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28.05.2013 08:44
Qing Niang comb with double Yaji antworten
In March, and the weather, the Jasper makeup into a tree, 10000 dropped the green silk sash, spring warm, curved bridge pictures, pleasant scenery, Yang big people are guilty of Chunkun, lounging in the shade of the willow, face covered with a "book of songs",. Lawn, Qing Niang comb with double Yaji, wearing green trousers, and thirteen Niang they play a game called cuju. She rocked his body lightly, the ball in her foot down, sometimes physically rotating dance, graceful and colorful, this method does not need the goal Cuju, called 'white'; the pin one hundred thousand kick, hundred thousand solutions, down is to see the ball who good, action of tricks and novelty, in addition to hand besides, head, shoulder, chest, back, knee, leg, foot,. "The fine son elder sister!" Qing Niang haired sweat, the toe pick, light will pass to the thirteen Niang, thirteen Niang knee lift gently a top, top of the ball, the ball from her head over the fallen behind, she never turned back, feet a pick, the ball as spiritual, fly back again, to provoke clearly a cheer niang. Thirteen Niang slim slender, plays like the rise and dance in a happy mood, waist suddenly bent suddenly soft straight, * * kicking with beauty; one side of the Wei Jing see see things in a blur, suddenly quipped: "Thirteen Niang, wronged you play so well, unfortunately! Your husband do dreams go......" Can not, the lawn of the soft voices seemed to have no effect on Yang one person, he was sleeping soundly. Suddenly the ball roll to come to him. "Pa!" A sound. Good Qiao unfortunately hit him in the face, his cap in the above "the book of songs". "Who? Who did it? Who did it? Know someone is dreaming about......" "Sir, what is your dream?" Thirteen Niang that be exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful face, timely appear in front of Yang one person, she cocked his neck, long eyelash blink, is waiting for his answer. Yang magnifico people subconsciously suction aspiration nose,Nike Air Jordan 1 UK Sale, incense! But now no sweet! He quickly cough twice, one face and replied: "is lady ah, well! As the husband just dreamed that a mumbo-jumbo. He said that the Year Book CLS countless, Jiang Yan DREAM FAIRY send pen, pen works after countless, this dream have different approaches but equally satisfactory results for the husband and the wonderful!" "Yeah! Officials determined you dream of mumbo-jumbo. Not fair?" Thirteen Niang still crooked head, smiling face. "Lady! For the husband is really mumbo-jumbo dreamed, I swear, if there is a word of a lie, I will......" "Man is?" Thirteen Niang to be inquisitive,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap,. "I will become!" Yang big man blurted out, this one with a little threat, hope thirteen Niang afraid. "Oh, man is going to Mo Temple monk?" Thirteen niangs smile with strange is not enough to describe, in a word can let a person shudder with fear. Yang magnifico people really want to give yourself a slap in the face, what not to say. But the home why? Commit a sin ah! "Beside the point! Beside the point! Lady,Jordan 9 Sale, let's just where, yes, speaking of mumbo-jumbo." "What that man is seen in the mumbo-jumbo?" "Uh, well, I was open, haven't even a glimpse of what, is this the ball to hit up." "Oh, that's a Qie body >
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