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> Chapter forty individualized lending policies on Corbin is built on a series of fiefdoms partition after losing to the back of the lords of the manor in Normandy borrow half of their output this year as security, reconstruction Normandy Army-owned. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM time limit borrowing from 1424 until the beginning of successful completion England expelled until after this is the repayment period, the profit is the total borrowed funds 10%, the lender is also the kingdom of France council. Corbin Yolande with the funds provided by the French military to the men participating in the second issued in the name of chivalry chivalry conquest allowance supplement, lest they see the Knights of the soldiers got the salary jealous and rebellion, and this means Knights got two salaries, given the last Jew in the battle to escape the phenomenon that a phalanx of Jewish month allowance are deducted distributed to other members of the Knights. Corbin in the later letter to Yuelandeti mention it I hope she let him get the tax authority in the Normandy region, as consideration for the right to get the Normandy tax, council will reduce the five thousand francs for frontline support. In this matter, Corbin opened counteroffer is frontline troops from the country's grain reserves An Rugong where two percent below the market price to buy food An Rugong country, Yolande make the reply is approved Corbin's proposal, provided that he can make his home two women Tuer An Jing few. Corbin himself a leg to stand where there is time to manage his family's two people, he thought Yolande veiled in the letter mentioned two women are sisters and his mother too, so he wrote a letter back to the two, there is no representation to do anything, because he would be busy and those who suffer from war arrangements have nothing to do vagrant into jobs. Lack of a large labor aristocratic manor Corbin to those homeless who is looking for a good place as early as when the survey was done lordships, he put together a table from the survey list, from the most labor shortages began to original piece of fiefs master in the case referred to his fief, Corbin get each other's permission and only then people move past. Corbin was originally worried that he do so is a violation of the rights of the other lords Norman nobles did not think this a very, very welcome, plague can be said Corbin helped a lot by the loss of large numbers of people order nobles Aware that no fief fief would be no output and there is no collar China is also no output is a reason. Later, this condition will simply become fiefdoms and borrowing against also opened a subsidiary treaties. Corbin nobles agreed to allow those refugees who have entered the territory of arrangements to receive a free and appropriate reduction of arable land into two and the first two years of the agricultural tax exemption poll tax in exchange for the loss of population after the manor supplement. Corbin fight in June before the aristocratic manor fill labor gaps, but the arrangement of labor into the agricultural production area there are some new problems will be born, and these cranes tail sauce congregation are almost naked out house, even put them into the countryside, they have no tools, cattle and seeds how to farm? Narbonne Viscount French army at Le Mans strategic material reserves that a location can provide seeds, Normandy does not lack is the most cattle, so after two back not a problem, but on this point alone implements some easy ones, and tools to create required time is not long, but a lot of demand gap can not be filled within a short time, and now to build on the late, Corbin want to catch the entire Normandy in the autumn September harvest, every day that passes is equivalent to a large loss of material. Brainstorming is a good idea, Zhuge Liang can make three cobbler than in the past, let alone a person plus a saint through Lolita and a group of French nobility it! Corbin put just Porch Wilbur country Lolita, Charles, La Xier and other nobles all together, the result is disappointing Corbin, quantity does produce a qualitative change, but expect to make a group of food goods qualitative and a fanatic who is only waiting deterioration. These guys do not even pass elementary arithmetic base, Corbin burst into tears, and he did not expect them to erupt, not as some sort of expect to suddenly turn system functions, to know who he was through, even through this kind of thing have taken place,Air Jordan 7 UK, with this kind of thing should also pass through the system and some die ah! After a lapse of seventeen years, in others the first day of the first month of the first year will think of things finally let Corbin think of it, and then he felt through the whole body, and tried everything, and he was tragically discovered that he is the legend of the most unlucky batch of goods, no special abilities, no system near the body, no heaven, no make magic, no magic, no force,Coach Online Store, no grudge, no transfiguration, did not realize I suddenly remembered memory loss is a demon or a god, and even almost everyone with a certain body parts grow surgery are not. Cole looked Bint to pull the crotch, he was very sure his people on earth ** are within the range of the maximum permitted size, rather than belonging to the universe's super jumbo varieties. However, in reality the tragedy can not knock Corbin, his nerves more and more people move closer to the trend of the Middle Ages, he was an ordinary person becomes aware of no way to cheat, he will soon calm down, retreat Find Secondly became his ultimate goal is to collect as many tools means. Thus, those who claim to be neutral Normandy city has become the key to solving tools. These Shoushuliangduan cities do not want to offend the king, did not dare openly declared that they are England's vassal, then the tax year they are both afraid to give the British nor the French army, so that it can be, they will offend both sides. Situation is stronger than people are right. But if one day the British defeated the French army has been how to do? Crecy, Agincourt, Meng Lirui, Caen and other local battles occurred yet powerful description of what the British combat forces, Zhi Buding day Brits will kill back to the time of King Henry learned their hearts save different ambitions, waiting for them not to be taxed so simple. Massacre, destroy men over the door kind of thing King Henry but no less dry! Smart and city taxes into the half, then the other half divided into two, an excuse to close and leaving a bad war, and then waiting Corbin sent taxed when turned over as part of the French army will be left if that is not enough to add in the past, anyway, it was just a quarter of the tax money, if the French army was defeated, and so when the British came up with a quarter of the taxes to the British alternate hands, then it is not Another part of the taxes paid close good half out, regardless of who is winning, those who manage the city's former royal family of class representatives and appointed officials can be assigned a share of the tax collectors. But their wishful thinking hit empty. Corbin do not want money, he wants to goods and people, money is a means to purchase materials to obtain adequate supplies is the ultimate destination, since it is possible to omit the middle layer of resale program, then why waste time and money in there it? Tools, blacksmiths, wood craft and there are a lot of pots, stoves, glasses, pots, this is the city of Corbin Normandy out to those conditions, he promised to get these supplies will not be taxed to think of these cities, Even Norman has now been controlled in the hands of the French army, to remain neutral strategy is outdated. Corbin's letter on the panic can not simply end rì Normandy city like sounds of nature, they can not believe that the world really that good people can tolerate the tax within the site outside the region out of control. Because this command, a very small part of a plan to send troops Corbin taxed cities have abandoned thoughts of resistance, many places have opened the festivities the night, one-year tax is not a small money, Cole Bin exactly equal to relinquish the role of the tax year. Corbin overnight became a good card to get up to the guy, because he can understand the difficulties of these cities,Oakley M FRAME Sale, but also to tolerate their psychological speculation, so as not to force these cities to give the French army symbolizes loyalty taxes. The bottom line for these cities Corbin minimum is not trouble, and now can not receive the money does not matter, wait until the following year, the city of Normandy Report embarrassed when grain is his military capital gain when to engage those tools, blacksmiths, carpenters get made Good farming is the top priority this year, iron materials are also collected for other purposes, France commander archers bow soon exhausted, Corbin must prepare for future wars enough arrows. Fletching such as reserves for the bolt in Anjou and Bulietanni two places can get, Jill this Bulietanni lord these things than other people are familiar with, he went to the most appropriate procurement fletching, So he sent Corbin early to put the country back Bulietanni public procurement. Others, such as noble Earl Lafayette, Sancerre Earl, Viscount Narbonne too useful to the account of their fief of Normandy two sevenths, landlords reserves to be more noble than other people, quite a lot. Even part of the family business was taken away, it should be left as part of the manor as those just back nobles were assessed contributions to the task of supplies, Corbin ask for much, also contribute to a person knife, a sword like requirements. Joan of Arc did you get from Paris to supernumerary staff, Corbin can be said that hard all the stops to raise a considerable amount of weapons, armor, bows and arrows, with professional jargon is a small universe erupted Corbin, interior Daren temporarily can not say, but with the well-organized to describe reluctantly sidelined. Britain and France both sides are preparing for a sharp build support jīng established control over northern France, World War II, which means that for the salvation of France and the coming of LORI no battle for some time to play and have nothing to do! No Englishman had torn Joan is not a Lolita, which is nominally Corbin made a saint aide summed up to six months after the profound experience, in order to prevent jīng force that will be plenty busy boring rì yard waves and more serious, single-handedly ran myself to save France, Corbin decided to pull out a few hours a day to teach Lolita cultural knowledge, then some homework so she could win favor. Reading is a good thing, especially the teaching that is very knowledgeable, grew up in accordance with the Corbin Lei thought to teach everybody reading on life's greatest joy and tears to flow together snot environment adult thinking, LORI access to higher education must very happy. The fact is that Corbin then came the first LORI supercilious. "I came to save France are not come to class, I do not want to do to learn this uninteresting things happen! We should not waste time here, we have to attack the British! Regained France people lost land, restoring everyone happy life! that more important than reading a lot! "! @ # <
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