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Corbin is very serious antworten
> Chapter largest in the history of medieval time about about the next frame rack so unlike modern convenience, a micro-Bo can determine the time and place, fighting opponents, even if Corbin and Martin V set program, you want to implement up everywhere in the church had to help, just contact both parties have to consume dry rack is not a small time. WWw. quANBEn. Com Corbin can just take the time to do the preparation Avignon Weng and his Knights inappropriate dirty hands, Dominican Ryan Shia on the very right. Knights of the commanding officers dispatched, Enrique is the best candidate, first he was keen sailing, he clearly got the Holy See's assets Avignon Weng what it means, and the second, he is the prince of Portugal, the Portuguese with the Church of Rome has always wear a pair of pants, with pontifical name, Enrique next fight to not be so many scruples, and the third, he was the only hand Corbin trusted and capable enough powerful people. Corbin intend to use it more than one thousand black people to do the main accomplice, the matter have to pull the Knights Templar of people into the water, they have no reason not to come to the Holy See to Avignon Weng ruthless, and the Knights Templar They find that two instructors Knights Templar of people to help, this can be considered a Warlords it, draw a pie, let them accompany the new kingdom of France survive, their dirty hands, the only do what? So only put them down with water, Corbin only dared to use them safely. Martin V is responsible for transportation of property fleet Knights itself also has a lot of boats, you want to get from one team can once evacuated Avignon Weng too large fleet of church property, so things can only carry belongings graded points batches, have gradually developed a preliminary plan down, but this plan is the most difficult hurdle next to Avignon Weng Anjou tummy a Provencal home, you want out of the Rhone have to first hurdle over Anjou home . Yolande Corbin always clamoring to play with her son, Louis III, which is just great, Corbin does not want to have to die with him, was to bring Anjou, Yolande was sent away. 1426, Continental Western Europe has just entered the early summer, in the name of the Pope Martin V in order to initiate a call, he called on the faithful to the spirit of Christ's love and devotion in as little bloodshed continues to distinguish right from wrong, he first recognized the kingdom of France Size thousands lords of their new king now questioned, tell them of his views on the matter, and referred to in the Bible sad reminder of the Jews in Christian worship idols after being given a variety of woe, finally, he called, Let supports the new king and against the new king came to Turin for a ruling from God, if that claim to be the Savior of Joan of Arc in France this ordeal once xìng defeat all the enemies, then she is well-deserved The King of France, after which those who oppose this do will be excommunication, anyone can regard rushed to the attack! A much-anticipated war is inevitable. Jumping up and down Duke of Savoy was the first to receive the news of natural man, he seemed to see the most dazzling crown for France hopes to bring the Duke himself apart from anything else on the three hundred Foluo Lin to Florence to visit Pope Martin five world, hoping that the angel of Christ in the world indicate a way out. Martin V x is naturally looked silly kindly consider his gifts, and then tell him, convener hand, the final decision to go their own God. Happy Duke of Savoy Duchy quickly ran back four letter ready to go Hupenghuanyou plain between Turin and Genoa ** king with France to launch a big battle! This article thought he won the Arc, he is the King of the. But his front foot a messenger to go out, and soon,Satchels Coach Online, there will be that Martin V Duke of Savoy rallied those people. Martin V Rapallo Genoa became permanent location of all the affairs of the Papal States all sent here by the Roman Catholic Church in Italy ubiquitous church, Corbin faster than anywhere in France to learn happened to push the king of France finished Bourbon Lolita, Auvergne temporarily for trimming a few days, and again return to Valence, many a rebel lord Dauphin family and I go to all asylum towards four the. Beat on the stick, stick could not run way, anyway, so many relatives, after three or four years and then come back snatch sites things often happen, Dauphin lords do just subconsciously follow tradition. Corbin returned to France with a retinue from the sea trip, way Provence Bo country, he got the news from the local know Yolande not go back, but her son touches on preparations back, almost the entire primary countries are busy to meet who just ascended the throne as King of Naples Louis III. Corbin on less than half of Hebei along the Rhone, stuck in the castle along the canal Valence see slowly catches Mouzhong, surrounded by huge barracks stretching several miles. Corbin one to the camp brought together everyone in Italy announced that he was going to teach Real Madrid Martin V barricaded with an agreement that may be listening to this century was also the largest ever from God, ruling lords tent response First, there was support for the practice of Corbin, their king is God's chosen king, they are not afraid of this figure ruling law, those who oppose it is that Corbin is unnecessary, they won Dauphin aristocratic rebellion , and just about half a year will be able to completely occupy this area, why should manage other people. "Quiet!" Joan of Arc scabbard banging on the table, tent noisy instant quiet. Joan said: "Corbin must have done his thoughts, though I do not really understand, you have come to explain." Corbin cast to a grateful eyes, just a bunch of people of voices so that he could not Why bother to engage in God, opening off the ruling. Come up with a busy schedule Corbin Knights Templar to his map, he put the map into the middle of the table for all to see. "My idea is very simple, but there are also a prerequisite of my majesty Yeah, you have confidence in it?" "What is faith?" Jeanne Corbin not really understand the meaning. Corbin said: "beat all those sordid peep French throne confidence defend France's confidence in the people's happiness!" Electric Bo Luoli a Corbin to keep your throne is equivalent to the happiness of the people to keep France joined together immediately escalate ignite infinite morale, not to mention to Turin, that is, to Jerusalem across thousands of miles, is just such a trivial matter of time for Joan of Arc. "I am the king of France! This without doubt! I will use my sword to guard my people!" "Good! The law of God is to make all off ruling on my king hostile people are gathered together, Let us all at once resolved, once and for all! "Corbin tough to hammer the next table" is more important is that we can break through God save the king against the ruling to seal all traitors to the French king's mouth! let those who want to rebel who does not have any excuses. Duchy of Brittany, the Duchy of Burgundy, Picardy regions, these people if it continues to resist my king, the pope will get rid of their excommunication, this way, they can not reuse the name of God go blasphemy, but the lack of this excuse, the kingdom will soon be calm down. "Corbin asked:" Gentlemen, you have the confidence to finish this last battle to save the king do? "" There! ... "Listen that this is the last battle, the crowd Qiuzhan ** extremely strong together, hugging his wife and children back home can not lick the blood of another knife rì son, fought a decade of Normandy is the most noble of a bunch of aristocratic desire for peace . "Let my king to lead us picking this most glorious victory!" "Glory to my king!" Military end proposed to develop a first stabilized and then look around Dauphin situation solution tent nobles get dissolved. Varel and Ryan Corbin patted the shoulders of two Shia, he put aside the eyes glimpse: "I have something to discuss with you, come with me." Varel asked: "What happens?" " I do not know. "They walked along Corbin half circle around the barracks came to the wilderness on a more remote corners. Corbin asked: "Do you want revenge Knights Templar do? For Avignon Weng church." Varel and Ryan Shia spot a bolt from the blue,Coach Crossbodys Bags, burst Avignon Weng daisy .... a church big and tall men covered a doddering man's hands, both in the midday sun shining, sympathetic, sparkling eyes emit light. Corbin chills one, I heard that the Knights Templar was killed with a gay charges, estimated to be true, and the two men beside him should be genetic. Knights Templar two countertops figures occupation. "What is the plan? How revenge? '" War over Avignon Weng! "Ryan Shia and Varel eye twitched. "You're kidding, right?" Corbin is very serious, he had to see Weng dislike Avignon, taking advantage of the kingdom of France almost half of the entire civil strife,Oakley Radar, took the opportunity to make a big ticket! "Get out of the money, we 50 split with the Pope, the Pope let you restore the reputation of the Knights Templar." "Then what should we do? How much money can we assigned?" Varel asked. Ryan Shia loosened Varel's hand: "Can you explain a plan to do? Takeover Avignon Weng really bold, revenue is also great, there's a lot of wealth, how can we tuck away in a short time?" Two people are worried tone robbed not get the benefits that they are intended to move it. "Knights of the ship, the staff counted as the main responsible for the Avignon Weng, Pope responsible for calm after the storm, I told the Pope 50 split, I come from the inside out to give you one, how? Remainder will be used as the Kingdom of development money! Weng Avignon afterwards a torch burned! "Even the Knights Templar is able to transfer all the wealth in a short time, which is what they should not be a problem, they can be divided into two main Cole Bin made their own people do not want to hit up the spoils. Varel asked: "Who shirk responsibility afterwards?" Corbin sneered: "The rebels, bandits! South played here for six months, all of a sudden rise of a gang of robbers ransacked go after we leave Weng Avignon ! "Varel said:" I occupation ... just details, we still need to talk. "Ryan Shia said:" ah, Avignon Weng decades ago did not matter less to the robber, mercenary blackmailed, which It is ridiculous, but was surprised not it, but I still think that's too much to Martin V chips up! Avignon Weng Holy See an addition to his supreme authority on the! "Xu desire not point that old fool How can we give people their lives, for his supreme authority, and that the Pope golden gold, Martin V should be highly motivated, the fact is true, Avignon Weng round cake let Martin V pull out all the stops. Corbin said: "Who I am is a good man ..."! @ # <
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