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> From Lorraine Knight eyes glow enveloped shè out ferocious live Corbin. wwW! qUANbeN! coM Corbin 有苦说不出 ah, Isabella whipping up his mind to come up for mistakes, from small to large, she must do something, who can pull back? Isabella is not only called the Knights of the head, face, there are people, but also attracted the Burgundians, at the last minute, only to catch a duck stand Corbin, pumping her meal. First whip, Isabella Jiaoqu violent shocked, followed by non-stop shaking. Second whip, Isabella uttered repressed pain Yingti, fine if the mosquito sound. Penalties can be a long or a short nor short, Corbin thrown five consecutive whip, soft foot light, I feel like a century long this period, he could not stand the pain for fear of Isabella, one screams out, then who will know, this looks very pretty young knight is actually a woman. Isabella refrained, identity exposure, it is impossible to mix the knight's identity expedition against 阿曼涅克伯 country, can not participate in the expedition that would mean going to talk to Rene of Anjou meet! I heard that guy from Provence are doing remote trip to Lorraine. Remembered the nostrils sniveling kid actor,Oakley Radar Sale, in the case of adults do not pay attention, reached into the nostrils, pulled out a big lump under the torch with a liquid crystal water booger, into the mouth, such as chewing delicious generally only treasured like to ask her not to eat together, Isabella in this fairly warm chūn days hit a cold. Lorraine Knight quickly put to Isabella Jiazou,Totes Coach Cheap, before leaving, glowered at Corbin one. Corbin told someone to command nun Isabella send medicine to go, he was covered limply return Army meeting hall. Good military meeting was interrupted by a series of a mess of things, he almost forgot what today's theme. Looking around Burgundians circle closest to Corbin's about two, one of England's Duke of Bourbon in one count, he rubbed his swollen head: "Continue the topic before us, the army must have a unified scheduling operations be carried out, and today, we'll get rid of command over this thing! "Burgundy Viscount Villiers Duke Jean and England Thomas invariably want the speaker, and with respect for the identity of world people's sympathy, Viscount Villiers, Duke of hand signals to England first. Thomas cast a grateful to each other in the eyes, turned serious look to Corbin: "Big Head sir, I am with my command of the English people will unconditionally accept your schedule." Thomas drew all the Burgundians watched, they watched in disbelief the England Duke put 220 people longbows command of the plate. Knights of the Shire shelter was completely not like strabismus Bourgogne first glance, he chose to return a favor: "Bourbon also unconditionally accept the leadership of the Knights." Charles surrender command of how many can say pass, but Thomas Why do it? Nothing gallant, namely non jiān Pirates. This is Corbin's first idea, he told the Duke's impression is very good, mainly because Thomas from behind shè his arrow, stab in the back, this man's character in question. Thomas Corbin idea to be able to know definitely shouting wronged. Under the eaves, how can I not bow, this is a good show Thomas Corbin ah, Who had their own master he, good Sibu Si to shè the other stone. Stands to reason that Thomas is to firmly hold their own third of the acres, but it was a very stupid act, especially for no retreat Thomas purposes. Henry V, Henry IV ascended the throne from the beginning has been to follow the rebels fighting, military accomplishment is not covered, Thomas Henry side with the Civil war, learned a lot of things, he clearly, if only the army no cohesion, disunity, Lyon is giving out to send food. Thomas do not want to run back to England in disgrace, but also want to be Corbin difficulties, so he can only choose a good show Corbin, become each must rely on the help, and now, Thomas must first look at each other in the next reaction. Burgundians turn the Viscount Villiers,Coach Store, and the black middle-aged man in Burgundy prestige is not a small group, he should speak, other people are shut up in Burgundy Pakistan: "Big Head Your Excellency, the next there is only one question, if you can give people a satisfactory answer, I am willing to hand over command of, but here we seem inconvenient to talk. "Corbin stood up from his seat, waved their hands Willy Wales Viscount followed him. Two out of the Army meeting hall meetings across the hall into the army soldiers to watch the rest of the house. Closed, Viscount Villiers straight to the point and asked: "When we set off 阿曼涅克伯 country?" Corbin told them the truth: "Before the fall in 阿曼涅克伯 country's grain harvest planted before." Dimension Lierse Viscount ponder upon her chin while, come to an answer, the other is thinking a purpose, rather than mess want to play hit a hundred and fifty, for now, should be entrusted: "I understand, and I would be willing to as an ordinary knight to accept from any one of your appointment. "Corbin was not certain and asked:" Do you really understand? "Viscount Villiers replied:" I see you are from all over the acquisition of food, plus your The deadline for sending troops to disclose generally know your strategy your intent is very clear, is the key to victory or defeat the enemy's food, if implemented properly, can indeed reduce the number of captured 阿曼涅克伯 country's resistance. "It is summer and communicative food storage minimal stage Corbin grab Earl harvest crops in Oman Zernike before attacking 阿曼涅克伯 country, disrupting their harvest, there is not much food support military fortress will fall at a very fast pace, lack of food Oman Zernike army would therefore deprivation, contrary afar expeditionary force would not have this scruple, because Corbin everything for them somehow. "Almost." Corbin Road name careless eye, anyway, he is not afraid to reveal his troops rì period. Lyon's army a move, then along the way Avignon Weng Vatican Church is alive surveillance, is not afraid of late that day, two days. Return to the military meeting hall, Viscount Villiers expressed his attitude Burgundians apparently well prepared for this, both a Duke and an Earl earlier, another nod Jean Villiers, Burgundians no big opinions. However, in order to ensure ventilation Corbin not suddenly brains, causing them to follow a mind to go to hell with error madman, Burgundy nobles made a condition of protecting their interests. By the English Duke of Clarence, Earl of Clermont Bourbon, Viscount Villiers, Viscount Beauvoir, unknown Lorraine Knight, a five-member expedition council. The Council has the obligation to supervise the expedition commander on the battlefield, the Council does not have the ability to manufacture Yuekeerbin, but decided to attack targets on the march, appraisal program will be held in any unreasonable veto vote. As a commander, Corbin right to vote, have the right to re-proposed, but this time the voting will be extended to the whole expedition who volunteered to participate. Isabella can be added to the council in a rain-delayed Corbin ashamed, but Corbin had no objections, he knew Burgundians gang fight any ideas, do not balance it is to play. Charles of Bourbon likely on his side, England Duke estimated Shoushuliangduan guy, Lorraine to knight, rounded out the band 11 Knights Knights office headquarters building, it seems very powerful, but also by whipped once, with Corbin grudges set, Burgundians they have two representatives, to the time what's the worst case, to win over England and the Duke of Lorraine Knight does not become! The two sides around the command of the compromise is completed. Corbin will wait to send a priest to the military prosecution office, counting the Burgundian army under the command of the specific number of nobles, instruments, equipment, food. Chalon gradually from there spread to the plague is a serious threat, I heard that arrived from the north of Lyon said in Burgundy near Dijon in Burgundy suffer disease who have general malaise, fatigue, food yù appetite, abdominal discomfort and other symptoms, the disease seems to extend from one hundred to a thousand people. The next one to two months, will spread to Lyon it. 3 consecutive days, Corbin got only a few will count priest, next to a tent set up outside the city inspection, the fifth day later, four priests to stay in his room and he carried the whole army calculation. Night down, wore a dark circles under the opponent's strength Corbin finally have a more concrete understanding. Knights remain the same, the number of escort unchanged, Grand Masters Marines 100 people, descendant nearly 2,000 people. Existing 1973 Swiss mercenaries who count their way over 2,000 people, roughly 4,000 people. Burgundian knight 117 local lords army soldiers 1976 people, bourbon public ** There Cavaliers 23 people, 23 soldiers, England Duke a knight a person longbows 233. Italian hand crossbow mercenaries 200 people, the Italian gunners 45 people. PLA 9417 people. Knights priests have come to this figure gasped when a burst of air, very fast hardware Yeah, so large numbers of troops can be pulled out to play in this summer conquests of! Corbin scoffed, 100 pikemen vulnerable, bourbon public ** combat power worrying, 9500 three people went into the army's combat capability, but also conquests it, not to be steamed winter Ottomans even good. Army shortly after the end of the meeting within a week, the Knights enacted within the collar in other people's eyes is a very strange decree: prohibit all lessons within the river Rhone river, people inside the collar must be cooked well water before drinking and offenders fined five Riffle, abnormal symptoms, tell the Knights will be rewarded 10 Riffle. Fool 009 children's shoes, you've worked hard le. <
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