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28.05.2013 09:51
The station said behind secretary antworten
The eyes of Lin Fei braved the raging flame stared at Aileen, grinned: "really?" "Of course is true!" Aileen affectionately stared at Lin non, stretched out sweet tongue Tian x ì ng plump lips, pull Lin non together out of the meeting room. The general manager's office, is one's pupils do not turn. Staring at the surveillance video of Wang Yugang tongue-lash: "this foreign woman, really fucking s ā o! I can't wait, must do her tonight." The station said behind secretary young face when s è bitterly: "hum, see beautiful women want to, I can still beside it, you are regardless of my feelings. Hate you!" Wang Yugang turned to laugh: "my little baby Nana, jealous?" He stood up and took Xiaona body to embrace, kiss on the mouth hard Xiaona pursed lips. A smile, his hands gently on Wang Yugang's neck, breath to sing. After a fierce kiss, two people already not in full dress, a coat buttons was all Wang Yugang ripped off. Flushed Wang Yugang Mi small eyes to a skirt to the waist a Liao, the edge of mouth exposed smirked, directly put her head on her dressed in silk stockings legs. Small, be overcome by one's feelings to croon. Wang Yugang stared at the redness of the eyes and whispered: "Nana, wait, immediately make you comfortable, let you taste the three whip soup!" He threw the young flesh s è stockings tear, heavily down...... Forest not and Aileen out of the branch building, into a chain of Fasthotel not far away. Just come into the room, Aileen closed the door to play, pink arm hooked Lin non neck, blurred eyes very much enamored. Lin non heart beating violently,Jordan 12 Shoes, dashing eyebrows lightly pick heart andao: "with her, nine years also really let a woman suffering, but he did not care." Thought of here, Lin not Aileen soft waist embrace and kiss to her slightly open lips. Aileen "giggle" laughing, the forest is not open, eyes staring at him hold up pants, said: "it seems that you are wolf!" He quickly sat down on the sofa, his face smile disappeared,jordan online cheap, said softly to Lin Fei: "well, my lovely forest not, don't make, anyway." Forest not see Aileen with a serious face, slightly down to sit beside Aileen,Nike Air Jordan Womens UK, lit a cigarette and said: "what, say, should be very important." "The meeting room is?" Aileen asked. "Some of you don't have any information of value." Forest not spit smoke, cocked his head and looked at Aileen and said. "You ah." Aileen stared at the forest light Cu Dai Mei non, whispered: "inside a lot of monitoring, somebody watching us." Lin is not very sensitive to monitor these things, because this is Bai Ruoyun company, so he didn't go to care about these things, frowned and said: "really? I don't pay much attention to, only to find that Wang Yugang wanted to eat you up." "Lin is not, this is not my charm?" Aileen and "giggle" laughing, then said: "the documents I need how long to send?" "About twenty minutes." "Yes, say >
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