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> Chapter Lolita is another genus xìng Corbin sacrilegious on the radio. wWw, QuANBEn, Com to future generations if the French people know Joan gave them their great egg drop forehead, do not know the French people will invent a space shuttle in advance,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, the two nuclear bombs to throw him on the forehead, and then set up n-dimensional space parallel to Joan of Arc Guard saint for their special protection. But Corbin touches can be sure if the French people to come up with space shuttle will get hold of in this event named sections rì, the first national holiday for seven days to do anything else. Put the bomb in the coming year should leave a few days, the formation of the Virgin Guard rì definitely established national holiday, the first successful protection of the Virgin is false rì, the tenth is a holiday rì, and so on, do not a few decades, the French are the holidays each year rìrì. Corbin through several dreams is discovered after World War II the best way relieve the pressure. Four dispersed sober again gathered together all the French nobility back, then Corbin dreams into a third world war Frenchman are busy holiday nobody defend the entire country, the results adversary does not cost a single soldier entered Paris, the entire France again perish. Rescue France became the demise of the Virgen de France primer, Corbin's dreams to this end, he looked around one, several others eyed stare at one place, Corbin turned and looked, he threw LORI bucket at age 13 for a one Corbin used men's, loose blonde is a trace of heat rising, sitting on a very uncomfortable position. Delicately fragrant and delicious LORI feel nǎi Corbin's eyes, anti-glare back, very courageous and did not like others timid, concentrated in the eyes of the body along with Lolita to Corbin there, There are doubts, there is surprise, more a burning curiosity. "I went to her sober up." Corbin Qing Ke finish conceal a cry after entered, the French army is useless how much it costs to conquer Paris, the main British army crossed the Loire hit by surprise, now in Paris French hands, surrounded by British troops, a move is the wrong one will make France the last fight forces have a certain strength to crumble, as a joke, not only would not achieve the role of morale revive France, but will play the opposite effect. King Henry is well aware of this point, when he received the news of Paris to be overcome, although he was unhappy, but not anxious. France Jungong Ke Bali is using borrowed a strike, the British must win this battle, the British won the French guy would never comeback chance! To increase certainty, King Henry was no hasty decision to send troops, but wait a few rì, other men have gathered together all the troops march again from Reims to Paris, to the absolute superiority of troops defeat the French army. 1424, January 2rì, this night, decided the fate of the decision in England and France would have born. Laon tent city under the British continuous shrouded in the night, only the middle of the piece is still bright and large accounts, account has two shadows. They are the collateral Plantagenet family brother Lance Decatur. "Obey Paris knight back return of the French army raid in Paris there Neville gun cross, from the point of view of return, they are the last of the main French army." King Henry leaning forehead dumbfounding, "Corbin must keep my make life difficult because I do to make him uncomfortable? even if he had been stabbed Charlie madman still remains consistent allegiance Valois family. "Thomas Corbin is not clear idea:" He sometimes very pedantic man , preferring a waste of money brought in [jì] female, do not condone looting soldiers are not allowed soldiers strong jiān women, not to drink, but to wait until the war, when they often do deviant things. "King Henry sigh extracted from the waist Nabing get loot from Corbin: "Maybe this is the reason that God selected him." Blade pleasing glow shining in the firelight, King Henry playing for a while, he asked: " You worked with him for some time, you decide this battle how would he do? Rodez, Orthez and Navarre's victory reminds us to be careful of his surprise attacks. "Thomas thought the king's recent increase at night Shoubing move suddenly dawned, he recalled Corbin expeditions followed rì son, finally looked under before he went to map the terrain near Paris and Reims: "out of Laon, there is a boundary all around is the hills, where we must jǐng Ti, preferably by the French nobles loyal to do your strikers, if unexpected, can only repel the French striker, and then Burgundians cavalry can go to live in the French army blocked the rear retreat, ending the battle by us. "King nodded schematically Thomas continue. Thomas spread out the map, said: "We have in Rouen and Beauvais His Majesty's two brothers, my worry is that the French army is not our goal but they!" Thomas is referring to two brothers and four older brothers in Duke of Gloucester and the smallest dick Duke of Bedford, Thomas himself ranked third. King Henry said: "They are in the army about a thousand people, more easily than we did as a target." Corbin in Rodez and Pamplona mentioned several times that he wanted to surround the enemy of the city to attract Batch fractionated went to the rescue, Thomas was going to say yes to two soldiers, a Duke together, but even taking into account the two merged Duke's army is still a disadvantage, he gave up the idea. "Maybe they have now been defeated French army, of course, this is only one possible and I think rather than let them out of the city, the king ordered them to adhere better to town." "Suggest very fair, this former team on by those who betray the guys do striker, Burgundians do middle, then is our England. march not more than 15 miles a day as long as we beat those French army, we directly south bar, Charlie's wife finally admitted her yín foul nod behavior, signed a plea regulations, holding that sin strip! Charlie's son is no longer his own son, Anjou family, Bourbon family, Navarra family, Orléans family, they are conditional anyone throne succession . "Thomas King except no Tibo see Burgundy and asked:" Our allies and what have we done deal? "'The land south of Lyon, all to them. premise is that they can endure, to when you come to lead the troops to help them. "British intention is to proceed step by step to completely eaten by the French army, with the king that night two horse gallop out strongly worded Shouyu British camp, ran to the south, hoping to grab In the two former warring stopped two of England Duke Duke. "French army through the bridge to cross the river Loire is to rely on, and His Majesty the King, you say that we are not trying to send a cavalry behind the French army to destroy their bridges along the north shore of them dying in?" Thomas has spoken of his proposal. King Henry waved his hand: "Do not bother, the demolition of the bridge not good for us." Thomas think also,Purses Coach, as long as they defeated the French army, they will directly use the bridge to cross the river reached the army south of the Loire. Parisian palace. British troops face a strong advantage, the French army has two way, one is conservative, since the capture of Paris, it is a small victory with honor and booty seized by the king as the withdrawal of the royal collection in Paris back across the Loire do intend; another one on the more daring, adventurous few, before the arrival of the British force, the French army attacked the British Rouen and Beauvais, do intend to finish these two battle. Lionel, Béarn Earl's father tend to direct the withdrawal of Paris, Duke of Alencon Pierre Gonzalez Gil Baron, La Xier three were partial division and then go attack the British retreat. Anyway, anyway, no one wanted to hold in Paris, they do not think the French army currently able defensible. In fact, I tend to keep Corbin Paris, the French army won the Paris and then lost, to the detriment of the significance of this battle is the fly in the ointment scars, but the British in Paris was not enough material left over from the French city of a million people and hold on the inhabitants of the city more than one month. Yolande nor magical wand again in a month's time to come up with tens of thousands of French troops to break the British siege, so Corbin did not want to give the army finally mustered up dying in Paris. Corbin finished his intention, set their sights on Lolita, by virtue of fantasy, Corbin eyes to see the heavens and the earth from outer space spread to LORI radio signals on the head. Ray Corbin ready to be prepared, LORI must be guaranteed to say nonsense like Paris, anyway, he already thought to persuade her. Joan's attitude is very firm, keep her in Paris with the total death! "We can not leave Paris regardless! If you go away on their own, but I'll leave!" Duke of Alencon persuasion: "We could not restrain Paris, the British a call, we will die trapped here. "Lionel mentioned British reserve:" Paris left our food can only maintain a million troops and local residents a month or so of food. British original masters of Paris, We reserve the approximate number of concealed them as long as they are broken off contact with the outside Paris. no food, we can only die here. "Joan said with confidence:" No .. we will not! long as we to fight a battle that we will be able to relieve the crisis in Paris! "People have to face in addition to Corbin's father sè a stifled, people here have never seen LORI scare on his ability. Lionel Minato head over and asked: "Where to play?" Disheveled Lolita Complete understanding of the British military probably constituted after meditating for a while, her without looking maps: "We went to the king battle!" Loches Earl grimace in pain. Jill, though they are well prepared, but still give spooked. "This is a bath wash LORI not bad brains right?" Corbin hold back the urge to touch the head Joan of Arc, "how are you going to do?" Jill twitch their eyes look to the Corbin. "First, we're going to raise more soldiers!" Lolita things by the book said. Nobles nodded his head. "Then what?" Lolita and that he also somehow ignited, she flushed cheek: "And then we went to the king to do battle!" "Below it?" "So ah!" This time it was Cole Bin and Li Suote father, Zook Texas drilling Zhuodi it. Laxi Er asked them not to give up and said: "there is no more detailed plan?" "What plans do still need? This is the Lord's will, we are not able to master about it!" Joan of Arc's rebuttal so Laxi Er speechless. Jill last straw: "God is God, and all is God, my God, do you have no other than God can say yet??" "You ..." Lolita seemingly full of rage. Corbin pulled Lolita, he sighed, like a lesson naughty childish patiently advised and said: "Lolita, ah .. no, I mean Jeong .. our hands hold thousands count of life, and behind it are the soldiers home, you should be aware that a wrong decision can make these people die, we are in for the sake of the lives of the soldiers. "" We? .... "Lolita face more red, "You stand over there they do?" Corbin quickly shook his head: "no." "That does not become, listen to what I say, God will give us victory! Is there any difficulty . "events beyond the control of Corbin, he is difficult to do ah. "We now show of hands, agreed to withdraw the other side directly, please raise your hands." No one, it seems that Lionel changed his mind. "Supporting the second scenario a person?" In addition to Joan of Arc, everyone raised their hands, because this is the most secure way. "That's the third option." Even Joan of Arc hands, she also can not reverse the whole situation. "If so, we started to discuss it all the way to attack enemies, Rouen and Beauvais, which two of the British army must be destroyed. Tonight we sent to Orleans to contact Lafayette Earl ..." Joan of Arc did not hear Corbin talking about, talk of other nobles have been isolated in the ears, but her ears echoed repeatedly only she could hear the sound, she even saw the defeat of the French army look! French army must win, so she must stop this guy! "We have to talk to the king battle!" Lolita's voice came out rather abruptly discussions have been stopped, Corbin did not want to do too much in the discussion. "We have already done a resolution." Corbin turned around and saw a sharp gunpoint against his neck, face sè Corbin sank, he was very unhappy to by their first names: "Zhen Germany to flag down! "Lolita very obedient taken back to Longinus,jordan online sale, Corbin but unexpectedly she recovered pound flagpole flagpole is to use his right hamstring. Corbin heels, Joan of Arc was not able to hit, head Lolita fury rushed up. Corbin helplessly sighed, stretched out an arm, hold LORI head. This hand is the distance from the heavens and the earth in general. No matter how violent LORI are unable to move forward. "Stop it." Corbin did not want to accompany LORI play anymore, he grabbed Joan of Arc: "a good calm down, Joan of Arc!" "This is not my anger ..." Lolita clearly a lie, according to the biological theory , psychology and human histology, LORI will determine her actions. Corbin Shashi Hou then learned the? He made it up. "This is God's wrath! I can not watch you put the French army into death." <
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