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> Twenty-eight chapters make a Mighty Sword and a good sword 萝莉科尔宾 looking around the circle, very shocked: "The whole of Paris Jews were crowded come here?" Very shocked nodded Dunois sigh: "Remember you Jews collapsing formations that support it? because gang blame the guy, which erupted in the entire city of Paris adult Jews to join the army, and those women are coming off of ..." "But they hand Weapons on how the matter? even if it was, we did not go to such a large-scale armed ah! "" We have a battle in the suburbs, the floor of the weapon, Joan of Arc distributed to people to pick up back on their hands the. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM "that is, to leave Paris to Tuer La Corbin less than a thousand people from the army of the time, Joan of Arc from Paris that actually own the largest city in France, played an armed including the original congregation of up to four thousand people soy temporary. In 巴黎科尔宾 truthfully informed of all the city Tours, Crown Prince was under house arrest, parliamentary power, but he did not specify the Crown Prince's madness is his fasten to go, but the choice of vague phrases, Crown Prince mad, and then under house arrest. Nobles have not thought too much about this answer, for betraying them behind Prince, they disgust not want to mention him, but they are more than this relationship how to find a way out. Divide our forces and into the return with the risk is directly proportional to the strategy, Joan of Arc at hand is still very weak forces insisted divide our forces guarding Paris, Corbin LORI head is not only considered the hang of it, this time to focus on the main to break Porch Wilber country in a short time to get through the connecting channel is on An Rugong country on the road, in February 1424, Paris, leaving it useless piece of tasteless gesture was abandoned, in order to divide our forces guard Corbin on Joan of Arc in Paris ideas do not agree. Laxi Er, Charles led one thousand two French army eastward along the north shore of the Loire, ready to capture the lost Sanz and Tewa Lu. Lafayette Earl Earl and Sancerre led two thousand and two thousand French troops in the series ready to go casual siege of Rouen, Wiebe, to the British cause delusions, Corbin Knights army under the command of five thousand people and forty thousand young and old, women and children will be in Paris, France, led by the Duke of Alençon Alençon duchy to England embarked. Whenever a major historical drama when the curtain opened, the stage zhōngyāng the attention of the French position is always active in the elegant figure, in a hundred years before the war, France has played a leading role in Europe first, but now his body outflow winner of blood dotted the aura, the king are discarded to make LORI very dissatisfied, saying it was a cowardly act,Coach Crossbodys, almost necessary to own a version of Lolita Wits play medieval France to go it alone may attack the British in Paris. Corbin felt so abandoned the practice in Paris and not wrong. Corbin is a compromise to pay but he let Joan brought out the whole of Paris residents of these Tuoyou Ping, cranes tail guy, if they were people raid how do? But these ordinary people, they might be big reputation drop. Joan of Arc was not impressed with her good idea, she managed the army in front, Corbin the wounded evacuated to organize the masses in the back, as long as the Brits and the Burgundians react that is needed to enter the Anjou region. Corbin because the nuns there to do a meal waist movement, a few days later to ride a horse cause abdominal injury episodes, when most of the day clutching his wound had not move, simply can not command the army and Regulatory Affairs, Cole Bin think the prospects are very worrisome, however, he was wrong, terribly wrong. February 1424 5rì is tackling the first day of the team, four thousand and four thousand Knights of the main soy congregation shall overcome castle was built on the Porch Wilbur country Angers small castle from An Rugong owned more than ninety miles away. Porch Wilbur city has about two hundred military national guard to three hundred people between people. French siege tools lack no three take no less than two days of the castle, in the military all enough edible food less than two weeks, more consumption in this place every day for them is on the balance of victory more than one point to the enemy incline. Worried Corbin with one thousand cavalry in an unusual way on the battlefield, he was alert, to know that in two miles outside of Paris more than 30,000 people, pregnant women, the elderly,Nike Jordan 12 Shoes, children, widows. Expect that support a large team in the personnel, Corbin suddenly felt he could not describe the injury was sustained with the pain, this time starting egg pain down. Eight people carrying planks nailed a chair replaces Corbin horses, a play on immediately overawed army, Corbin does not want to engage in such a manner appearances, the army Anjou physicians can no longer agree strongly he rode, his abdomen sores if then cracked again, it comes to an end. In order to bear his life, Corbin only obedient. Gathered under the castle's army ready to go to war to see sense meaning not disabled physically disabled cattle blocked his face wore a turban wrapped dressed in ponchos,Crossbodys Coach, hands Wojian, cold winds, cloak jitter, the whole person because that layer turban and sat extremely overbearing Dajiao on that frame, giving a step by step to carry out. The Corbin wiser, far beyond the battlefield stamp, lest the loss shè. Jill immediately jealous. In ice and snow in the Great Northern, suddenly emerge as such a fiery bright cloak wrapped generals, the French army morale boosted moment, this is the battle to the enemy in the suburbs of Paris on the forehead shè undead continue with an arrow British won their fierce Pathwalker. Inflicted by the tails of the tail pinch Lolita forehead with so disobedient golden, no matter how I comb Cole are fix, now this handful golden wind swing, so, in front of the battlefield suddenly Lolita hear the Word of God. She pointed to the one in the rear, "meaning not disabled physically disabled," the kingdom of France allied commander for four weeks hooligans, ruffians, Knights soldiers began a spectacular pre-war inspired. Corbin far heard to say something in front of Lolita, but word seems to be associated with him on the right, he raised his sword indicate you Well, I saw that one French guy all in the listening LORI cry wolf later incarnation as a collective roar, like playing with blood rushed to the fortress. Jeanne Corbin ordered close to the vicinity, where he not only saw the commencement of the siege warfare but also the way a question. "You told the soldiers what was said? '" Is to tell them God's blessing, we are invincible. "Joan of Arc choose to conceal a thing. Corbin nodded will no longer continue to ask. When rì afternoon, the French army to pay the cost of fifty people captured the castle, the castle defenders collapsing. Joan of Arc on this kind of thing never sweep the battlefield do not care, as long as no killing of captives on the line. Corbin only took this jīng deliberately, arrange to take care of the basic needs of the congregation of tens of thousands of soy sauce and manage good that they do not become a swarm of locusts, so Lolita former order to maintain the best state to severely dry out and die all tried to block she passed on the road to salvation France demons are sacred. Since then, the French army advancing to An Rugong country regions on the road, among LORI active in the French army will always be a shadow next to the lofty dignity sitting in the chair in front of men complain endlessly toward her. Yesterday Which households lost clothes, and today is the house fewer chickens, tomorrow is Paul allowed to deal with domestic violence, the worst thing is that even marital disharmony also came to seek a solution. Detract from France during joint military commander recuperate neighborhood become a part-time Director of Women president incidentally deal with all size matters. But it seems that people outside of their commander as gods in general chair majesty sword waving to the British, French cry out with the mouth one after another victory declaration, followed by France's leading law Savior Army to get a yet another victory. Just ten days, LORI car turned all the way to the office, slag slag who were wiped out, LORI where Corbin's nickname was unveiled and shouted out in there. God razor! LORI recent biggest hobby is pointing to Corbin's head and Asan headscarves ignite full command of the French army and rogue ground soy congregation to launch a yet another strong push weak battle. The boss of the French army would transition neighborhood part-time Director of Women president incidentally while unknowingly became the mascot in general exist, and in those who have been misled to Lolita is not a thing of the subconscious to be seen as Corbin a sword body thing, people know the truth are all agreed that the frail body easily pushed Lolita makes a good hand sword. When Corbin aware that he has become a thing when something is not too late, the French army in the name of the mascot head, he would sit real, LORI people on the outside it appears that she has become a Christian world ranking first with a sword master, a good horse with a good saddle, she is on hand with the world's Mighty sword, weapon's blade on the list ranking the list: [razor] Neville Corbin gods. France Savior razor wielding god referred to the Department, the French army invincible invincible. Corbin heard universal plug can be inserted then everything in the world, but the sword over the head of all objects can be inserted is the first time I heard the argument. Anyway, Benedictus has a soul in heaven will be very pleased, Who Corbin did not put one gun that other senior body surgery excel, it touches the first step to excel at more senior person sword. In short, for the release of those rumors that it would only come to him every night, with the saliva to his polished blade of Lolita, Corbin is helpless, and who finds her, and no one except God not pull back, Several times he wants to do a make-up zone play God to fool about her. Of course, this idea is just think about it, to become the mascot of these rì yard, Corbin greatest achievement was the organization of a maternal rescue team, where pregnant women to produce, he is like a general with a group of firefighters Experienced aunt who fell from the sky to pick up students. This is his [mother] over what rì child. Deep sleep every night doing so pregnant woman grabbed his hand nightmare has become commonplace, and waited at the camp outside the guard who can always see Corbin subconsciously shout "hard ..." "take a deep breath. . "" squeezed out "," helper soon to "sort of nonsense. February 15 this evening, Lolita went to Corbin Corbin tent went up. Every night before going to bed repentance is the most enthusiastic LORI blade grinding into things, has become Corbin Nenggen LORI complain of the time. A beginning, without exception, is the Joan of Arc on the wrong perpetrated today constantly tucao, LORI tucao finished waiting Corbin forgive her sins, then tens of thousands to turn it on for Corbin downtown crane tail Tucao things go out. Jeanne early preparation ears like usual, but did not continue his Corbin today for ordinary working class people complain. "Our food is running out." "How much is left?" <
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