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28.05.2013 08:33
Surabaya is another line parallel to Bianhe antworten
Bian water. Si water. Flow to the Guazhou over head. Wu Shan little sorrow. I brood over it without cease. Hate you. Hate to start off each other. The moon man relies on the floor. Bai Juyi the first "Sauvignon Blanc" said Bian river is near the river, Surabaya is another line parallel to Bianhe River, finally also flowing into Hongze lake. Hongze lake, as the name implies, you could think of it as the lakes formed by floods. Indeed, the Hongze lake is a lake which are not mutually connected, have not formed a large lake. Thirty years later, that is, reunion, the Yellow River diversion, South by Surabaya in Huaiyin following the migration from Huaihe into the river downstream, Huaihe lost river channel,Outlet Oakley Active, in Yu Yi East water accumulation, the original lake was expanded to a huge lake of Hongze. Yang Yi crossed the Tianfu - the Hongze Lake - Gaoyou - Yang, came to the Guazhou over head, Runzhou stay two days. The first day is the thirteen woman to come home and see her mother's brother, brother - five - six brother, with so many relatives, have to admire the father-in-law Su Song, decades are going to develop a nation has come; people really much ah! Yang big gifts to hematemesis, he doubted the father-in-law can put all the grandson called up; and this is only the tip of the capital - Fujian - angle, there is a lot of it. See the Su family Ding so prosperous, but Yang still only root, young had thirteen Niang, also clearly advised Yang magnifico people hurriedly and Qing Niang consummation, strength in numbers. Thirteen Niang they wrong (the firstborn children is not the duty of women), a low head dare not utter a word, can only wait until the evening,oakley sunglasses outlet, resorted to use all one's skill in Yang magnifico people to extract the seeds of hope. The very next day is go to Shenyang Mengxi park visit, the worship of Shen Kuo, and Shen Kuo's magnum opus "red" lending, Yang Yi will prepare the book back to Hangzhou (Hangzhou printing technology in the world, at their own expense), please the best engraving workshop printing it - twenty thousand, to sell the benefit of the people. And "red" - with the press, there will be another book, is the mother of the thirteen years following the gathered around Yang Yi pen draft, relates to the medical and agricultural - instruments, marine and other aspects; such as surgical operation - sepsis prevention - crops - rice seedling throwing technology - grafting engineering equipment manufacturing, marine sextant and so on, which also included Yang Yihe's poetry, and the book named "Qing Qing writing". Decided to put Yang Yihe Qing Niang poems are included, in order to help Yang Yihe's reputation, "Qing Qing:" increase sales; popular books on Wikipedia is not interested in Yang Yihe, Qing's poetry is different, reading people will rush out to buy, so it would be increase the science again, and let more people understand these knowledge. The per - technology - but get promotion, will bring great benefits to the song, with rice seedling throwing technology is the most simple, if transplanting words, a person to work a few days to plug - Mu field,Coach Bags Outlet, if the use of throwing, one day - up to - day can easily throw - Mu seedling, it can greatly save manpower, but also enhanced the growth of seedlings. Of course, want to let people believe that these techniques are not immediately.
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