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let me join your Knights antworten
> Jeanne left the church, instantly ran all around the nobles had a spotless, leaving himself sitting alone on the cross Corbin made a little stay. Www, QUAnben, CoM he snapped his fingers and let the door guarded by guards called Scott Bender and Ryan Shia. Ryan soon to Shia, Paul Del have to spend a lot of time. Taking advantage of this neutral, Corbin two looked hollow dome: "Tours in the nobility ran a lot. Presumably Varel you say it with you." Ryan C & H did not deny: "This phenomenon must be containment. "" Kill it, anyway keep is no you do it. to pick up horse stables, those people should leave not far, how many can you kill what is. "Ryan Shia sat staring at the cross young people had to trouble a while That drew a cross, Warlords, come here. "Please wait for our good news." Ryan Shia forefoot a walk, Paul Bender came. Scott Bender looked very unnatural his faithful employer, at the moment, he is in a very non-liturgical gestures back at the cross site before. Luiz Del eyes dodge. "She went to Isabella to two hundred cavalry, and then out of the city trailing Ryan Shia, remember do not let him find out if he let go of someone, then you go around Ryan Shia responsible for their pack out , to bury the bodies. things are after, I will give you a fief Béarn jazz collar. "" Yes, my Lord. "..................... France of the Kingdom will be approved after the signature of the king of France formally established Congress is a platform that allows a national interest group supervision king, and to defend their interests. Jeanne King of France can meet the king of the exercise of a series of powers including arbitration, a declaration of war, sending elected officials, forming an alliance. However, whenever she wants to change the law or taxes, or any other major state, Congress will vote, if not through the void, and in peacetime, Congress has the power to help the king assigned revenue Kingdom use. Clueless LORI sleepwalk in Corbin, encouraged to make this the biggest constraint kingship weapon was born. More people novelty is that the new king would amnesty kingdom of France. Do not want to know that it is this idea of ​​Corbin, he had more than ten years old, the family is the first to buy the TV the whole street people, neighbors, neighborhood watch TV in front of the TV sound emitted inside dynasty often to come on from time to time so one. The move in promulgating the day really got crazy people embraced the whole Tours dale shouted the name of their king, even grace which policy can not shred them, but this allows them to see in the dark a faint glow , do not you! This is the maiden name of miracles that God sent to save France Savior! ! ! Upper class who think it is necessary at this time to celebrate,Oakley Sunglasses Store, such as a few months time to buy a few thousand barrels of wine, get a big barbecue lù camp activities like carnival express their feelings before laughing aloud Well, there is a new king of kings, there is need to build on behalf of that throne, royal robes need manufacturing, but also need to build the palace, and other celebrations finished, and then sent troops to deal with the Duchy of Burgundy this treason, although so embraced the king when rì shelling occurred Everything evidence point to the Burgundians. Hear representatives in Congress to issue such a proposal as ridiculous, look to the side surface of the deadpan fact Yolande thoughtfully, sitting in the corner of Corbin face sè getting cold. "Bunch of idiots!" As a king he went on suddenly from civilian positions girl, does have a lot of affairs needs to solve, the king's banner, helmet armor, guards of honor, name all have to go back to get. And support to do the king's Joan Corbin almost swept all this work, the distance is less than 7 days before the end of the farce, he is ready to part of it, in the sewing flags,Oakley Hijinx Online, helmets armor at night to build, as long as less than three days, the army can pack and go, put down the remnants of Dauphin Valois is the top priority, but Congress actually use a few months time to prepare to celebrate, as well as the use of the funds of the few pleasures aspects. An entire kingdom are some two goods! "You That was delayed fighter! Know! Fighters know what is what? Told Congress on behalf of those who have a short time starting army, rebels in the South Fang Daofen region has not completely been assembled before, giving a powerful fierce strike, fight within the shortest time to beat them, put down the situation under France! celebration of what other kings from the south held it back again. "After some church representatives, aristocratic representatives, city representatives came to Corbin to discuss these unknown The so-called King's death and the guy has absolutely no idea theres prepare what they think! Corbin sometimes really want to open these guys Anjou, Picardy guys, guys Normandy, Brittany and other French guy's head guys everywhere inside is filled with flour or tofu, a whole is more than two hundred fifty two hundred and fifty yet two goods, God knows how they will in this regime when the misty rain to open the party, his head was really kick ass hoof to the medieval army mobilized more time, the more internal war potential can be reflected, and so they are party to open After that winter, bad winter march, that the army would have to wait until next year when they could chūn summer communicative open to the south, then wait for their Shrimps thirty-two but would not have been mobilized six months full time The Valois royalist troops it. Fortunately, they have to discuss with him. Corbin, who came away with just a party for delegates to discuss, Charles Corbin came to the courtyard where the interim, it is Tours conference hall inside a small room. His face sè very ugly. Corbin annoyed bid farewell to the deputies, he saw Charles miserable look, can not help it cool down instantly. "How?" Charles opened his mouth, he hesitated for a moment, and finally said: "My sister is dead." Corbin efforts searched quite a while remember the Shire, there is then a sister, she had also get soup to his face, others that he is very difficult chores openings. Corbin grabbed a glass, pour a glass of wine inside North Korea handed over to Charles lost hún abjection. "She said that she pregnant. Was hanged in the woods just outside Tours, hear people say woods found there a gorgeous body of a woman dressed when I speak, very strange,Coach Online Outlet, which may have any abnormal results I bring people only to find that the last one to see her. Damn, I found her, she has eaten half a vicious dog Seoul took the glass, poured a mercilessly, he felt very bitter taste, "I grew up very hurt her, although she was born out of my father's love fù sī a girl, but I still see her own sister treated the same. At that time, I even told her that if she married one day, as long as she likes, I can put a castle gave her a dowry, just which one will become. "Charles in tears:" I'm really hurt her, even as I have hated her, hate her betray me, put my brother sold to the Burgundians hateful harm I was almost wiped out, but wait until she dead, I found that I regret. "Corbin was silent for a while to go shut the door, he looked at Charles asked:" Burgundians disappear after the day of the crash was erased, you said you would be when they retreat dry it? "Charles suddenly stopped crying, he jerked suddenly kneeling on the ground:" I'm sorry. "Corbin was shocked:" Hey, I say you is how is it? "" I have played kill your idea. "Charles is the answer to make Corbin hesitated, he stiff and asked:" Why, do I terrifying? "Charles frank and said:" No, just because my father was a cousin of Charles VI, if you die, we bō home is next to the house of Valois closest kinship. When the Valois family to rely on for similar reasons to get the French throne. I once had had the brains. So, I'm sorry. "Corbin wry smile propped Charles went up:" I'm still alive a good ground. "" Marguerite's death must be God's punishment for my greedy, Corbin host a penance for me, I want to repent. "Charles Corbin looked quite a while before agreeing to him. They walked into the side of the chapel in which, for LORI people outside of Corbin made a confession, he listened endlessly tell Charles with small to large with his sister's chores etc. After the confession, Charles still did not get up. "Corbin, let me join your Knights do? "Corbin asked:" how do you play up the idea? Join the Knights, you are equal you put me into the position of the main seal. "Charles replied:" I will soon be sent to the north of England to redeem my father. After he came back, I will no longer be the ruler bō side and Auvergne, so, I must put the two countries have returned to his public. "" Well, since you do not want to go back to that place, that I am willing to accept you, but I do not include meals, but you have to pay the rent. "Charles:" ...... "Just to say a joke when Corbin, Charles spoke and said:" Can you discount it? "Corbin:" ....... "Charles barely lù an ugly smile. Corbin suddenly asked:" how do you think Joan became king? "" Zhen? "Charles gradually thickened, and eventually he was adamant and said," I can only say that I believe your choice is not wrong! And I also believe that God really whispering in her ear, a man that is loved by God to do the right king of France, just after you have considered the king of Joan of Arc will be passed on to others? "Corbin sitting on the ground, looking at the clouds:" You suddenly reminded me of one thing. Charles, can delay what time you redeem your father? Joan just wear the crown and become king of France, even if it is God's will, but still have a lot of people trying to stop the implementation of the will of Christ, I'm afraid your father would come back with us to war. "Charles sip a Minzui:" You probably need much time to stabilize the whole kingdom? "In order to appease Charles Corbin say a more realistic figures:" Two years or so. Dauphin defeated remnants of Valois family, may also be marked with one other family, almost have to figure that time. Provided that you follow Alençon, Dunois, and others still stand firmly beside Joan of Arc. "" I will, I do not expect anything throne, as long as I was able to get back the territories captured in Burgundy, during what needs despite commanded enough. "After listening to Charles Corbin conditions nodded his head:" and stabilize the Kingdom, it is time to settle the account with Burgundy. "! <
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