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he is the sole heir of t antworten
v> Chapter XXII fear God, the same opponents afraid of pigs as teammates fear God,Coach New Arrivals Clearance, the same opponents afraid of pigs as players, to be placed before today, Corbin say what killed did not believe the world aiming would anyone foolish such an extent, but now, he believed. WWw, QUAnbEN, cOM he believed it was because of personal world aiming stupid and kill all the others! France's crown prince put Moen River Bridge a split, the French army in the north shore of the Loire rì pay a bitter struggle to obtain more than 3,000 casualties so he destroyed all the record does not say, then this is not a bridge, Paris the city's eight thousand French troops simply became Wengzhongzhibie, let it not working should not be called day. Celebrate the French victory over the impact of the mind to this sad news was erased, the presence of nobles heard the matter, the unmanned not extremely angry. Dauphin behind them stabbed disheartening feeling is not that also allow them full of fears for the future, which erupted into being in really kill it. Duke of Alencon on the doings of his cousins ​​and do not believe, he stared bristle to pass believers: "This man is a spy, is jiān fine!!! Was sent against us Brits morale!" Duke of Alencon pulled Dunois: "He is my knight in Orleans, he would not lie to me! And he early than we are in Paris two rì, British impossible at that time to expect them will be defeated! "Lafayette Earl mustache mouth twitch. "Now how do we do?" Just nobles denounced the betrayal of his son Charles VI, the Lafayette Earl still is relatively calm, and now say what is more than just words, the only way to find a solution is the only way, he hopes placed LORI body. "Joan of Arc ... what God wants you to convey to us?" Dauphin's betrayal is also a great impact on Joan of Arc, she Fazheng forward until the fourth Earl of Lafayette called upon her. Lolita lips losing blood sè two panic on a map hastily looked pimple on your forehead large drops of perspiration, Loire north shore of the French army was a good son of Charles VI completely pushed the road to ruin, unless the Loire river water evaporates in a rì Otherwise, one can still restore the French army destined to defeat! "Damn Valois family, the family of the cursed king sat upon the throne of our kingdom of France after France that time was not suffering from the curse! Crecy, Poitiers, Agincourt ... All of this should be a victory are so buried in the hands of the enemy, and now we! France will sooner or later put an end to this dirty family hands ... "" Li Suote!!! "Corbin listening to the words of the Scottish guy outrageous until he finished before Exports to stop. Pop! Rugged Scottish guy got slapped, he hit the roof put on in the palm of your hand on the hilt, but early next Laxi Er drew sword. "You do not move ..." Lolita's eyes widened scathing anger: "Watch your words, you are an honorable abusive King and Crown Prince of the Kingdom." Shiloh can see I humiliated, forehead Teng emerge a Root veins: "The King will honor!? Are we xìng life worthless? for such desperate king and his blood, I quit!!!" Jill said with disgust: "I was in Brittany nobility, loyalty is the Dukes of Brittany and I fight to France is to look at the friendship between me and Corbin, and wanted me to go to that idiot ruin a xìng life, I am not doing! "everyone grievances quickly mobilized, indignant manner aristocratic look into three factions, one faction in silence, they sit on the sidelines while a large number of self-preservation faction refute the scarce number of abusive royalists while Charles VI and his baby son . Duke of Alencon Pierre Sancerre Earl Biai Yi, Clermont Earl Charles banner is very clearly leading the captive camp, and in the royalist inside, with only a handful of incense Chilla Earl Knights for their king and the dauphin excuse. Seeing the debate about how to overcome France ** king British operational meetings would help the British to attack evolved into Chinon France dolphins, Jeanne moderation. "Enough!!!" LORI an export roared let everyone keep their mouths shut. "If you want treason NPC can take a knife to kill me collect the reward of their new king, Come!!!" Joan waited a few seconds, she is very disappointed with these French nobility, national crisis, once a little setback first thought is to protect themselves! "Nobody do? Since nobody wants treason, then listen to me! We do not go anywhere in Paris, rest two days later, we go north Reims, to where to find the British battle!!! Which of you is what expression? We This is to France!!! "Joan of Arc's plan is to say just before the bridge is still the French army against the mons conditions made by the hands of the safest plan, but Moen bridge already lost, the French army in Paris destined not to get supplies and reinforcements, then this program will lose its effect, Jeanne finished the new program, she looked at the expression of nobles reluctantly opening will continue her tirade, a hand on her shoulder schematically furious Lolita calm. "We seem to be suffering from HRH prince and his father's equally distinguished name illness. Even if they are sick is also invite you to respect them, because they are chosen by the Father King and heir to the throne. As we are going to ask me Why did God choose this two is neither fair nor equitable to do our king king of France, my answer is I'm sorry, I do not know. "Corbin would be very angry to hear this news, he also believes that dauphin ruined all his efforts, but when he saw the presence of all the nobility indignant have expressed dissatisfaction, Corbin dead come to realize that this is not a bad idea twists and turns of life. Which is the key to how he used it. Corbin then inside bloodshed, but listen to the other nobles ear is actually a very common sense, yes ah, the old Charles VI was a lunatic, so it must be a small inherited this knife that stabbed one of us old goods of good genes, and carried forward. "But I know that Joan of Arc was right, or else God nor will she sent among us, we are here doing everything France. Gentlemen, you believe Joan of Arc, and believe me, believe in God? If yes, then ask you to stay, to France to fight! "Corbin said so many high-sounding words managed to appease the nobles emotions down a little, after all, some things can not be said in public. "Zhen .. Please follow the current best match France to arrange the fighting tactics. Surrounded by very good plan of attack, you may continue, as food and reinforcements ... Please believe me, I will think about ways." Thorn Cole Bin ill prepared to continue dragging the forefront of struggle in the anti-British, he thought I do not know to write a French-like "Inst" to recognize under their own. Corbin thought or forget, "Inst" unlucky, the most important thing is he was not even at the beginning of the first sentence is nothing to know. The situation is changing, the situation is changing. France needs more friends involved in this war! Corbin ordered the conference room must have happened secrecy, the whole army was held to celebrate three days, with the prisoners through the streets of Burgundy, he wants to use the victory to tell Paris France who defeated the mighty Brits . "Then what?" Has been held in celebration task Clermont asked the count. "And then? Conscription." Corbin overlooking the Earl-eyed, mouth and smiled. Everyone suddenly dawned! Laxi Er familiar terrain around in Paris,Air Jordan 14, the most important thing is they are used to bring up mercenaries, the gang sauce congregation handed them out to go hunting around the city of Paris and Paris will postwar British British deserters, increasing their combat qualities, Corbin believes that night escape of tens of thousands of British and Burgundians, many in the suburbs of Paris. Corbin lit a viscount Beauvoir: "Beauvoir lord ... you can see France to the most critical moment, as long as we spend this off, France will be able to be reborn." Beauvoir viscount asked: "What can I do for you,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, you big head?" Corbin said: "I hope Duchy of Luxembourg war! force in Luxembourg holding Reims British!" Beauvoir Viscount is very difficult, he is the sole heir of the Duchy of Luxembourg, right, but I want him to cross the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to his autocratic difficult, and he had heard the previous year, he I also played the French troops went, kidnapped a lot of wealth and population. Corbin said: "I can appreciate the difficulty of your country, just ask you to listen to me a word, once the king invaded France, do you think he is in Burgundy, England surrounded Duchy of Luxembourg, not tempted?" Cole Penn made a promise to the Viscount Beauvoir: "As long as the Duchy of Luxembourg joined the French side of the front, I promise you, the kingdom of France after helping in the recovery of the northern Duchy of Luxembourg captured Burgundy in Flanders Famei En region in return, so you also please look at the number of years of friendship between us on the helping hand. "Beauvoir Viscount not a definite answer:" I try to try. "Duchy of Luxembourg as an ally of France, pull while in Burgundy beside Luo Lingong country is able to help the French army is holding Burgundy intervention Northwest war's footsteps, provided they kenga into a fight, do advocate a private spot Corbin wrote a letter promised to Burgundy annexation of a champagne corridor ceded to Lorraine, hoping Luo Lingong country married couple look in his upcoming Isabella's sake Lafalanxi one. Corbin as so few duke, earl look very unnatural, he did so almost in the exercise of the powers of a king! After these arrangements, Corbin give LORI an encouraging look. "A good fight ... I'm ready to leave Paris trip!" Joan asked: "Where are you headed?" "I'm going back Chinon, so that France is no longer a person's France, but everyone's France!" Section Corbin dauphin demolition Moen bridge from where it sniff the two women behind the taste, Yolande and his nuns Mineierdai. <
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