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> Chapter 73 Holy gun glow chaos of 1421 over the past year, this year the nobles is a rare feast of the kingdom of France Orthez gave them a lot of rare memories, this year for farmers is also a memorable year for natural disasters ** if you do not see stop of the day, especially in Flanders, summer washed away tens of thousands of property, since the outbreak of epidemics swept half region, a total of more than 80 villages and towns unable to provide the Duchy of Burgundy taxes. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm Philip Duke plans to send troops to Lance year plan shelved for the time being,Jordan 6 Sale, there are also fighting along interrupt Kingdom of England, Kingdom of the fleet to make the climate of terror can not carry the new collection 4000 longbows to Normandy, the lack of this new force, England King Henry ordered the Congress to do more to prepare. Flange Siwa Loire royal ushered in a rare respite. 1422 Easter, chūn minutes after the first Sunday after the first full moon, the original Knights honors rì. Orthez Cathedral, is the only one on the entire continent of Christ appeared miraculous place, known as the holy land of the gun glow shine. Chilling lobby smelled a faint bloody. Just been promoted to the holy flag Knights Orthez total trial court sentenced the long run Ryan Shia open church door, along with the influx of cold silence of the hall, ice filled the entire building. Across the harbor strange taste that scarlet carpet carpet yīn deep deserted hall, Ryan Shia inadvertently glanced at the middle of the inner layer which increasingly large exposed too long dark blood Beach. Four weeks bloodied, this striking bloodstains always makes people into the church holy gun piercing eyes blur visible signs of the devil, standing hall feel God's majesty, Ryan Shia are very sorry to have missed so many people that day lifetime trial, he more than once puzzled at the devil blood Yan sè, but he has seen the face of fear of the body, decided to comply with the devil distorted preferences. "Why should select his master?" Ryan C & H did not dare hazard a guess, to establish cooperation with the Knights of the total trial court's judgment institutions jointly combat the Vatican do not know is good or bad, "just hope we do not destroy all efforts. "dressed in a black silk trim painted Cross and Dominican friar emblem remember burlap white robe Ryan Shia gently breath, blood through that blackened beaches, through the corridor, Ryan C & H one step closer to the church as a preparation chamber. Not too spacious inner room, the door stood four guards, dome hem stood a table, the table is made of a silver bright checkerboard, with a side table for not stalwart silhouette, this man one hand while Nianzhao egg symbolizes pawn pawn hanging in the air, the other hand is pounding the table, seems to think. Opposite him sat a duke, duke Orthez intensity comparable to the king of a kingdom, there are two young, middle age there is one, the rest of the one already is the hair of the elderly fifties. "Big head, rituals ready, a little later someone brought the ceremony dedicated helmet armor." Ryan Shia informed a cry and turned to leave. "Corbin, I really did not think I would actually choose baby daughter to marry you." Chess openings of another person, the tone reveals dissatisfaction. Duke of Lorraine, of course reason dissatisfied very dissatisfied Corbin couple Guaipao their daughter's behavior, but in the eyes of hostile Isabella, the Duke of Lorraine can not hold anything, but her daughter in Luo Lingong States on dare knives to injure his sword mistress, who knows it slipped out in a circle, she picked up a mace will draw people to. This girl will be able to stand in the town of her mother. Duke of Lorraine ate each other a bishop, the rise of the young goes face to face: "I grew up watching you how much can be considered, the child, can you tell me that you were the only one that looks toward Isabella indifferent to the little guy did not do anything memorable thing is how I Luo Lingong country Tianzhijiao daughter Lorraine to go far away from Orthez to endure hardship, but also you can not come up with a situation of non-married? "under chess man, finally spoke: "I can not give answer, no one can explore God's intent." Duke of Lorraine stare a good few seconds before solemnly said: "I have no son, his mistress gave me only Under several illegitimate daughter, Isabella treat the huge Lorraine future is yours, but only if you have to make sure you have on hand three territories get Holiness recognized. "Corbin refused Avignon Weng Holy Saints title, a glimpse of the kingdom of France Béarn Earl, the rule of the Knights in the territory temporarily admitted, corresponding with the big head of the Knights is recognized as France Wangguo Chen genus, also belongs to the Knights France ** king thing forces a correct. Knights of St. flag regarded alienate the way into the Kingdom of England, which makes the gun very much looking forward to join the British armed holy King Henry very sorry. The harvest there to pay. Knights of St. restore Valois royal flag on the agenda for northern kingdom of France was decided to send troops to no less than 140 knights, 2,500 military force for one year, until the time is over, the royal family will immediately deprived Oman Zernike Earl , the title of Earl of Foix, Rodez Corbin inherited from both Earl, Oman Zernike Earl of Foix barony, so the Knights in the territory controlled by the rule is justifiably considered. As a father, Duke of Lorraine and again jǐng report said: "I did not too snobbish, you only have to ensure the territory, in order to ensure the possibility of happiness Isabella." "I know." Fat man three young brothers three holding helmet armor walked stiffly from the church, they stood very far away from the edge of the table, snooker complex eyes looked ordered to kill him first woman master. "Help me leave Sloek hatted armor, and you in the door guarding it." Cold voice sounded, Corbin has also been falling in the hands of pawns, knights removed the front. Duke of Lorraine good grace to leave his seat, do not go, he will be generals. Sloek wearing helmet armor began to help Corbin. "My friend, you hate me ..." Sloek for him to put his feet in Corbin leg armor, he respectfully bow and said: "not." "It was not, and do not want to. Opinion You like that woman. "cold voice reveals a share chill. 2000 Sloek slightly lifted his eyes and put his eye to see Corbin lowered eyelids, he was afraid of authentic: "No, sir." "Do you know who was your arms a woman's identity?" Full of fear of Sri Lanka Locke began by revealing an anger: "No maid is a duchess thing." "Well ..." Corbin Lengheng make Sloek help but dread. "Anjou lady maid around all beautiful flower, a Orthez immediately to find her lover from every family is their most active, triggering up knight duel entanglements is them, they are not lords beside seduce competent Knight is their noble men and you do not find at all Anjou lady maid seduce people inside, you are the lowest that job, so I have a puzzling question, my friend, that has a knighthood husband's maid gestures to you for what? "creepy Sloek sweating, he never looks, two did not identity, will make a beautiful female adult shu automatically fingertips trace of ghosts everywhere But he did not want to think about, the first romance sweet boy that he was confused mind. Sloek slammed knees. "She was the first one, but not the last one, my friend opened his eyes jǐng vigilant around you, our friends rarely, if later I again found a similar thing, I did not hesitate to choose to kill . "Corbin Sloek knew what it preaches, as early as six months ago, the Holy See were killed after Orthez it set off a reign of terror, and many people were hanged, and the Vatican, both of these people have no Coherent countryside lords, more connected to their blood tribe, a full 89 people, corpses still hanging in the city wall. Of course, the Holy One of France sinking originally wore the crown of his head the Holy See, after removal by Corbin, the body but was stayed, along with the dead bodies of demons that have been placed in the Hall of Honor Knights among the fabricated specimens. Powerful means to deter a bloody big head out of the entire territory of the chamber, face expressionless and said: "Get up, who has not made mistakes?" Iron boots riding ring ringing in the ground, came to the piece of cold hall, Hui light through the window in the wall of light and shadow cast gift lonely. Corbin stand that beach bloodstains ago, he found a corpse from Hans contacted Scott Bender's letterhead, he receives a witch hunt, witch-hunting, then all those who perpetrated the past Hans pushed to the head, In this regard, although the witch hunt is still some dissatisfaction, but still pledge allegiance to the holy judgment of the devil gun holders. Corbin on Hans ashamed. Stoke Corbin stood for a long time did not see the move again, he puzzled authentic: "In the holy sanctuary leave this filthy bloodstains can do? We still ordered to clear out of it." "Because in holiness with unclean, so in order to make the world more jǐng awake, let this blood here forever. "posterity will naturally be curious to Cathedral blood sample test taken this world in the end kept the devil does not exist, then someone will alternate Hans vindicated. As for Jesus. Corbin does not need to figure out what that means. Orthez church in front of the packed crowd, doors open at the moment, people see there is a shred of dignity or do not see, out of a sad figure. 1421 Christmas Eve, the long-awaited first conquest of chivalry battle honors ceremony at the Knights of race event lasted one year after the start of the Knights Hall of Honor will stand in the river, semicircular dome is four large cylindrical, open doors open position is very strange, is not the center but left first glance it is realized that the Knights Hall of Honor hanging wall murals shock. The army, the mighty army advancing through the mural emerge in front, along with a step by step approached, murals gradually started to be shè long bow archers are included, Chiji Swiss mercenaries being slowly forward, squire constitute infantry corps in which the shuttle, the front became the most densely pikemen spectacular scenery sè, galloping cavalry being squeezed to the front to form a flood in the past, two huge army of a dark, flags fluttering like clouds , Youyuanerjin, in that mural at the end, with a pair of hands bathed in glory, in that it is holy hands in the middle of the gun Longnujisi, gunmen Corbin positive foot on a devil, four weeks to do in this fight is commendable figure. Duchy of Burgundy invited famous painter Jan? Where? Ike are written to the side, this painting is brewing for more than six months before Corbin paintings done in this mural below, white marble walls inside is divided into three stairs, but two hundred square meters area, the initial cost of 21,000 francs. Participated in the Battle of the highest conquest of chivalry knighthood noble statues have white stone table placed in the second stage, a total of 14 people, the true height ratios, regardless of the enemy in battle conquest chivalry knight showed sè are carved out. The most unique is the one named Siwei Ye, a statue of the knight wearing a helmet at all, because no one can describe his appearance. This statue just spent 14 Knights 4000 francs, these statues are listed below in the chivalry sculpture achievements during the conquest, and then go on stage is a whole layer of chivalry conquest war of all combatants xì ng life, beginning from the letters A to Z. Identity has valiant combatants highest statue, nobles and low mural appeared in their family emblem, in the times of the ordinary soldiers in the third stepping stone audience can find their names. Well worth the long wait for no one has been forgotten Corbin walking trails, combatants regardless of size, squire, knight, jazz, baron, count, duke, thousands of people have been connected to a knighthood nobody's Sincerely, not restrained bend, nor is it to say hello, but convincing one knee. The face of hundreds of people kneeling, standing alone in Corbin Hall of Honor before the steps of the door, where in addition to the whole chivalry conquest war exhibitors, as well as to attend the banquet nobles, as well as their guard nearby people. Corbin did not know if he could spread out far and do not know how many people can hear, but he still has something to say. "And then there are the wonderful feast end of the day, this rì later, you and I will not fight alongside you, I was a big head of you, I hope you have an honest answer puzzled me." Thousands of people Qi In addition to Corbin cohesive sound spectacular even longer without the other. "I think you will have, but you do not say." "When someone mentions the word knight, you will think of what? '" Is illuminated at dusk rode assault, or a tall horse riding on the road in the city to enjoy a moment of peace? was magnificent palace in front of a beautiful lady deeply, that, or parting love at home in front of a souvenir back towards glimpse? "" I think you have the answer, because I also had My answer is, there are so many dedicated knight at my side, I can tell you, you not only my comrades, on the road or my knight mentor and I benefited from those riding expeditions squire who, I think you also In this war, learned a lot of things. "" Perhaps you're wondering, you are not knights, but for various reasons, this life will not be a knight, knights we learned that the character of God and what they jīng Use "" I tell you, Knight is the guardian of Jesus Christ, the world is not just some Knights dominated the fight alone, but only knights in the kingdom of Christ is the most solid shield that is more important is that we, Knights of St. flag willing to give all people who want a chance to become a knight after this rì, Orthez has carried knights Institute for countries of the world trained knight. "Corbin after the tirade with a gun pointed at St. in front of the crowd, the first row is the title as it should be the highest nobility, the second row is the knight, squire door is in the back. "As for you, experienced knight's squire Road conquest war experience, you are the Knight Academy graduate college this term is now the ceremony begins," [crime] and [sanctions by the sword] each five places. Duke of Clarence get two places to get the sanctions Sword Clermont Earl, Viscount Villiers won two places, the evil forces who obtained the title of Viscount Beauvoir, Lannuo Yi evil forces who obtained the title of Baron, Masi Man Jazz obtained by crime, La Leiyi jazz obtain sanctions Sword title, Gabriel get sanctions Sword title, Ann Johns? Germany? Griffith nominated jazz got to get two sanctions Sword title. Gold ruby ​​Cross emblem was Corbin gun belt in these people personally. Then,Nike Jordan Big Ups, the Knights of the priests were carrying heavy silk carpet pad came forward, a full hundred people followed Antoine Abbé behind these award-winning they will go to each knight deduction for Corbin gun on the pure gold cross emblem victory, Rodez Rong Yaoxun chapter, Navarra commemorative medal glory and chivalry, and then, again by these knights into the squire in to these people wear the silver medal with clasp Phnom Penh , and later joined the coalition of the French nobility nobles got cross with Friends Victory Medal badge and a gun commemorate their help. At this point, someone opened hoon? 000 Lu  blowing curtain ounce cup  ⑾ Dai Lu Mou Che vase weed kitchen sets lie  Zheng Ae locust miasma husband Walled   dizzy  election? Br /> full 30,000 francs coins were melt off and then came up with these things, Isabella see heartache, this year down the Knights of the treasury was consumed nearly franc coins, this account for all to see, and everyone felt Corbin too generous. But this is not no time to finish. Several boxes full of gold coins were put up. The bags were filled with gold coins distributed down, a lot of golden coins to get everybody to shake suffocation. Hundreds of knights led away 20,000 francs, few thousand squire led away 34,000 francs, Duke Thomas got a box full of gold coins placed 4,000 francs, Clermont Count 4000 get Beauvoir and Viscount Viscount Villiers 3000, Gabriel 2500, Lannuo Yi Baron 2500, Mann Jazz 2500 La Leiyi Jazz 2500, other noble prize 1000. This is the nobles on one of Corbin sell favors, they gave the Knights a complete territory, the Knights only reward them with wealth enough, because they feel that they've got too much. 90,000 francs in just half a day to exhaust these spending less honor hall, playing fields, entertain noble food and clothing, but most impressed in the hearts and minds of the junior staff. "Now, I declare ... the first conquest of knighthood knights end of World War Arise" "As a true knight out of Orthez, proud to tell the world that you are a true knight" Today, Knight massive birth, and then asked the Lord in their respective willingness to join the holy flag automatically Knights, become a member. After supplementation Holy Knights Knights flag military buildup again, this time to expand military buildup moments from 140 to 1121 people. Corbin Knights of the nobles promoted to Knight, who lords of the land can not go too much given to men knights, so they think the men squire who donated to the Knights, Knight is that they closed, the land naturally by the They come to. Corbin soon to the north, the military buildup really expanding his power. From the evening celebration, a grand resurrection candle lit ceremony, the city was dotted with stars in thermal power, like canopy, long loud crowd "Passover Song" hymn, the last in Eucharistic celebration will be resurrected into high cháo. One after another in Orthez through a compromise agreement, the dispute was born, but the ceremony today rì the tip of the iceberg, and a majority of those agreements by the Duke of Anjou lady single-handedly, but her income is the most lucrative. Yolande With Avignon Weng Vatican flag potential success of the Knights of St. weakening influence, so that the Holy See and then pay 100,000 francs suspended Knights Responsibility for the Holy See, which has been the Holy See within the aristocratic bishops respect for her, new pope upper clamoring to get the support of his wife Yolande, the Kingdom of Castile and Aragon Anjou accordance with the agreement to pay 100,000 Du Teka family, three Duke agreed to expel Castilla Kingdom of Naples businessman and then pay 60,000 Du Teka, Aragon swallowed several years ago, the king of the country house of Anjou spit out a few pieces of territory with 20,000 Du Teka surrendering. The most important thing is the King of Aragon King of Naples could not promise Joanna II agreement, Castilian throne so that troops defeated the king of Aragon Anjou Louis III, and then get the title of succession to the throne of Naples agreements beyond their grasp . And the only losing Anjou family is An Rugong country to give up the throne of Castile declared, and make no commitment to fight for the throne of Castile, as well as Duke of Anjou wife was shot in the ass a few times . Very amazing is the younger brother of the Duke of Earl Limeng Qi Bulietanni accepted the French king Charles VI canonized for his messengers from where His Holiness took the scepter of Marshal of France, transformed into enemies of the kingdom of France's most faithful ally royal because Mrs. Yolande made Valois royal marriage of her eldest daughter will marry the dauphin with the kingdom of France, which is the Holy See, the bishops need to Avignon Weng favor please Yolande reason, as the dauphin's mother, the king on behalf of the ruling, Yolande hands away from the crazy Holiness the fate of a kingdom of France about power. Tripolar meeting right. Participants are first class priest, second grade and third grade aristocratic class public representatives, on behalf of three levels, regardless of how many have one vote each, three pole meeting the terms of reference not the other, whenever that encounter difficulties, the king was seeking assistance for their own Parliament will by agreement where to get the benefits from the king after king approved new taxes. New term of three-pole upcoming meeting, Yolande become moderator will be held in the southern city of Cahors. We truly shocking is that in this crowd to join the Knights so a distinctive presence. I, Kingdom of Portugal nohant third son Prince Enrique publicly announced that it would be leaving A Jiawei provincial governorship, and then he handed out to Corbin knight sword, an oath of allegiance to replace Sir Simon Knights of military affairs officer. Knights of the North levy will be most pleased with the number of those three will duke Kingdom of Castile and Aragon, they finally do not worry too much about the tendency of the Knights, Knights of the next period of time in the Iberian Peninsula, the influence of will drop a level, most unhappy that the Kingdom of Portugal, Corbin go with them recently, most non-violent conflict is one, he wanted to go north, much less fight Peninsula Kingdom of Portugal hegemony chips. Nohant I's third son, Prince of the Kingdom of Portugal, Avis head of the Knights of the king's permission Enrique part of the Kingdom of Portugal Avis led the Knights willing to give up the property and out of the Kingdom of Portugal announced to join the Knights of national identity Knights of St. flag holder allegiance to the Holy gun Longnujisi, not only that, the southern kingdom of Portugal Prince Enrique A Jiawei Province town of Sagres followed separate fiefdoms become holy flag Knights territory. Remnants of the Knights Templar Knights activists formed from Avis gone, part of the Knights into the holy flag, with another part of the property incorporated into the royal family, as a powerful knight Nuno led by the armed forces. Hard to imagine, no shortage of food and clothing, status noble, can identity with grand plans for Prince Prince Enrique Why willing placing him under others. Everyone thought he was crazy, but think of the holy miracle brought about the gun, one can only believe that God inspired Enrique got, like those described in the text book goes hesitate to abandon all the saints. Enrique exception is determined by the Corbin, the Knights took 20,000 francs fiscal Curry as the starting capital, from the whole of Portugal Kingdom Enrique has to go, waiting for him from the kingdom of Portugal is at this moment, Who I, King of Portugal nohant determined to dominate the peninsula. Sail the sea kingdom of Portugal aristocracy eager to get more land and glory, businessmen eager to grab more profits, the lack of support for both alone and manor Avis Knights meager income, it is unable to supply more Enrique The funds go to support again iffy voyage. Take this opportunity to minister the Kingdom of Portugal, the Portuguese knight Nuno model flag to the Knights of St. handed out an olive branch, after the king's consent willing to accept Corbin attendants for the Cavaliers, the professor before he became a knight of all kinds of knowledge, Corbin gladly accepted, St. flag Knights need to ally Kingdom of Portugal. By doing middleman Kingdom of Portugal, England and the flag of the Knights of St. relationships and did not walk on ice, England Knights against fathers old need to safeguard the territorial integrity of Aquitaine, and the Knights did not want to be England burst old waist. Nobility gathered in Orthez honors during the week ending on the left, the second week, Enrique move to go back to the manor, Corbin in Orthez to Enrique off the pier, He has a task to be handed over to him. Enrique to Corbin said: "I fiefdoms Sagres founded a college to train their sailors sailing, where there are seats set up observatories, as well as sailing instructors can improve their sailing skills." Corbin asked: "Is there anything I can help you with?" Enrique said: "A lot, a large head, I need more geoscientists, mapping, mathematicians and astronomers to study charts, develop routes If I can, I hope to have more information about geography, weather, trade winds, currents, shipbuilding, navigation and various literature, so I came back from Sagres, those professionals will be able to be with our original analysis, sorting and finally for their own use, by the way, since I want the future to serve the Knights, I will put my fief brought over in the library collection, among them "Mark? Polo," the manuscript, which was Very rare books, tells the story of a great nation from the Europa route to Asia, of course, have to have to do more better arrangement of vessels, it is imperative to improve our boats, boats currently available only to our near-ocean sailing, but can no longer leave the coast too far, like tens of tons to more than one hundred tons load, multiply dozens of people, the biggest enemy at sea there is a play between Satan HNA curse, just leave the sea a long time, we'll seafarers very weak, the worst level approaching them with death. "" on the sea, I have something to give you. "Corbin life attendants handed him a sealed shaft tube, from which he extracted a piece of parchment. Enrique spent a few seconds,Coach Online Bags, wondering: "map? Our feet continent map?" Corbin said with a smile: "Yes, this is the map of the world," Enrique unbelievable, his hands trembling, above Some paintings geographic contours? 000 fertile island mow Yo Du sigh pseudogap avoid salty hilly ┑ curtain  Hey fatigue   Chin Chang Tuo Novo cut ┕ climb pseudo anxious Rao Department of Vitex pseudo thistle gangrene  Han Cha Du negative pain minute fly yo? br / > "how do you get?" Corbin pointed to the sky. Enrique treasures such as touch parchment treat: "I knew I joined the Knights is God's arrangement, I knew I did not come to the wrong France big head, I do not go today, it makes me a copy maps do?. " Corbin's sheepskin to expand it up, slowly roll the map harvest, the above three continents with the known world, just not in the Americas and Australia continent. "It belongs to you." Enrique excitement a young handsome red in the face, he looked at the map and stared at Corbin, Corbin leaning on the quayside of the fence, looking far into the piece Pentium until the sea river. "Sagres not conclude abandoned, what things where you do not have moved, on the contrary, where you want to build into our Knights sea bases for development throughout the South, with this map and this 10000 Du Teka gold, to open up the southern border of the sea. remember that short time, preferably within six months, I just thing. "Corbin eyes become deep up. "Big Head please say." Corbin turned to see Enrique: "Negro" in Knight continued triumphantly on land obtained when the ladies of the Qing Mei, times have changed. Enrique stunned for a long while, he replied: "Yes" Age of Discovery bugle call is sounded Enrique holding map kneeling in Corbin feet: "I pledge to you under the gun flying cross the ocean, where the sea will be scattered 布隆努基斯 gun cross glow "mainland won in gun cross in the back as icing on the cake generally Avis Knights added a white Greenweave emblem, new flag, flying in the blue sky sail under , this piece of sea territory neglected by the world, Corbin felt as if her feeling in the hand. "Conquer the sea, to conquer the world, I do not want the world, but do not allow others to have." Chapter 73 Chapter 73 Holy Holy gun gun glow glow to the URL <
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