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and the rest of that part of antworten
> King Henry's offensive in Neimuerbo country is very slow, and so on into the army tǐng méng Li Rui Bo country, faced strong city, King Henry had to Hope Town sigh. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm rugged city than the city of Rouen is only slightly inferior. France Rouen as one of the richest of the three cities, city defense firm understandable, but méng Leary's presence so much wonder King Henry. It felt like a wolf finally subdued beauty sè revolt, recording light clothes, was about impatiently tǐng gun on the occasion actually see each other but also with a Jung cāo band! méng Li Rui, the last one in the northern region of France hard nut but had row to hoe, situated between Paris and Orleans, is extremely important strategic significance. méng Lirui lord, Count Nemours Evreux, to obtain such a manor in recent years with the Orleans faction struggles Burgundians things, Orleans camp was originally intended to let him lie here, guardian live Duchy of Burgundy's most efficient channel attack Paris. As the Orleans faction backbone, Earl of Evreux where Nemours dare not neglect, just want to méng Lirui playing France's most fortified castle, not one. A few years ago, [fearless] John is clearly méng Li Rui's Levee already heard, so plan several attacks are bypassing Paris méng Li Rui, along the Marne River, along the Seine River North offensive . But King Henry I do not know ah, even though he knew that the British did not have a choice. They play the war destroyed the country, not for the French nobility for power. As early Capetian royal command of France, when the royal family once and méng Lirui lords because this piece of land to fight many times of the war, the war for the simple reason, méng Lirui from Paris but a few hours away , army evening to early onset. Head of the Department can we allow others stick couch to sleep! King Henry Whether you want to sleep peacefully in Paris, or south to open the door leading to the south of France Orleans, or westward offensive Sens, they must win this strong fort. Conversely, the French hold méng Li Rui, King Henry can not be directed at the military front Sens, Orleans South Orleans faction stronghold of the Duchy will get more time to prepare for His Holiness demesne reinforcements have more . King Henry the first one came out of the idea is to surrender. The answer is quit. Nemours head count did not water, he thought very clearly. Surrendered in the past is not a good choice. He would not be see England, coupled with the king of France Henry's nobility is notoriously brutal, more important is the family feud in Nemours king near the Earl of Evreux Nemours unthinkable are aware of their investment to England what will happen there. Seal is no doubt turn to when unfamiliar, Nemours family be able to choose only way out slowly reduced. His Holiness chose to stand here, to the top of How long is long. Even fief nothing, Nemours family also relied on credit towards His Holiness the discussion to a new fiefs. His Holiness does not give? Nemours home discreditable never raised him all of the territory, the other nobles saw going to think? Unless His Holiness not want to give their lives for him or other nobles Nemours family will be greatly raised him. By now,Oakley Store, Earl of Evreux Nemours only bite the bullet on the walls in méng Lirui gearing up with the outside of the British stare. To be honest, he does not know himself with 1,000 men in the famous King Henry's offensive can top long, no problem is always at least three months, more, he has no confidence. Dauphin few months from Nemours family finally get a good news day does not die Valois royal Yeah, originally under the sun there really loyal royal nobility! Charlie not happy tears over,oakley eyeglasses sale, gave another message to the confused almost two fainted for a long time nothing happened doubled Burgundy public state action that they removed the siege against Lance. Charlie shadows flash, flash to the messenger before he grabbed the collar messenger ecstatic and said: "Is it true? Is it true? Burgundians really are gone? You say ah," "you say ah ... ... how do you not speak of it!!! "breathless messenger to shake was simply speechless, next to the royal palace Explorer Lama Qi Earl James II rude bar to open the dauphin, finishing each other's collar, slow Rees strip, said: "His Royal Highness the dauphin, to protect the well a crown prince of deportment." messenger coughed he knew truthfully say Burgundians are really gone, army divided into two, in part to the Aisne, part of the return to Dijon. What happens? Duchy of Burgundy in Dijon became ill a large group of people, 3000 Burgundy less than half of the soldiers to fight but this is not the Burgundians determined withdrawal causes. Duchy occupied territory does not go home again Neville reinforcements, and a good freshman votes, thousands of people from full on the border of Burgundy through it, this is still not prompted the Duchy of Burgundy senior determined to command the army returned the main reason. Duchy of Burgundy following Lyon almost thousands of people lying on the military, this is the key! Burgundians fear Corbin a greeting, men gang Burgundians sudden convulsions followed him to hit his head Dijon! This time, Corbin dominant force, Dijon Dijon city defense was so weak case Occupied how to do? ! In case afraid, afraid ten thousand. Duchy of Burgundy even ran their own hands to others free of charge when thugs If someone else unexpected things, is also logical. If a loss of Dijon, it is not quite so simple was besieged. Of course, Burgundy retreat is conditional. Taken advantage lies in His Holiness the body, messenger surrender Burgundy human condition letter, the above officials that the two sides mouth-month truce, His Holiness agreed to write a decree Burgundians royal territorial sovereignty lay pay out the way and then surrender of 50,000 francs as the Burgundians for services rendered. Within one week, the Burgundians will pass Troyes, the money to people passing in Burgundy Troyes when ready, otherwise, Burgundians Lance does not play a direct hit to Sens . 50,000 francs, a little number, but a hearing this figure, the dauphin Charles laughing, he turned and waved his hand around the inner shì let out of the study, only the French royal court room officials. Explorer royal palace, the royal family matter prison Explorer, Palace Guards guide, Shi Shan Explorer palace, the Royal stables Explorer, Keeper of the Seals officer. France ** Officer absent, several field marshal instead of going to the territory of the royal family in central France conscription to go, that is, guarding the southern region. Charlie looked at them expectantly: "Burgundians to 50,000 francs, how do you say?" Royal finances abnormal distress ah, although in Paris to escape before the royal family can take away everything. But, only a limited number, and make ends meet ah! Sens conscripted soldiers settled near Reims, need money to inspire the troops, and repairing crossbow, buy food, to consolidate along the Levee, after months of like water huā sales, inventory, there are more than 30 million francs in the rest of the royal family Only ten thousand number of funds, if no new funding source income, the royal family is likely to suffer, but this year's summer. Pull Marchi Earl James II from Rama Qibo country manor come back, but also to bring down the country 3,000 francs Beth taxes, if not the money, did not receive salaries of the royal family in the next month nearly 500 people Guard may rebel. England occupied Rouen before Valois royal various taxes each year two million francs, the money is mainly used to maintain the royal rì often affairs operation expenses. Royal servants for team effectiveness huge quantity exceeds hundreds of people, including a 20-person chef, 40 gardeners, 100 footmen and 60 maids, in addition to the groom, a poet, a clown, engraver, painters and so on. Yes, Charles VI although people crazy, but a French aristocrat and some things that he does not always come missing, love fù. Annually, huā in these people's money have tens of thousands. Banquets, renovated palace, payment within shì, which also paid the salaries of Guards. Paris is a lost, local transportation taxes as part of the fleet is to fall into the hands of England, and the rest of that part of the messenger ran to notice they have to be possible to Sens. This way a go, the royal revenue will rely Sens several provinces where to temporarily support. Nobody said nothing, only looked at two toes. Charlie sighed: "re-sign a poll tax." James II said: "Even if it is impossible to levy a poll tax to cobble together 50,000 francs ah Charlie scratched his head over the recent tax levy are Lile: "boiler also levy a tax, near several large cities will have to levy a tax line, church tithes can bring a lot of money for the royal family income, so Bruce rì, Archbishop of Tours with two the local bishop to say, we start with the church that belongs to us there took part, and afterwards, they will not have to pay it. Library gold there is also 12,000 francs or so, this way, we can scrape together enough money it. Fortunately, we listen? "Royal palace Explorer Lama Qi Earl nodded:" This should be sufficient. "All things to watch for several royal ministers. Grasp things royal capital of the royal prison Explorer struggling pulled the collar, two dodge not look Charlie." Dauphin ...... the queen ...... "" The Queen ...... She '"says ......" "The Queen last week from me Zhizou 332 francs to buy Qin Huett dogs, silk, bee mì. Two days ago, the queen she Zhizou 2000 francs to buy a unicorn horn like animal and huā of 30 francs Please craftsmen carved utensils. "" This evening, the queen to hold a feast to welcome pick Marchi Countess, a total old dish. Cinnamon, cloves, rǔ cheese,Coach Poppy Collection Clearance, sugar and vinegar are not the reason because of our people went out to purchase a batch of a total huā 400 francs. "Charlie beat hands shaking, twitching cheek again:" it says ...... "Lama Qi sè dignified Earl God said:" We will say no vaults 12,000 francs. "@ <
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