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28.05.2013 09:26
wonderful current stared at Lin Fei said antworten
"The beauty of a fart! I didn't even look!" Su wonderful current stared at Lin Fei said. "You see, I just want to praise you like a lady, this time again savage." "Lin non brother, thank you! I had to accompany R ì." Su wonderful current and gentle, "met two years zero three months and twenty-one days for our toast!" Then end up glass half a glass of wine in one gulp. Lin is not paused, just calm down heart ripples. "Yes, more than two years, dry! I wish my wonderful Ling "R ì, more and more beautiful!" Forest not drink wine head. "What your wonderful Ling, this young lady don't cares! Then drink!" Su wonderful current to a glass of wine just down and dry, face some satisfiedly smile. Which girls do not want their beautiful, main is to speak out his sweetheart mouth. "Miao Ling, there's something I want to tell you......" Forest not solemn looking at Su wonderful current. "What is it, do I want to fall in love?" Su wonderful current naughty said. "I, I want to get married!" Sorry. A sip of wine didn't drink neat Su wonderful current choking cough, then laughed, "Lin non brother, don't make fun of, this is not the fool's day, your joke is not funny." "Is true! Tomorrow morning to go to the registration." Su Miaoling see Lin not not make fun of, tears in eyes,Coach Kristin USA, said trembling: "the bride is beautiful?" "." "I've seen?" No. "You really don't cheat me?" Not joke. "Lin non brother, I sincerely wish you!" Su wonderful current couldn't hold back, tears. "In fact, the year after you saved me, I think, in this life with you. But I am very clear, I may not deserve you. Although you seem to be a very ordinary person, but I can see that you have a lot of the past, there are many stories, but you don't want to ask. Sometimes I foolishly thought: if one day, early in the morning to wake up in your arms, and then give you a simple breakfast, you sit on the side of the table, I sat on the other side watching you eat. Even once...... Once a day, do your woman, this whole life to one's heart's content. I don't want to talk to you for a lifetime, do not expect to be your wife, for that is too extravagant, I only want to be your woman, what name do not place, I don't care about that. As long as you happy life, sometimes you can think of me and I once, contentment. Status, marriage, but is a yoke of bondage emotional world, in the face of true love is cannot withstand a single blow,Air Jordan New School, can order to his beloved people, how to pay all worth. Lin non brother, my life is you saved, you gave me a second life, it gave me hope, but I was very hard to see you out of confusion. Although you usually laughing, seems to be cynical, in fact you are struggling, pain, all that I can see. More than two years of time,Air Jordan 11 UK, you care about me, take care of me, but never touch me. You think I'm not good enough is it right?......" Su wonderful current as if weeping and complaining that. Behind Lin Fei now has stood in the Su wonderful current, bent arms gently hugged woman jitter body, will face on her cheeks. Sue >
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