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Then we send the cavalry antworten
> Full text no ads Chapter 50 British and French appetizer before the decisive battle under "If we go to the battlefield, definitely do better than him!" Guesthouse have sounded echoed outside shouting. WWw. quANBEn. Com (full text eBook free download) Limeng Qi Earl said: "Do not say anything and we came this new army will prove it to you on the battlefield, the British actually nothing worse! You know, the original If not, your Holiness knife stabbed in the back, causing him to be captured, I Sens and Tewa Lu British defense absolutely can block! "Limeng Qi Earl's confidence is built on his past dominated by less than a few month battle on British and French. Corbin car turned to them, there was every minute to do so, but we should offend the forces behind a bunch of idiot! Corbin away from the manor combat,Air Jordan 7 UK, if posterior was broken, it was ten dead inanimate things gang sucker now, they're going to die, this is the wish for Corbin, he was afraid of two group of people to be together, let them hurt of it! Corbin memories about the only way to deal with the longbow Hollywood gladiatorial Shililuoma Legion turtle scales array, he would also like to try to get hold of the effect, but no more money, no material qualities the army, so he can only build a fortress fortifications to reduce longbow damage. Corbin gave them one week Limeng Qi need food and a map near Paris, opened the door and let them seek dream honor. October 1424 3rì, Bulietanni Eagle took even he clearly is the number of specific military troops embarked on the road to war Brits. In fact, under the command of a French aristocrat Count Limeng Qi two hundred eighteen people, squire and knight up to thirteen hundred people, and the rest are from the noble fief to come out of the cannon fodder seven thousand six hundred ninety three, cannon fodder The number is even higher in many a month ago, had a spend ten thousand, but later gave Corbin scare away a lot. World famous King Henry failed in battle in the suburbs of Paris, although losses on reputation, but it did not shake the British king's confidence in the God of War general, system of hegemony France, and even the annexation of the entire kingdom of France is still supported by the British They continue to put money to pound king's cause. King Henry has just despise petty that point, the entire Congress to levy huge England ** only get a million pounds, laid Picardy, occupying half and half Loire Champagne region north shore The English king in the autumn of this year received from local tens of thousands of francs coins, proceeds according to current statistics, not into the pockets of the British king at least get a tax number three hundred thousand francs. France region just two more than the Kingdom of England to the tax year, King Henry to conquer the whole of France is more urgent! Limeng Qi Earl is just a hit on King Henry's muzzle, he led nearly a million people in the French army looted all the way to the left Normandy Rouen in northern France on this land the most fortified castle siege unfolded, the Duke of Bedford Letters emergency distress generally also like to fly like snowflakes came King Henry's bed. Lance's palace where King Henry summoned up his subordinates to discuss countermeasures. Rouen is certainly rescue to save, but how to save it in order to achieve the best results? Thomas said: "French Normandy is our last obstacle to conquer France, these French army should be that they are the vanguard, I recommend sticking to the Duke of Bedford for two months, so that the French army fatigue. During this time, we gathered from a tax sent troops to four, and then we bypassed from Beauvais Rouen, these two routes stopped in the French army back on the road, blocking them! completely annihilate them! "King Henry said:" We can not let this French army back! but our hands near army scattered in Reims, better said, the mercenaries who came from Flanders,Air Jordan 13 Sale, may not keep up this fight, that our money is not wasted up! "Tal Bert said: "Your Majesty, this, you do not have to worry if you let me go to co-ordinate those teams, I have arrived at the battlefield before the war, let them!" King Henry hesitated and said: "Sir, this time I spend more than two thousand gold ecus purchased from Flanders where five secret weapon, you sure can really do it? "Talbot said:" Be sure there is no problem, Your Majesty! "King Henry a Wishing beat thigh and said: "Well, you instantly travel to Flanders where the local mercenary camp mobilized to me, they are a total of three thousand three hundred and fifty people, a month later, I have to Lu Aung watching you put me on the battlefield it spent a considerable price of three thousand people to the city under! jazz, if you do a good job, and afterwards, we have to address you as baron! "King Henry soak in estrogen several months still does not change the style of his popular vigorous, received emergency letterhead Rouen day, Lance England vassal city are concentrated into the hands of the palace has been to gather the army command. October 28rì, in addition to the army, and some remote areas are bandits can not go back to the British, English King Henry got the most important quarter of the tax year, he spent a week's time to go into the pockets of the actual points clear amount less than the expected number of statistical forty thousand francs, but King Henry did not pursue them tricky, ** not always avoid. October 30rì, King Henry revolted thirteen thousand people, foreign claims to thirty thousand, and this time the Duke of Bedford in Rouen can not cope Limeng Qi Earl, and Limeng Qi count in people's way of grabbing four weeks continue to amass wealth, women, and to enhance the morale of siege consumption, Brittany White Eagle This title is not called, the Duke of Bedford hands over one thousand British troops during the siege cannon fodder in the face Together, this composition main handicap to break a few mutilated Rouen city defense. November 1rì, it is the climate of northern France communicative rì child. Duke of Bedford lead his soldiers again repulsed the French army's offensive offal, bloodied each other in Rouen hundreds of bodies left on the walls with wooden cover with another formation receding. Duke of Bedford walking on the walls of the city's body thrown into the city under the head, and his attendants army officer looked away thick formation method, said: "Duke Excellency, if keep going on like this, we will not hold it!" Duke of Bedford, said: "Rest assured, our King will come!" One who said: "But I am worried that come before the King, we were lighting up!" Duke of Bedford, said: "I know, Rouen The walls are not many years ago that early Rouen, you can now make the next batch of soldiers ordered up rotations, order a person to go to the city to move equipment around the castle go towards the city Frenchman food should, as far as possible Castle storeroom stuffed! "One who awakes to:" We are going to do in Chateau defense? "Duke Duke of Bedford, said:" Yes! "far in the French army camp. Limeng Qi Earl called several recently used more smoothly aristocracy: "you see on the British side of the east wall yet?" "An Qier? Ryan, Francois? Orinoco Emde." Limeng Qi pointed whip count two, "you lead the north side of the one hundred people to climb the walls there, where the gates open, hold on, I then would have brought the army came!" Efron Francois, the south bank of the Loire ordinary knight born Frenchman looked at him in surprise superiors: "north of the city walls?, my Lord, you do want us to die?" An Qier sneered: "You will benefit from Lee Camp ran out of snow, do you still afraid of death? "Francois said excitedly:" Of course not afraid of death, I just do not want to die does not matter! "Francois is telling the truth, he did not run out of subjects Corbin side of the camp came Limeng Qi Earl here is thinking about playing a brilliant victory, then back to Tours to nearby Good borrow this feat lord's daughter to marry him. Limeng Qi Earl said: "Rest assured, I have been in these days onslaught east wall, noting the mobilization of the British rule, the British takeover must be in at this time ye go to the north, where most low walls, will be children, and so here we start attacking again, when you go on taking advantage of the kill! open the door for subsequent cavalry! "Afternoon, Limeng Qi Earl The redeployment of four thousand people are going to start attacking, the east wall of a time you come to me to cast shè arrows, but the French side using a patchwork bow, short bow, crossbow, the British army has been suppressed with the French army's offensive power. At the Duke of Bedford to this wall too busy to spare during the two great adventurism and personal heroism of the French knight with a squire with a ladder to help the Duke of Bedford found in the north before the climb up the walls. Duke of Bedford heard hurried north shows jǐng sent to support the reserve to the north. Francois hand holding the double-edged ax, a hand, a shield wall along the narrow gates immediate concern there, and then on the outside with a group of An Qier squire stabbed. Francois an ax to split two British, North Korea An Qier shouted: "Come a few people to open the door." An Qier though despised toad wants to eat this guy but not your life at this time, He sent a few people, who will shout to the wall. "My Lord! North who succeeded!" Someone shouted excitedly. Limeng Qi looked Earl straightened up, this nod. "Then we send the cavalry over it!" "Ah, so that the cavalry run down the walls to the north, you stay in place do not move!" Occupation of the tower after the French army at the gates have been opened in more and more true to resist The British, however, Limeng Qi Earl just sent a cavalry brigade of cavalry about four hundred people after being personally troops rushed the house on fire overturned the east wall. Bloody battle continued until the Duke of Bedford saw expel the French army, he can only retreat sounded the horn, led the remnants of the British fort to slowly recede in the north tower of the more than one hundred French troops leaving more than a dozen months, if the Duke of Bedford sounded the retreat ceremony the evening of some of them would probably wiped out! Limeng Qi Earl gates wide open for four weeks under the cannon fodder who constantly Chung had shouted: "red bar, grab ah, farmers who are temporarily enjoying now you have everything! Find the most beautiful woman, eat the best foods, take the most valuable thing, this is your deserve! enjoy it tomorrow, let us fight together! "brutal, cruel, and this is Limeng Qi title of Earl of Brittany Eagle sources. Desperate retreat into the castle and all the British too late to pull up drawbridge, the Duke of Bedford looked at Rouen city gradually kindled a flame sheet, screams louder and louder, the Duke is not a child of loving the people as managers, but He placed a hand on castle into a fist grasp. Who noble Duke of adults may have to be someone with a green hat! Paris, Rouen city's population did not much, but also many, how many there are always three people inside several beautiful women,Oakley Oil Rig clearance, rì son a long down, eager for Duke in Rouen city raised from the mistress, however, tonight Rouen is doomed to the flames and screams into. After the massacre siege, which is old rules. ! @ # (Full text eBook free download) <
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