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28.05.2013 07:48
Yang Yi wants to play these landless antworten
Yang Yi told the disease remain in Hangzhou, some people think that he is not to feel wronged and the angry. However, large song money shortage is expected to be resolved, Yang Yigong not, now impeached, who have some. Some people think that, this is a committed retraction performance, like a turtle, from external attacks,Cheap Oakley Sport, instinctively retracted the safety hard shell. To impeach him more and more, Yang Yitai dazzling,Oakley Scalpel, attack this talent more fulfilling, it appears his outspoken. Eventually even to do Liu Zheng have joined the ranks of the impeachment of Yang Yi. The song to matter not Ming Dynasty that seven small officer. Kamine Yuantoyo after the reform, to do complex for the Ministry official, is four, four, divided the province under routine check and cashier, instruments, barge misconduct is decree, give the officer who, on paper to record, correcting the lost. Under the upper and lower, sealing and refuting, advisor, note five case, sorting chores, brought into the company,Oakley Glasses Online, played into the hospital. In order to even the prime minister has the right to a barge, Baiguan list to the record to enter into the body, and is four, this figure is not simple. The authority is not inferior to Yu Cheng, and Liu Zheng and Huang Lu, also is one of the first put together a head to Baowen Ge forcing people. Yang Yi can not help but sigh: it seems that some people could really together, but not altogether splendor. Zhang Shen has not made a statement, because Yang Yiren is in Hangzhou, Empress Dowager Liu will impeach his memorial temporarily under pressure. After all, yellow shoe they impeached Yang Yi just based on hearsay rumors, there is no conclusive evidence. Although, Yang Yinong so much money, by this point, you can judge those rumors are not generally. But Yang Yi's three big degree, not even a chance not to punish him for his crime, is not. Empress Dowager Liu Yang Yi before the "disease" to be perfectly logical and reasonable, press the impeachment his memorial, who also could not say what. That chapter was never comment on the matter, Yang Yi smiled! Some people, some things, position is not the best position. Let the bullets fly for a while! Since last year in Hangzhou after the pilot throwing, Mrs. Li Gui has stayed in Hangzhou to take care of this industry, last year's throwing good results, harvest and planting is no different, but can save a lot of labor, not Yang Yi to promotion, many landlords large active the use of this simple method of farming. This makes more labor can be free, from the land in the short term, this may cause problems for some tenants, so that they become unemployed. This point Yang Yi don't worry, move trees die, people move to live, the tenant farmers without land farming, will transfer to the industry and commerce. Hexi corridor through, the court allowed private to the officer ordered ships ship field, further boosting song trade flourish, large song industry is now in a strong wells on stage, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain throughout the workshop like emerge, can these landless peasant accept. And now, Yang Yi wants to play these landless people. He told lee you bought a few dishes, plus a pot of Nu'er Hong, then put the big manager Li Nantong in Hangzhou. Li Nantong is only thirty years old, country word face, cheeks are Qiuxu, tall, but can give a person a kind of >
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