan is more thorough grasp. Duke of Burgundy died in early September,Jordan 10 Sale, early October, Philip will get the message, he spent two months to convene army. The end of October, and from Normandy and Bo Genie messenger brought a letter of King Henry's covenant. King Henry looked Burgundy fool whistle vote to laugh, he instructed him I was stabbing people go, since Sigismund with Germany after an alliance that old boy, Henry began preparations for the Burgundy may abandon Union possible. Henry can not forget is how the year Agincourt fight a war, that is, with France Burgundy unilateral Water, and harm desperation, results and mouse anti-rat to eat is. Old Duke of Burgundy died, but also by his small acting as a proxy. King Henry is very happy, he can be expected to put the crown of the head of His Holiness the scene. Early December, Burgundy public does not recognize the suzerainty of His Holiness, His Holiness killed because former Duke of Burgundy, very good reason,Coach Bags Online, the Burgundy is to the real thing. His father's sworn enemies! Similarly, it was also the hatred with Burgundy. But because [fearless] John's death, no one forgot Burgundy tiny piece beneath someone told [fearless] John but has a relationship with life and death. In mid-December, a large army assembled at Dijon, which boasts seven hundred Burgundian noble knights, accompanied by a retinue of more than 3,000, a total of more than four thousand cavalry, the rest are walking attendants. In late December, youthful energy of Philip Duke leading fourteen thousand thousand people march forth from Dijon departure, scoring near the Duchy of Burgundy Aube north belonging to the royal family and royal vassals Marne. Peep crown Valois family and immediate collateral veins Dizi finally fight each other, Valois family Iris banner everywhere. ************************************************** ******************* pig just ordinary young artists just do not put him too myth, but we shot this back to the horse so badly it, the two governing pig who gave taken away, then turn to flex its muscles thrusting pig Burgundy it. <
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