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28.05.2013 09:37
only the body down a short antworten
The biggest fear in humans is nothing less than the face of death,Outlet Oakley Hijinx, whether you are rich or poor, whether you are a high-status or the so-called low mediocrity, everyone can not escape the fear. Life and death several times, with many years of unusual experience, let Lin not already living well. In his heart there is no fear of death, of course, refers to his own. He was aware of the eternal law is everybody cannot evasive, just like those that having a great reputation, all-powerful Tongyiliuguo Qin Huang, everywhere looking for ever-young of a ready-made panacea, and ultimately come to the way Laughton leaving, the eternal emperor finally unexpectedly and smelly fish. Now Lin Fei although not fear but full of deep anxiety, this anxiety is Ma yue. When she received a telephone, start very worried. Then gradually calmed down, because he knows that, if those people will begin to kill Ma Yue, even if their first time to fly to the scene can only see beauty die. Now make no heart tiny solid and of course,Nike Jordan Flight The Power Sale, that the micro sensor secretly in Ma Yue pocket skirt still to transfer a woman dynamic information. The forest is not like a phantom in the corridor, at the end of the corridor a door special safety door closed, but Lin Fei can still smell came in very small gap in formalin and the taste of blood. Especially the smell of blood, not too familiar with the forest. Gently with a metal wire probe into the keyhole, shaking a few, only to hear a sound light gear lock. Lin Fei arm to pull the door open. The moment a handle with a cold knife was opened in the door quickly thrust into Lin Fei's chest, Lin non smiled and held out her hand gently hold knife arm, while the other hand stretched forward accurately upon the other's throat,Air Jordan 7 Sale, and then forced a pinch, only to hear a "click" sound, each other before the call will die down to the ground. Forest not crossed the bodies on the ground after the door, and was a battle-ax with wind to stab him, Lin non peak one's eyebrows not dodge, only the body down a short, straight left arm palm directly cut in people's heart. Long and people at the same time down, also didn't have any screams. Lin non throwing shuaishou the blood, look at the dead silent room, roof on several lanterns with violet disinfection lamp, next to the wall is a glass pool, formalin soaked a lot of bodies and organs. Placed in the middle of a two bed with white cloth single operation, operation table an iron trash remained wet blood. Now, in addition to two new bodies on the ground without any person. Lin Fei looked around the room, suddenly smell a familiar scent of a woman, in a side wall of a narrow door, almost does not look very hard to find. Forest not bad smile, said: "a scumbag, don't hide! Get out of!" The door gently opened, out of a 50-year-old middle-aged men, a Kiton suit, black hair neatly back at the top of the head, behind a pair of Ray-Ban gold glasses is a pair of Y ī n melancholy eyes, thin lips almost no blood s è. It's cold stare Lin non - >
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