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Corbin and Hunyadi middle antworten
> Chapter 38 yīn out Xiji Si méng Germany "Come with me do it! Cooperate maybe the two of us from the inside out alive died territory. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm Hunyadi said," I There is a way, we passed a few days ago Szeged, Szeged, I want to fight a defensive war, but specifically how to do, I want you to talk about! "Szeged, Hungary, the southern kingdom of important towns, and her early méng ancient empire established before the invasion, Szeged was destroyed later exiled residents from returning to rebuild the city, when the town is worth mentioning now the whole Kingdom of Hungary in Budapest through king mén households, Corbin choose here, not only because here is located in critical, but also because Xi Jisi méng Germany as early as ten years ago the city was built around a wall , although the walls of the city compared to Flanders rub some,Nike Air Jordan 1 Sale, there may be a barrier according to the river. want to draw a beautiful painting you have to find a starting point this thing, Hunyadi do to Corbin the. perfused with blood pigment paint, very rare there yòu people speaking, Corbin long time did not sit quietly somewhere painting, and in the crossing, he relying almost every month home rich assets four luàn channeling said. now to Constantinople from the Kingdom of Hungary is not exactly the best areas of the canvas, although the big point, at least forty thousand square kilometers of the area, but the paint on hand Why not also very rich! a sufficient basis to establish the framework, so as to gradually plump for the whole painting. basis points has been drawn down. The rest is made gradually plump whole picture. "defensive war? Szeged is indeed a good choice. "Corbin also read that city, he recognized the defensive battle sites chosen defense," but we are now in the offensive side, but it is not what we do commander, and I think Szeged too far forward, and If deployed in Budapest, the effect will be even better! "Corbin suddenly look back to that city, he had a way of thought in Milan:" captured Nis! "The second basis is determined. Hunyadi asked:" The reason? "" City of Nis is the seat on the right. "Corbin saw Hunyadi nodded, then pointed to the continued killing of distant light cavalry horse team, said," Let them stop the attack, taking a few nv people, let them think we grab a nice enough people leave voluntarily nv . Then we dress it, with the caravan hún into the city. Time constraints, we are into the city, talk to you talk! "Stealing the city is not so difficult, especially received no psychological preparation, and more importantly, as long as the opportunity to enter the city, one of the city on the success of stealing half over nine hundred cavalry Hunyadi diverge, leaving dozens of people gathered outside the city tied to wooden sticks used to prepare after cauda equina reserved bluff purposes, others nòng dirty themselves hún into húnluàn the fleeing troops inside. convoy tried to enter a lot of Nis are the local lord's household, and keep mén guards and leaders dare not open mén let them in. We luàn could fool himself into the city, more than nine hundred light cavalry that many people born in this region was dressed, too, along with thousands of people poured into the city synthesis but sea a chestnut, a slight experience Corbin immediately so Hunyadi's first take a number of staff go see the city's preparedness. Hunyadi light cavalry men check it out all the players, several people followed airs on local aristocracy groups to Nis mō lords mansion. "I will kill your family! Are you these hateful guy, you know! This is the most loved lord xxx third wife and fifth wife. "Slaves in Nis Kimori Executive front Gouzhangrenshi, because without him, their lord lady was scared urine incontinence. They are very unhappy, they have to get back face. Did not know exactly who traumatic thing, but got Many people's response: "You just opened mén so late, but fortunately Allah and Jesus bless,Coach OP Art Sale, if beautiful lady to those Crusaders found it. Ye shall Daoda Mei! "" Those Christians not just grab something so simple! ! ! "" That is! "" We obey the village ran out of people say they caught a man they have to shave their eyebrows nv máo! ! ! "Met with more failures than the lords of their families to the city to make a local Executive busy with these consistently pampered, suddenly chase by hundreds of dignitaries leak was incontinent, of course, will still be a few, but nv hundreds of people, children, the elderly cope with the lack of experience is not Sapo Serbia Nis stationed Executive can cope up. "What! ! We Ottoman nv who shaved eyebrows máo? We strongly do not agree! Beautiful eyebrow máo is linked to Allah grant us the boon Muslim men will never agree. "The local Executive angrily shouted. Eyebrow máo Ottoman nv is all human, all the beauty of the evaluation criterion is the first person to nv eyebrow máo is not linked to standard! Thick black and almost even together eyebrow máo, the Ottoman nvxìng appears to be a sign of beauty, it is no less important xìng good body, good face. panicked Nis Sudanese officials immediately sent to them a letter urgent letter, the content is of terror as the Crusaders, hateful Crusaders who actually want to destroy the Ottoman nv beauty! "In order to keep our people in the Ottoman nv eyebrow máo, we now have to pull the young men to prepare to convene immediately defenders ! "The local garrison Ottoman Executive was angry, but he did not stupid. Serbia succumbed to Ottoman though, but they are Christians, with a Christian tradition. Did not recruit lords, when the city of Nis to rely on hundreds of basic preparedness Ottoman infantry to maintain. "must now go kill those bandits. "A person who is nv shouted, do not know who or nnǎi love fù corner sè, short response he got." We shorthanded Yeah! Sides of the wall was less than four hundred people. Castellan House also more than a hundred. Alone is very difficult the defenders! You have come here just to let you help us vassals of the defenders! "Nis Levee extremely empty! City mén, the influx of thousands of refugees was less than half. Hún into the city's light cavalry mō clear the local situation, standing less than five hundred city of Nis, I heard that the local aristocracy loyal to the table are big ticket brother followed led to the Sudan campaign. seize the city, making húnluàn is a must, come thousands of new refugees is the best choice, Hunyadi crazy looting Rumors certainly make them fleeing the fighting fear, frayed nerves suddenly a relaxed, stir again, of course, is broken. Corbin and Hunyadi phase, as one, Hunyadi waved his men ready to occupy highlands and make preparations for the horse wins. saw two hundred people in the corner of the city mén ready and there were more than fifty men to set fire to manufacture húnluàn, with twenty Corbin person responsible for provoking húnluàn. Corbin leaned out into the waist Hunyadi caught out a cyst where the gold and silver coins into the sky hún Miscellaneous: "Robbers friends! My money out of it! Y'all do not grab my money. "Corbin said so, the more the city mén edge of refugees dropped to pick up his coin, húnluàn disorderly city mén mouth immediately stopped working. Hunyadi's men began to raid! arson emit signals to the outside. remainder, Hunyadi take them to attack the city's two barracks made some horses, the next step is, refugees riot, the city fire everywhere, Hunyadi hundreds of cavalry one by one break Nis city's panicked Shoubing not let them get together. "adults! Not okay! "Panicked Ottoman soldier rushed to open the palace guards guarded Santo big mén, where you can see a good few blocks away is already building up to a large fire, but for unknown reasons the message, everyone suspected huò ; in the end what happened. "lot! Many Crusaders! "Osman is a pass screaming soldier shouted," Yang outside the city a lot of smoke, at least tens of thousands of Crusaders! "The whole Castellan House because this through shouting and rock. Accused the group of a few minutes ago is still not the top thing Ottoman Serbian lords lady, love fù, the size of the nǎi who at first hesitated, the next second, hundreds hú nluàn of nv have caused more trouble than Hunyadi was sent disguised soldier nòng out húnluàn worse. Santo House paralysis. Hunyadi they took immediate concern, a group of Ottoman being dragged family and I escaped to from several streets, five hundred people along the items falling one place to catch up to, and then say, held captive. three million people in the city of Nis After half rì hands. want always, city ​​of one thousand defenders ready to help pull more than three thousand of the young defenders, not a one two or three thousand people to pay the price, and a week's time did not break, and if the city has more than three thousand defenders, did not two or three months of the siege of the city can not force people to surrender bī course if the Nis in twenty or thirty years ago, the walls more robust when the siege of the party to pay more for natural, but only scored Osman Nis did not take long, it was suddenly burst under oriental chrysanthemum huā, followed by another four sub wins wars, the Ottomans did not have that money to fix this, had been thought the meal they burst Christian city. cities burning. more than nine hundred Crusaders waving blades immediate concern from the east all the way west, until the city who are not scared off mén was let go. strong burning smell is like painting the taste of ink left the war God, the horse, if as is painting is actually tǐng good feeling! scored Santo compound, and then sweeping vulnerable luàn China, Hunyadi and his team of soldiers is time to relax, not hundreds run out of the Ottoman and Eastern Europe nv nv people waiting for them to pick, these Serbian pro-Ottoman nobility belief that Jesus was the God very wisely chose four wives of Muslims can practice. hún out, always be repay. married four wives means that there are likely to be wearing four green hat. Hunyadi shoulders carrying a very good posture sè Or nv people less nv. eyebrow máo very strong, almost even in together, she left a good impression to Corbin instant disappeared spotless. "infidels to you .... man ... doing a nv purify a soul is, you know, let them know that Christ Catholics as well. Tell you one, this bitch is a group of Muslims inside lord lady eyebrow máo most rich. You did not ask me shaved eyebrow máo village nv reason you! "Bloody face of Hunyadi laughed," These are the identity of the person, but the eyebrow máo nv seen as important with life! Come and enjoy it. Does not scare a scare them, put them nòng out how inside the castle! "Corbin turned the letters left by the local civil service, he can not love eyebrow addiction, Corbin declined and said:" I look at their books. Nv people is much more important than books. Mentor, if you are willing to help me finish my share it. "" Then I polite. Yes, capture Nis, then what do we do? "Hunyadi a slap in the face to take the Ottoman less nv ass, the sound is very loud, suddenly Ottoman less nv is a pass Corbin and Hunyadi could not understand the dialect. Corbin pull pull very Eastern-style knife handle, Osman less nv immediately quiet. "to uncover the city's money. "" Then what? "" Let Xi Jisi méng Germany to see, so he is jealous of us. "" Oh oh oh ... "exciting Hunyadi also just carried on the shoulder of the Ottoman nv people like him like rubbish readily fling, plop, nv people on the ground clutching his pain hum up," good way to die. After reading the emperor, he would have ordered a large city close shave. Wealth is certainly not up to his expectations, we were a nuisance. Then just find a crop, all of us will be able to let him stay here. This method okay, we both got honors and will not be considered is that we do not fight shy before, back to Germany people look down! "" We are safe, but we simply have no reason to let the Ottomans to the north in the postwar desperate war ah! "Hunyadi himself said, suddenly threw a rotor, the Ottoman want to crawl away secretly nv scared a little shiver," Unless, massacre! Do you want to borrow the emperor's hands off the entire carcass Nis? "Corbin sneered:" Yes, Xi Jisi méng Germany in the last Crusade, when the light on the carcass along the wealth of the city. We find someone just stuffed him a twelve gold and silver jewelry, so he proposed to Xi Jisi méng Deti massacre. This time, he is likely to vent their anger massacre, we find a pretext deny the massacre. "Hey Hunyadi also laughed:" Then we will be jealous emperor lifting grabs duties! Some people make a lot of money want to open before the emperor to do pioneer,Coach Bags Store, in any case, we are left in a secure rear. "Corbin said:" We first ensure safety. If Xi Jisi méng Germany win, it's really nothing, anyway, join us capture Nis, won honors for his detractors not our merit. If the emperor was defeated in the front, trailing defeated the Ottomans came to see corpses everywhere, Sudan, whether for their anger or out to appease men must launch a retaliatory xìng riposte, this way, Szeged on can play a useful. "Hunyadi happily laughed:" You're not bad Well, I say you are very talented, compared to day everywhere luàn channeling Germany guy really knows how many times. But I backward point, the situation in the east after the estimated number will be difficult. "Corbin said:" Really? Maybe ... When will Duke of Lorraine came, I would put him to stay with Isabella, I would go with him watch Isabella, tutors, you try to grab from Nis to Szeged Ottoman village, do not let them in the future there may be from a local supply. "Hunyadi said:" I will send half of the money taken away manually, you can not let people borrow the Duke of Lorraine to me. "Corbin refused:" The teacher ... This is about the most critical part of our plan, how can you let go to! "Hunyadi hollow laugh or two:" I know, I know, the Ottoman get from Nis to Szeged in Hungary will not recharge consume some time to grab the vicinity, which gives us a lot of time to build the army of the time . Okay, okay, not a reluctant mentor. "Nis common wealth certainly no European money, but silk, cloth, spices, horses, nv people, vessels of gold and silver jewelry is also in circulation in Europe, but also a group of people finish nv Ottoman nobility has robbed from light cavalry something more interesting. maximum capacity is said to be the largest near Nis lords Hunyadi sixth wife was left to give Xi Jisi méng Germany Everyone knows emperor old, dry not move, Hunyadi to the emperor leaving a beautiful nv person do not give people clogging up! So the day came to see the emperor, etc. Hunyadi grab so much money, he just sent a nv, he was angry, Nis was the massacre. Corbin and Hunyadi middle of the emperor was pleading play into the hands, and then let two guys with absolute fortune and glory of the mind as well as increasing revenge, the emperor lifted the two positions. exactly, Nis not being what they took down , the two goods defenders to stay in Nis good! night, Corbin was Martin V lessons of the meal, but the Pope got dozens of kilograms of gold and silver jewelry full after a soft tone down, but Anyhow, the first shot is a two conquests to break out, and he praised the two men have taken advantage of a few words of kindness not nutrition, and finally he has to do with Xi Jisi méng Germany example, if chūn day for Christians like the embrace of the infidels to winter-like cold. everything in accordance with the anticipated carrying on, we all know, every time when the Crusades were hit the ground running, and then they will have run out of luck, followed by tragedy. because without him, the first battle victory by taking advantage of the enemy are not prepared to launch a surprise attack, once the Muslims react, European feudalism Muslim mobilization Bing Libi However, operational command over, but Muslims are not out to command a battle commander in the two disorders In addition to a group of eye patients is higher than the top of the megalomaniac. ** The Crusaders also keep in front of ten general defeated several times, Xi Jisi méng Germany to the Kingdom of Hungary led the Ottomans, the local loss of life, thought Xi Jisi méng Germany vassal discord prospect Corbin finally after a period of depression greatly relieved. Xiji Si méng Germany is doomed to tragedy, perhaps this time he was able to defeat scared instead. The next step is how to hold the Ottoman counter-attack in Szeged, do this step, Corbin is a victory! Even if do not matter, just to save his life Corbin is undefeated however, Corbin heart head jerked emerge an idea if this time, Martin V died! would happen? him either to kill Martin V, pocketed Avignon own all the property of the Holy See Weng, you know horse luàn shortage of soldiers, and what happened, who made it clear.! @ # <
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