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Listen Benedictus said the antworten
> Ecumenical Council of Constance since become a knight as a dog,Oakley Monster Dog, Duke of Earl go great city of Montreal. wWw,Air Jordan 10 UK, quaNBen, COm even more admirable is the kind of city dwellers without pressurizing sè become calm. Even more to the nobility almost casually in the street can pull a degree that is noble, the residents of the city itself is such a great environment remains choppy its own way, they did not put the noble people looked down on. Early in the morning of the overnight fecal contamination barrels from heaven, from the Hotel fooling around one night drunks who go out of the room leaving countless memories pants casually slipped in public crouched in the corner edge solutions physiological needs. Corbin would have had thoughts to follow other people do go out, the front foot just take mansion, witnessed the horrors of such a hail of bullets like streetscape, taking into account the sensitivity at birth assigned to this case due to insufficient number of points on xìng Dodge is not enough, he stepped back on the heels. More than a year gone, Benedictus heavy cāo old profession, not only did not significantly rusty, but more getting. After each Mass, Corbin had to use other parts of the language to complete the godfather of life by chance from the plot. For example, today in the street saw a pair of young lovers in a romance behind the church, the old man returned home this evening to Daizhe Corbin English to play a home with a young lady tryst has been found people. The next day, he saw two knights working for a lady's handkerchief duel, he would go home at night rì Germanic language with Corbin plays a duel for love, but was defeated, but not disgraced knight . These things than being an aristocrat captured much more interesting, but also much more difficult. But the more difficult it is Benedictus old man next arrangement of things. Today. Parchment, quill, ink. Moonlight in the window to give inspiration, crackling gently exploding the Huozhu exudes inspired brilliance. Corbin was seated at his desk look very unnatural, he really can not understand: "The Godfather, this love letter is to be addressed to who." "Ah ..." is also on the table and turned his pen if the Benedictus Suosi thought and he said, "Give Isabella." Oh sigh turned Corbin lying on the table, a moment, he turned back to ask out a key question: "Why do I want to write a love letter to Isabella? "Benedictus Touyebutai answered and said:" Because it is the godfather of my command ... "" Oh .... "long, Corbin wrote a shit brains unreasonable article. Benedictus see only wrinkled brow, and eventually he left a few earnest comment: "My child, as you want to be a lady with her hands at home all over the world to kill you, you still do not like writing This is provocative book, not a love letter. "" Oh ... "Corbin is very clever to be a cry, he was deliberate, in order to avoid Benedictus also let him write such things, then Corbin helplessly witnessed his medieval 第一封情书 burned the entire process. The next few days,oakley sunglasses sale, Benedictus find a thick one dozen literary handwritten volumes. Corbin hastily viewed again, the contents inside are all love stories, in part, the French version, but also some in English, most are rì Germanic language written. His life one more job: After reading these cells is not active enough by the creation of the medieval novelist to write the wording monotonous, plot vulgar idea that novel. Corbin Youde said: "The Godfather Do not you think an ascetic look of love literature it strange?" "When you grow up, you will find a not write love letters of nobility in the circle of how alternative exists." Nepal Dita Si inner clip from robes and pulled out a thick stack of letters dozens of letters, wafting above mixed with a lot of different aromas that strange taste, he solemnly handed Corbin hands, " These are Isabella received. you take a look. "This Old Love Letter goods are even steal a niece, Corbin felt strange eyes, Benedictus inevitably old blushed:" I just in front of her mother raised a mention, her mother gave me an old love letter to Isabella room delivery coming. "" Come on, boy, nobody would write a love letter out of his life. "Ni Dita Adams turned back to deal with a few encouraging things on hand. In a few days is necessary to the ecumenical council duly convened rì child, the ability to influence the situation in the city nobles and bishops who are eager to go channeling Lane to hurry to visit. Benedictus since made up his mind decided to play a highly respected corner sè, along with others to win votes for their nature can not be dry, but this does not prevent him to the Duke and Duchess of other forces to follow a coterie find out news. This is the master of the benefits of language, to let others take the initiative right at your fingertips, relying on the help of a translator and showed no yù without seeking an appearance very easy for someone else to remember, at this moment eager to host and jumping up and down but is the most the first to be kicked out of the outsider fool. From a disagreeable bastard sat archbishop this position, Benedictus nature is not stupid, he was jīng out, or else he would not be in this general period Miyun heavy Pope accurately identify the removal of papal throne Ming road. His strange thing. With more and more time meeting approaching, Avignon Weng Vatican anxiously as the pan on the ants. In France they are trying to dominate the powerful Orleans faction advance Konstanz, try to use force to end the conference tiger snake out. Nonetheless, the leadership Orleans faction bent first Earl of Oman Zernike shop and turn unsightly Duchy of Burgundy say. Oman Zernike Earl has his thoughts, the army moved into the territory that is now Germany declared war on the Holy Roman Empire, banishes the bishops gathered there to poke the hornet's nest is equal to, not to mention northern France and Burgundy revenant trouble. Part instability on the go rashly provoke a foreign enemy not to eat too much support yet! Also desperate Benedict XIII will be out of this bad idea. Stabbing outside must first be peace within, the internal rid of Burgundy [fearless] John instability and then to the outside seats and seize territory which was extraordinarily relieved Well, the French government through the hands of the Vatican took so much taxes each year, is a fool will not abandon spinner. Charles VI can be hooked up beautiful wife Oman Zernike Earl is a fool Why, of course not! Now that both sides are in a hurry! Constance took the lead from all forces in the blaze a pope then we can be declared unfair Avignon Weng Vatican xìng, dispel French forces attacked Justice xìng avoid a war. Conversely, Oman Zernike Earl led the mighty army of tens of thousands gathered in Paris Burgundy [first] John fearless kill, then he can bring victory to the tutelage of great Burgundian Flanders immediate concern the way Constance put an enormous stir within Germany. A very short time, but why not German King Sigismund seriously. Benedictus from the grapevine that many first Ecumenical Council to discuss the first thing is not who will be the next "St. Peter's successor." To know his territory scattered across the country, not a city that is tax flow of oil commercial prosperity area, regardless of where to start the French army into Germany, his territory can not be spared. Pondering a night to no avail, Benedictus dawn hours of the next day in a hurry to get up to the German king Sigismund's field headquarters in Constance trip. Afternoon, he took a man came to Corbin cottage, where a man named Janos Hunyadi. This is a look icy surface without blood sè uncle, look dull, and a mouth speaking great tone yīn cold, people feel as if ready to choose a man faced with a vampire bite. Listen Benedictus said the uncle from the Kingdom of Hungary Transylvania region, as German king, king of Hungary's men, loyally guard Sigismund Majesty in Italy rì child. Is a very valiant knight, he was a few years ago, that is, in 1407 won a [White Knight] in the title. Title of this thing is not just a Emaoegou are given, like Na Weite as a person can go hand kill a boar stud nobody gave him a butcher who [title] and the like, so it can be concluded Corbin This Hunyadi Janos is a very powerful figure. But such a powerful figure came to his godfather's residence doing? After listening to the introduction of the archbishop, [White Knight] Hunyadi Janos cold face came forward step. "He is coming when your mentor." Shines Corbin asked: "riding? Fencing? Archery?" Benedictus shook his head, to make fun of him: "My child, do not you think an ascetic school These things it strange? "Corbin Youde said:" No wonder no more than squatting on the door every afternoon watching romance novels, writing a love letter to you at night. "unscrupulous suddenly heard the old man laugh, stand aside Janos Hunyadi not understand French only continue to board the cold shoulder, but two eyes just looked Corbin's room, etc. Benedictus finished laughing, he will understand the mission of the reception of the object. Children should be in front of him playing with a big noble families of other girls left the illegitimate son, as a small aristocratic Janos Hunyadi Corbin's eyes can not help but look to a bit less cold. Let [White Knight] watching his students, two adults from the house to go out Hunyadi said: "I have come to meet him after every morning to go to my afternoon shift when sending him back. Could it?" Benedictus arms out from a small pouch bag heavy handed Hunyadi hand and said: "This is the year." untie the ropes tied bundles pocket, to see inside the golden coins, Hunyadi do not like but frowned: "Why not mark coins? how is Jinfoluolin." "there are twenty-seven Jinfoluolin." hear the exact figures, Hunyadi dispersed brow wrinkles : "ah." <
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