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Yuesefeinuo also smiled antworten
> Louis Marie Antoinette finally time before entering the Hall of Mirrors at the door of the Hall of Mirrors and found her with her Mary Adelaide. wWw. QUAnBEn. cOM two Mary Louis trip together to curtsy. Free gift. "Then Louis propped up by Marie Antoinette and subsequently propped up Mary? Adelaide, perhaps because the relationship between child birth had more than Corsica Crown Princess Duchess a little more mature flavor Beautiful also be included in the Crown Princess do not have the charm, but Crown Princess is also not worse than her if that is charming fairy Corsican duchess the case then that his voice is beautiful maiden Crown Princess Louis Rotary least 丽阿德莱德When I saw her eyes shining love that cut looked at his eyes filled with tenderness and a bit sad that he can not help but attract hello to their beautiful lady. Jiuyang your name dear Duchess. wishes You and your child good "Louis said softly side lean side is attached to the mouth on the back of her hand. Although this is an extremely common kiss kiss on the hand, but he was very hard in order to silence her apology and respond to emotions. Thank you Your Royal Highness. "Replied the Duchess of absences. Highness time that we should go to the." Marie Antoinette 7 to keep smiling, but although there is a bit sour speech she will verbally alert is because he sees Louis's mouth long stick In the back of the Duchess. Yes time to go to it. "Louis dispossessing God to release the Duchess's hand slowly straightened up and turned to Marie Antoinette say we go in 7" and so on. "Marie Antoinette playful smile by Louis and Mary walked between 7 Adelaide gazed his eyes quite profound meaning to you is the first time I saw Corsica Duchess?" Louis embarrassed look to watch Mary 7 Adelaide she has deliberately not consciously lowered his head with his face like. Does she have known? "He looked at Marie Antoinette after seven shook his head toward her, after all, Mary? Adelaide previously Peng Diye Fu Princess Mary, at this point everyone knows you know she Antoinette true identity is not difficult Louis can not do a stupid decision. was a long time did not see an old friend. "Louis explained. Just an old friend do? "Marie Antoinette seems to be a never-ending topic has been pulled tightly Louis cheeky color is bland want to show under her husband's power and prestige did not think she did not complain and said nothing. Simply because Adlai Germany is also a relationship between the royal family so I thought she was a very good relationship and you should, after all, you are the relatives, "she behaved like a simple village girl in general but under her bright smile let Louis felt the hypocrisy meaning. Recommendations before Anna again appeared in his mind he thought about whether you really want,Nike Jordan 2 Sale, then tell the truth. You know? Adelaide girls cute. "Mary? Antoinette side turned eyebrows look to Mary 7 Adelaide said on Louis and I really hope that when you can have such a lovely child." In fact,Air Jordan SC 1 UK, I've got Louis really want such a response in the past. If there are hesitant before so now he has seven hundred percent sure Marie Antoinette is already known or heard something single from her sentence is completely hidden in seemingly unintentional barbed words can hear it. Louis worried or heard these words Mary? Adelaide because Marie Antoinette 7 directly told her to go. But he looked up I saw Mary? Adelaide frowned slightly and then she begins the course, you will certainly have. "Her gentle unabated past, but she said these words in mind that is what it does? Louis and not because of her weakness" and feel relaxed but for her and their children feel guilty about it. Thank Adelaide. "Marie Antoinette smiling at sunny cheerful and lively with Mary Adelaide solemn smile punishment completely different Well we go in," said Mary Peng 7 安托瓦特纳 then turned to hold the anti- Louis's hand also call a cry behind Mary 7 Adelaide. Ranging from Louis react she has given both sides of the janitor by implication attendants attendants were also very dedicated, "opened the door to the Hall of Mirrors. Both" bang stretched after the doorman solemn trombone sound attendants inward Your Royal Highness Crown Princess propaganda to HRH HRH the Duchess of Corsica. "Then into the Hall of Mirrors in addition to the Count of Provence and Sardinia noble princess all but two teams are waiting in automatic fitted to both sides. Watched the crowd from going into the Hall of Mirrors For Louis is not the first time and the same occasion he also experienced a lot in Lorraine so he is very calm even in the band of aristocrats who have seen whispering, whispering, they also did not show any extra look. Nonetheless, while on the surface can be filled but he does not care hearts always feel a little strange was particularly aware of Mary? Adelaide has been followed when Louis and his two Mary came to the Count of Provence and Sardinia in front of the princess in each row After the ceremony, first friendly of Louis's brother, said on face stiff congratulate you my brother. married you're a grown up. "Thank you. "Count of Provence is coldly retorted Louis hearts of this brother's attitude though unhappy but still maintained a smile to their generosity to everyone at first. Just keep smiling in the case that he and Crown Princess exchanged Marie Antoinette is just the location and Sardinia princess speak now for doing he told the woman about to enter the French court blessing. Welcome to France I am sure you will love Paris. "Louis pretended friendship to say, but he did not dare to underestimate hearts in front of this beauty, temperament did not compare Marie Antoinette and Mary Adelaide of Sardinia Princess Mary? Yuesefeina. If the information is correct, then bishop of Metz, Lorraine then the person is behind the Count of Provence, while he was in Paris and there is no forces. After much deliberation Louis can only be in black hands behind his brother is presumed to Sardinia court. Kingdom of Sardinia is located in the southeast of France, including the Apennine peninsula land northwest of Piedmont and Savoy and the Mediterranean island of Sardinia are Turin. This is somewhat similar to the Kingdom of Prussia, but with nearly a century by the Duchy exhibition together kingdom. As with all small countries show a great nation, like the history of the Kingdom of Sardinia in the exhibition to present this scale is also accompanied by the process of deception and betrayal. Like Prussia in Austria who, like the flesh of the body Sardinia also France flesh. First king of the Kingdom of Vittorio Ame Dior II in the big league seventeenth century and eighteenth century wars War of Spanish Succession in these two wars with France and both are first obtained y Western Union France immediately after the grant funding betrayal turned on. These two wars if not the villain of this repeated position after being forced to convert France is not a conditional truce with the European countries. Repeated in this country's political marriage princess came to France under the court if the female branch or the forces behind this woman is not in Versailles, Louis felt something not very credible. Especially now that Sardinia is located in France, Spain, the two countries ruled by the Bourbons and the alliance with France, Austria has a close relationship with these three countries under siege regardless of how you think he did not think that this country will willing to be surrounded by these three great powers. As Crown Prince Louis has been very good to play well in this role he must still smiling while under embattled who can not believe it. Yes, Paris is a beautiful city Wang Han Highness. "Mary? Yuesefeinuo also smiled and replied with Louis this hint of a smile Louis how it all seems bloodshed. Second second time, although the past but in the fly brain,Coach Sunglasses Sale, but Louis was thinking about turning constantly. Metz Bishop Behind Stanislaw and Stanislaw behind 玛丽约瑟菲娜 玛丽约瑟菲娜 Sardinia should be is behind the palace, they borrow Metz bishop's hand, then get rid of me so Stanislaw is the heir to the king his grandfather's physical condition every situation Kusakabe future heir to the throne if he wanted to come back in power is Sardinia princess to Sardinia when France will be controlled. Thus if you want to Sardinia is bound to expand and occupy Venice, Italy, Austria and Spain Lombardy hostile to the time if dragged into France's words, "Do not say yes to France as the expansion of Sardinia sword even imagine the thought of all this is based on his death this one o'clock Louis would not allow it raw. Relative to the Orleans family, he feared the Count of Provence. After Orleans family pretends to the throne, but was extremely difficult to achieve while the Count of Provence, close to him from the throne plus the harm is also large. Wish you and my brother's future happiness. "Louis virtual front mounted with Venezuela and Wyatt faces a one we certainly will." Interjected Count of Provence, this time to say thank you for the blessings that we will be very happy child will be born. This country needs an heir. "His words drew people around the piece sadly also very awkward to make Louis under very annoyed, which is publicly pretends to the throne because of his child gave birth to seven years after giving birth to children if it were not so Louis His children will be under the law that was established as a successor face of provocation brother Louis who only stretch back to laugh and he has not so foolish as to his brother because of this problem and give him endless but it also raised a He had to wake up around Mary and by Antoinette hard. <
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