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That is compared to Philip antworten
> Chapter 47 Sigismund legacy four Holy Roman Empire did not specify the dìdū. WwW, QunabEN, coM different locations dynasty will be different, the same is the whole there are three very important city of Aachen is the first Renda Di Empire coronation place, it is a sacred place of worship, Regensburg location of the Imperial Parliament, most recently as Sigismund robbing Peter to pay Paul's financial means, Nuremberg custody to the royal treasure always being talked about. Imperial Diet at Regensburg was held in the autumn to discuss the content is very simple, the first is based on the traditional point of the emperor named Duke of Austria and Hungary incumbent King Albert II was crowned King of the Romans. The second is to discuss a few very important things, Sigismund debt owed how to do, the Holy Roman Emperor and debts due to how to do outside the Holy Roman Emperor in debt owed how to do. People dead birds overturned, Sigismund feet Yi Deng an easily passed away. Sigismund, who took over from the Kingdom of Hungary and King of the Romans inherited the title of Duke of Austria became the responsibility of the investigated person. Sigismund Hanseatic League in the country, more than three hundred zìyóu city debt, remove the fraction, then that is a total of nine hundred forty thousand Reichsmarks, the Italian states such as Venice,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, Milan, Florence borrow up to three about one hundred and thirty thousand Foluo Lin. Two debt translation is almost over more than one hundred forty ten thousand Foluo Lin. Duke Sigismund of Austria in addition to a remnant of the Kingdom of Hungary and a half was not able to recover the Kingdom of Bohemia is an ass in debt, Brandenburg an entire Hou also allows him to sell to repay the debt. In Regensburg, the king of the Romans Empire aristocratic face indignant people plus debt, he said: "That is a debt owed predecessor emperor." The implication is that the money you want to find the old Sigismund goods go. If the Duke of Austria, is now playing a game called continental 3, then he will definitely get a prompt, thump, refused to repay the debt, down 50 points prestige,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, authority, down 50 points. With an xìng, life is impossible when the Holy Roman Emperor. Put yourself, Austrian duke Albert II Sigismund very justified in refusing to repay the debt owed. First, the Duchy of Austria Albert II is not a person's territory, he had a brother tyrants part of the territory. Duchy of Austria's annual income is but two hundred thousand Foluo Lin, Kingdom of Hungary income is unknown, but is expected to be minimal. But with annual income of three hundred thousand Austrian duchy If more than one million Foluo Lin sudden debt. Albert II to tighten their belts even if there is a three-year period is going to Hexibeifeng, while Albert II Kingdom of Bohemia also play it! Emperor's successor refused to repay the debt, the empire down in an uproar, Edward III of England made the financial crisis in almost be reproduced trends. Germany territory of the commercial alliance shrunk, more than one million Foluo Lin, this is not a small sum. Corbin continued Luo Lingong States to continue his recruiting cause, of course, continue to claim to be the recruitment of foreign construction workers strong, the current staff have been recruited 5334, the Holy Roman Empire, the chaos of war as much as the northern part of France,Outlet Oakley Juliet, plenty without food on people who want to survive. Duke of Lorraine attended the meeting received a pass over the news, Corbin knows that Germany should mess inside, but he predicted would be the Pope of Rome to the Holy Roman Empire of the place into civil strife. Italian states, most of the local major family at the same time received the news of the Pope died, major family around the papal throne indeed launched a thrilling game, they are also looking forward to their allies, in order to prevent the Italian states forget their side there is a Knights Corbin let Isabella's mother took him a good two castle construction diagram depicting to Italy to find architects, incidentally show a show sense of presence. Corbin's parents returned Orthez, do not worry because Corbin Territory safety, he looking for someone to go back and look. However, the real battle royal to Germany unrest pushed the Pope's position is not caused by vibration. This is how much they have to 拜西吉斯蒙德 giveth, since Sigismund won the agreement between Martin V. Martin V was forced to sign a binding papal edict in the territory of Germany, the Pope's authority in Germany was greatly constrained, or even joint Sigismund bishops from the whole territory of Germany also difficult to weather the release of Martin V and the family behind the offensive. It is also concerned about the matter so that the German nobles around the throne is much larger than the pope's position is much larger. Germany is the real tipping Philip, Duke of Burgundy. A year ago, Margaret gave dying son not amount to anything lifting Flanders danger approaches. Marriage Netherlands duchy of Bavaria are looking to bring it home. Assassination of the Duke of Brabant, to the identity of the annexation laws Duchy of Brabant. Netherlands, the home of the Duchess of Bavaria Wittelsbach family origin, is also opposed to the Duchy of Burgundy and the Bavarian duchy two strong prowess to scare, so Burgundian marriage 荷兰维特尔 Donsbach things very well. Philip, Duke of Burgundy took one's mind finally marry the coveted Dutch Duchess, although the other party under the oppression of the vassal takes his aging mother to some one. Philip's mind the spirit of lucrative assassination lost Brabant duke. Age, aging Duke of Brabant was killed when the Happy hunting, ah, we are familiar with the routine. Up to the handsome King Henry the nobility to the common lot of all died Happy accidents. Here it happens to be something of a problem, Rich Or Die Tryin old rogue Sigismund died, Philip and the assassination of the Duke of Brabant, the Duchy of Brabant rudderless is right, but also playing the previous year students The guy killed shortly become his lord, the size of the Duchy of Brabant twenty or thirty lords did not. Originally the plan was Margaret assassinated Brabant dukes, then plug some money to let him go to Sigismund of Burgundy made public on the benefits of state-owned referee, resulting in a fait accompli, if the Duchy of Brabant aristocratic rebel , that the Duchy of Burgundy could justifiably expand the Duke of Burgundy demesne of! But Sigismund died. Empire and no one emperor. Thus, the Duchy of Brabant inheritance was referred to the meeting of the empire. To know the laws of the empire which, although for many princes who made many concessions, but this point about inheritance rights as the arbiter of the emperor is not, how much is still king of the Romans could put words on, but did not have the authority of the emperor then Bale. Brandenburg near Bavaria - 因戈尔斯塔特 Duchy think they can inherit the Duchy of Brabant, the Netherlands and the right to inherit the duchy made the request, the Austrian duke Albert II to the Romans wanted to split the identity of the King Elector of Bavaria on the factions, and sure enough, when he tends to make you want to move the Bavarian branch, the Bavarian duchy and the Duchy of Burgundy is not done, the main house Wittelsbach's lair in the southern Bavarian duchy a Duchy of Brabant veins that belongs to the Duchy of Burgundy, it is relying on the Duchy of Burgundy blood to the Duke of Brabant can be inherited from the past territory. Originally Duchy of Brabant lords meant to poke things to make their own choice an imperial conference we admit the lord out, but combined Bavarian duchy of Austria - 因戈尔斯塔特 Duchy obvious parties had an agreement, Austria Help Bavaria - 因戈尔斯塔特 annexation of the Duchy of Brabant, and Bavaria - 因戈尔斯塔特 part of the duchy into benefits to the Duchy of Austria. Bavarian duchy very dissatisfied, William III, Emperor Sigismund Seeger faithful friend, when William III, Duke of Bavaria to fight with Sigismund, when Albert II not even born! Dissatisfaction with each other just Sigismund son William III of Austria Bavarian duchy unable to repay the debt in the name of the Duke of Austria asked not to cancel his coronation and the title of King of the Romans to make threats, which suck the rain-delayed Albert II, acknowledging the debt Although the preserved head of the Roman King title, but the number is not debt Albert II would take. Intention is to split the Duchy of Bavaria Albert II put fire to himself, how can he willingly let the Bavarian duchy in order to ride in the head shit, and he to the king's command to force the Romans Duchy of Brabant admit Bavaria - 因戈尔斯塔特 Duke Louis VII of the Duke of Brabant. Incidentally, here to say that the Duke of Brabant Louis VII made heir identity based on data from the Bavarian - 因戈尔斯塔特 Duke Stephen III's daughter, that made the Duke of Burgundy's former mistress is his daughter, queen of France , she was married to Louis VII King Charles VI. That is compared to Philip Duke of Brabant wife's brother's son's identity, Bavaria - 因戈尔斯塔特 Duke is Duke of Brabant wife's brother's wife's brother, because Philip was the home of Margaret of Bavaria Margaret's son, Bavaria - 因戈尔斯塔特 Duke than Philip father's sister a generation, Bavaria - 因戈尔斯塔特 Duke Philip's uncle, the Duke of Brabant table is uncle. It looks like the two sides is disgusting mess relationship, Bavaria - 因戈尔斯塔特 Duke out here to kill Philip claimed the reason is because the right to inherit the duchy Netherlands, to know Bavaria - 因戈尔斯塔特 Duke of Bavaria - Dutch branch of kin relatives, they expecting Netherlands Duchess boarded early rì heaven, so that they take over. To the mouth of the fat missing, then Bavaria - 因戈尔斯塔特 Duke would make obvious the Duchy of Burgundy swap out a piece of meat. Enraged, the Duchy of Bavaria questioned Duke Albert II of Austria assassinated Sigismund, they quit empire meeting conveniently slide also pull away the Duchy of Burgundy, the Netherlands Duchy Duchy of Brandenburg, 哈尔伯施塔Special bishop country, Bishop of Hildesheim country 荷尔斯坦因伯 country, Lubeck Bishop State, Archbishop of Magdeburg country, Munster bishop country Westphalian and Anglia Duchy These bishops country, Beth States and the Duchy of Bavaria are - 因戈尔斯塔特 father forces around the country, they are surrounded by the Elector of Bavaria became a federation, Duke of Bavaria old William III pre-emptive, self- Romans for the emperor to declare war on King Albert II. Albert II refused to yield, he saw baited Bavarian duchy cornered neither go into Rome on the emperor, he also became the emperor of the. Bavaria - 因戈尔斯塔特, bishop of Osnabrück country, bishop of Paderborn country Raz baozhu teach country Lavin Si Baobo country Schwerin bishop country 泰克伦堡伯 country Verdon Bishop State, Archbishop of Bremen countries 霍亨施坦因伯 country Pomeranian Duchy of Mecklenburg Duchy, which forced the other leagues or affinity of the northern and southern forces have to unite. These are the Duke of Lorraine in December from Regensburg back and back with a message of Lorraine. ! @ # <
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