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> A civilian dressed man at the gate looked at the roadside tavern support teams playing Luo Lingong flag number gradually disappeared in the boundary edge of Konstanz, Konstanz he walked into Fan Shen. Www! QUaNBEN! COM stroll in the city, a few laps, walk toward a narrow street, where he forward in a small room off the hood, open the burden for the body clergy clothes. Gabriele facelift finished out of the alley back Martin V's residence, it is a vast area of ​​the mansion, once belonged to a count of the industry, but because the count was still a question of money as Bishop Otto buy down. Today, this mansion with the ordinary of the place while the pope crowned Otto graced. Into the open door in the house attendants came to the attention of Gabriele mansion attic chambers. Wait, did not come back before in Martin V, Gabriele thing to do is to wait. Pope's valet for Gabriele fetched a jug. Time from drinking at the discretion Gabriele slowly flowing. At dusk,Oakley Sunglasses Store, Martin V let valet pope holding glittering gowns back. Otto xìng orthodox pope's identity has been meeting here bishop acknowledged conciliar Catholic clergy on the rights guaranteed by the bishops gradually put on the agenda. "The next thing to do is choose a Cardinal." For the pieces of casual wear, excited rì Otto sat back on a table ready to travel as a papal power. After a child, Gabriele as a confidant of Martin V was invited to the house. Backed into a faint afterglow of shè window, Martin V was holding a white quill looking mused on the desktop, on the tip of the quill ink drops on white paper dyed a little dirty, the Pope still do not know who. Gabriele hear the footsteps of Martin V withdraw his thoughts, he put down the quill out of the table for, learn the impression that John XXIII put askew elegant kiss on the hand gesture handed out with a rocket on the left hand a jīng polished gigantic heart topaz ring. Gabriele finished bowed to kiss the other stone stood up and said: "get things done, and that your child suddenly got generously gave him a number of weapons and armor very pleasantly surprised." Pope Otto did not feel bullied a small What is the problem child, and now he is with money, can be saved, and he pondering laughed: "It seems that the old fox in the dying bird also told his godson do not expect him to get in before the full-fledged Help on our agreement. This way I can rest assured, I really fear that ass is not casually use my kids out of the pope Gold List Edict it. "edict with a dispensable, mm White non-binding agreement and value, but a daughter of Flynn's armor with weapons in exchange for a genuine Pope Triple Crown. Otto is really gone Grand Canal. Gabriele tricks for that, but at the last moment for others to do the wedding dress Benedictus very despicable, he gently took Martin V an ass mind: "That old thing alive and so is the role of a lifetime forward to serving you send the Pope's position, it seems that this is the Father's arrangement. May the Lord watch over Christ's kingdom on earth will be under the auspices of your past rì reproduce the glory! "just sit and papal throne Otto spirited haha ​​a chuckle: "There is nothing." Otto is a not remember watching light not heavy ass looks covered in comfortable, Gabriele quickly changed the topic to his greatest concern: "Pontifical, since Benedictus his death, and that in addition to his parish to another obedient archbishop,jordan online cheap, there should also need to replace a lot of rope to follow his cronies. If the action is slow, I'm afraid there first ideally be Avignon Weng machine ah. "suppress Avignon Weng Holy See, the Pope in the hands of the pope to expand the authority, pressing harder and harder until Avignon Weng unsustainable continue to fight. Several parishes in northern France squeeze any water, Benedictus Mushou parish was also Duke of Burgundy and other Archduke beaten black and blue, but this does not mean that the new pope will be no way to squeeze out the water. Archbishop of bits fate rests in the hands of Otto, there will always be a few aristocratic title for not destined to inherit, territories pay big bucks to buy it. Archbishop of the place below there are a lot of bishops of the place, assistant bishops, auxiliary bishop of the clergy can be sold, Gabriele thought his own moment of dedicated fished a total of the bishop or assistant bishop Dangdang it. Gabriele disguised claim credit to Martin V face sè sank: "This is a later mention." Gabriele reconciled authentic: "But that old fool not already dead?" Otto glared back a confidant, Gabriele quickly scared lying on the ground, while he regretted his greed while sweating explains: "Pontifical, and now France leg to stand on, if we do not speed up some of the action, how can completely destroyed Avignon Weng Accelerating action is necessary to have the money, the army anyway Benedictus is dead, and he could not confidant sheltered his men! "Martin V slender figure of a shift block window shè into the twilight room of the life is less bright room at once into the darkness. Hand on the table, a sharp eyes, Martin V coarse channel: "Do you think the bird fox old, silly out? Had he offered to quit, I'm afraid of the place now sits the Pope who is his! Say , if I get a host who immediately turned to me its 尼迪塔斯派 surgery, other people will think! afraid Guaen harsh smelly reputation will buckle to my forehead!!! "draw confidants money , playing back the Roman money, eradicate Avignon Weng money, fighting the secular kings, nobles and it costs money. Pope Martin V debut behind the throne of the family can not afford such a large supply of affordable, made money is the number one priority, but how can not bring idea to hit about papal interests dethronement bishops head. Gabriele quickly play the fool said: "So why the Pontifical an unnecessary waste of money but also to that child who does?" Lift the hearts of the proud things, Martin V recovered by the hands on the corner, he smile: "Benedictus old fox told me to build up a Knights Edict simply wanted me to see his godson grew contribute forces might be tempted to support that child, he thought I would not completed after his death, most of the special agreement is right. The child will be exposed to the expression of surprise proved it today gives this cargo is used to make him remember me good, I'll give some small favors in the near future His arrangement that really can help children rise, I do not mind to help him take care of this kid, and then let that support the Knights as I used to. "powerful Teutonic Knights as an excuse to Pope discrete transfer order from the Pope, Knights Hospitaller Mission inextricably killing infidels in the Mediterranean and can not withdraw. If there is a sufficient deterrent to the Pope hands of warlords army, why stay in Germany, under the eaves sojourn others, if France has a thought about the arms of the Knights of the Holy See conquests, the kingdom of heaven is not to reproduce the world white rì dreaming. Bow on the ground Gabriele finally relieved. Common reason why he can be born rich large aristocratic family from Otto fancy with this that he is relying on henchmen always right itch to scratch each other's mouth. A qualified henchmen are not always wise, but it is definitely the most spiritual awake know when the photograph something ass. Martin V gave the bag of gold coins as a reward confidant let him leave. Sat back goes with black walnut made of precious backed chair, eyes closed Corbin While the future Dayong corner pieces into the side of my mind, Martin V as the hands of the right to proceed to the Grand Duke meeting their fight. Because today he heard the voices of discord, some people do not recognize the Pope no fallacy of this truth. Fight scene right down here, but about the blood and iron battle has just begun. Can become a pawn in the street than those beggars drunkard, said Minco Corbin had enough value to be used, at least from the other side had proved he was alive. In the future he lucky enough perhaps also stand up when one player. But the reality is so cruel. Benedictus Zaguomaitie only gave him cobble together worth thousands of gold Buddha forest funds archbishop convoy escort in that fifty people also called Paul Bender chieftains under the auspices of the Italian plan to him, Baron became heir guard. 57 people escort entourage from outside Lyon ten plus Hunyadi bring their own seven squire, set aside six clerics, 75 people that Corbin could take back the power of confrontation Burgundy, but within four months of strength,Coach Poppy Collection, Hunyadi King Sigismund must be in Germany from England cruises to Bomi Mejia before returning back to the Kingdom. Martin V sent over armor all good to close in the carriage which is not put to use, it is the Pope's valet guard down for a second-hand equipment. Corbin did not want to let the godfather because Fenzangbujun escort with Hunyadi, Lyon's entourage from infighting. Country dirt road in southern Germany, in the eyes of those Chiji hurry Luo Lingong States soldiers who swept, Hunyadi Corbin came around and said: "Have you decided how to do that step yet?" Corbin heavy nodded and said: "I need an army combat forces can be formed within a short time the army, the Italian mercenary is a priority of choice." right thing two years ago, Corbin absences impressed Hunyadi afraid Corbin will continue to urge rash: We really need a mercenary. November is the autumn grain rich periods of slack, I am afraid there will be Burgundian army three or four thousand. "************************************************* ********* plus q group 205,345,422, taking into account that I will have the appearance of harmony chapter, we want to see is not harmonious version of the location bar to go to share .... <
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