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28.05.2013 08:21
or future generations of " antworten
Zhijiang law after the implementation of the great song total abolition of the Cuirassiers, Dragon Guard these titles but according to sequence number are called first, second will be like. * "will" doesn't mean a generals such as usually said folding can be is Jing original first will not fold can be suitable in Jingyuan road all generals ranked in the first place but that he led the troops belong to the first will be here that will be quite in Qing Dynasty "town" or future generations of "teacher" or "travel" the military unit. But the number of generations of each division is approximately equal to the difference between the number of the song will be relatively large specific each will number is determined according to the actual need to garrison. Some one thousand or two thousand people can reach four thousand or five thousand. This is used for Wang Anshi had performed the routine,Oakley Holbrook Sale, but the method of capital area each will people approximately in about two thousand five hundred people. Li Yizhong is the first to pack with Sagittarius Gyeonggi Yi is fourth. Difference is that Li Yizhong will be the first cavalry package Yi fourth infantry. The monitoring devices produced a total of two thousand a flintlock gun equipped in the first and fourth will not separate equipment will be the court have concerns; flintlock weapon if the single master at a court in the hands of some not trust so even now only produced two thousand branches were also equipped with two will be reached mutual restraint effect. Located outside the camp,Air Jordan Outlet, first and fourth of the two battalions of troops uniform standing at the school field heavy rain C ā o field of a confused the rain washed the one standing such as stone soldiers. Their clothes were wet. But no one dare to slightly move. Because Yang Yi carrying a whip and as they stood in the rain. Attention. Yang Yida let out a roar of two thousand people immediately snapped. Feet together looked pretty face, eyes to the front. "Start walking!" Roar again. Two thousand feet at the same time step is not on a but was Yang Yi see whether you are a soldier or a rate will give you a whip if not badly bruised from flogging. But enough to bruise days even Li Yizhong and Bao Yi he also not polite. Will only be hit harder. The army is violent machine here without you and crepe crepe reasonable order of the implementation is not in place to tidy up you; Yang Yi was in the army of those training than the hard ten times such as start V support you haven't done enough not to directly to the shoulders,Air Jordan 5, neck instructors on didn't tell you off gas. You don't want to get on. Add your own training until it meets the requirements. Now Yang Yi to these people is the same as the strict requirements of the heavy rain is fart in front even under the shit. Don't let you move you can't move. Yang Yi followed them in the side of the two thousand pace sonorous neatly lift down to the water was on a splash. Yang Yi didn't in the army to future generations that military training is not feel the need to but different equipment flintlock later flintlock because sh è speed limited to deal with fast cavalry only when using piecewise sh è strike must be rigorous formation in unison; so Yang Yicai out later that set of training ways. Two thousand people into two squares step forward every step pedal feel the earth shook it feels like two square two tight machine that all blend into one harmonious whole. Cohesion very to excite people's mind. >
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