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interests of the old lords vassals antworten
> Chapter 35 soldiers to the breakwater to soil Yanshang French army in Normandy, Brittany activities in full swing, the British Lance few months after a brief recovery finally put the number also mentioned a million people, By this time, the British troops who separated the back also back. Www! QuanBEn! COM compared to the English King Henry the cohesion of the armed forces, the Duke of Burgundy's nothing comparable on xìng, and over the past few months, the army Burgundians reducing rather than increasing, one after another injury Burgundians died, some of the men who live noble restraint, there are more than five hundred Flanders region Burgundians do a deserter. Those being caught was Philip's natural cruelty, after lashing over the corpse hanging on the gate are light up. Duke valet about this have applauded, is the public domestic senior aristocrats and nobles of the many men soldiers complained. Duke of Burgundy was not impressed,oakley sunglasses online, he only cares about his lords attempt to restore his dignity. Duke of Burgundy, I also know some of his wisdom: lost the battle and won the battle differs not only lose a war, to try to win a lord's dignity, and defeated the best performance of the performance of the seal Jun kindness. Philip to the nobles promised that he would go back to the French nobility captured, if possible, the Duke will pay for nobles. The move was a lot of noble impression, but it is only good impression only, Burgundy nobility need is something like fearless John as they break soil with fish wealth, land, powerful lords rather than defeat would lead them Also good for them to pay a ransom of lords. Nobles, led by the new Duke of Burgundy feel the future is confused. Heart undesirable adviser to Philip to accept all the responsibility onto the head of the British, the British come early if a quarter of an hour, the resulting outcome will be the opposite. Shirk its responsibility Duke of Burgundy was soon won back part of the nobles resonate support, this is not the fault of the Burgundians England but deliberately delayed. Philip, Duke of Burgundy is just blind cat run into dead rat, guessed the reason for their failure, was the intention of the king angry burst, England and Burgundy relationships naturally falls in the history of freezing, followed by a few days, the Duke of Burgundy with the only remaining more than three thousand people went to Burgundy Flanders, but his mistress queen but was stayed. Did not return to the Duke of Burgundy in Dijon, where he has given great expectations mother, he was afraid of disappointing to see the mother's face. To know he took a full twelve thousand people out, it's not hard labor and army quotient team of people,Air Jordan 14, and today only less than a quarter, Philip loses face, revenge has become a top priority. England think so, had a hunch that the king would take advantage of the French army Lance wins the pursuit of immediate concern to all the way for the siege, the British are well prepared for the siege, the first month in the past, the French army slightest traces are not, you can not just stay in addition to the British defeated army collapsed on doing nothing. Thomas Bridge Loire surprise proposal was again England's King Henry the trash from the brain to find out. He gave Thomas the British hand full of horses, one thousand two hundred horses, armed out of six hundred cavalry, the night went south to demolish the French army to maintain Lifeline. Jedi to carry the British soon discovered the French army of the bridge has been removed was clean,Coach Hotsale, and the spot was dismounted kneeling on the ground, thank God, St. George French army destroyed the bridge, while still nervous before British morale soared suddenly, apparently God on their side to appear in front of miracles, and this is the only explanation, anyway, the British would not think the French dauphin brain damage demolished to maintain the survival of the entire kingdom lifeline, although this is fact. British afar harvest more than that, they return to the north to Paris trip before Lance Thomas original intention is to allow the British to break the news to tell Loire bridges of Paris in the French army, so that the French army in sign in front of a beating, but wait for them to Paris to see the huge city of Paris has become a paradise for dogs cats Sahuan. Rao is Thomas duke also counsels, yīn dense city of Paris so that they also like to fly back to the Lance, King Henry learned that the bridge leading to the two places on the first burst of joy was cut off, and he knew that France Savior was a witch, a liar. But he knew that Paris actually empty object after King Henry on laughing, over five thousand people in the French army to his whereabouts frown. Then in the French army and the Loire Picardy source of the outbreak of military action make up almost a month before the king noted that at this time, the French Normandy Normandy early to begin their recovery plans. French army easily defeated in a few days time in less than two thousand persons Mont four weeks of Bulietanni **, and the British public, rescue Mont Saint Michel in Normandy aristocratic remnants have been one hundred and sixty fifteen Mingfalanxi Knight, fifty-three noble squire and three hundred 多名圣米歇尔 mountain monks incorporation. Some of France within the military aristocracy Knight is a vassal of the Red Army over the two meet quite a mountain meadow to see the two allies tears feeling. Normandy retrocession line of march soon with the help of these natives worked out, the soil fertile territory of Normandy is a known fact, flat ground there are many cattle, horses meadows and apple orchards, combined Normandy nǎi products are very famous, France Army attack along the route are formulated according to the local breadbasket. Nǎi famous places have Camembert cheese, Liwa Luo, these two places are the first to enter the location, then the origin of the north shore of Normandy oysters, followed have called Calvados cider Calva more Sri Lanka, and finally Caen, where William, Duke of Normandy, was once the capital, has the most solid throughout Normandy castle, originally belongs to the reputation of Rouen, this had been King Henry impregnable fortress as Paris, Picardy region portal on damaged more than half, as long as the capture of Caen, Normandy can be regarded as retrocession. Very significant recovery of Normandy, the region occupied northern France sixth of the area, especially the wind warrior elsewhere, has always produced outstanding French knights and good horse powerhouse, when William the Conqueror of Normandy this manor is relying wealth, cavalry have the capital to talk to the then King of England compete for England. As early as the Lionheart Richard period, England knights than their army of longbows let infidels of the male Saladin more fear, England also in the lost King John lost Normandy home, completely lost the good horses and knights of origin before walking emphasis on the long road of archers. Passage of time, when the Kingdom of England diehard Normandy conquered by the King of France after the Hundred Years War Lifalanxi confrontation has become an important force in the Kingdom of England, whether it is the Battle of Crecy or Agincourt, there is always a lot of Norman knight figure. Normandy is so important, King Henry naturally not be taken lightly, Scottish kingdom six thousand reinforcements had landed in Normandy with the Duke of Bedford coming battle would attract the English King Henry's Revenge, six thousand Scots come over the sea French people have not had time to introduce some Scottish blood to die 7788, only later to launch the king in Reims Qingong deployed on a large number of British troops stationed in Normandy, Norman castles everywhere, but the lack of defense staff. Darling of the French army to speed prairie fire swept through most of the towns, aristocratic face strong fortress, Corbin let behind the original Norman castle lords to convince people, that is, those who opened the gates of the original vassal , so doing a good effect, to know English king placed over the aristocracy always this or that harm the interests of the old lords vassals who, when faced with strong city, the Corbin have chosen another way to negotiations. Specific tactical play by the Joan of Arc to command, and Corbin major strategic grasp the trend, so that excessive use only LORI talent God gave her the entire Normandy car into a residue. French army willing to let those who stand in the way of the city to make a choice, if you do not surrender to the French army to remain neutral through and money to buy cheap food, then fight to the death if the negotiations reach an impasse. Most of the city dominated by the mercenary merchant guilds operate fence Sui Fengdao business people lack aristocratic blood, tend to choose between fighting and surrender neutral, opportunistic. Joan of these speculators are full of speculation of disdain, but because Corbin discouraged, she can not tolerate the sand with a pair of eye abruptly into a big lump of feces. However, the benefits are obvious, like Normandy in less than three weeks to completely recover by the French army, although this is only an illusion, but people are always seen eye sight deceived, who is also the flange West Kier Earl nobility England is one of the Duke of Alencon, the French army in Normandy fierce offensive frightened him, he wanted to come either completely recover Normandy, the French army how those Brits on the site may be smooth? British troops in Normandy, the only one that did not fall Dular castle castle, the castle stands in the center of Caen, occupied the most prominent position, is the 11th century, William the Conqueror was expelled because of inbreeding of the house, build castles in Caen. Which has British and local makeshift outlaws seven hundred people. The main house to take over the real estate collateral Xiangyebuxiang dropped close confidants and territories with hundreds of small, mistress, property slipped Reims, to King Henry brought news of the fall of Normandy. And this time is the end of April of the time, do the British on the laissez-faire French army in Normandy and elsewhere did not abuse any move to deal with the French army counterattack do? <
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