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28.05.2013 05:06
long service can not only smart antworten
* * * * * * outage, so the delay of the Dragon Boat Festival, Tokyo people used to call the five day, bath orchid season. The whole text. In the Song Dynasty, the festival was of no less than the number of R ì ch ū n festival. A few days before the festival, people began to busy to prepare R ì, Basso, AI, silver flower, flower drum, Qiao fan painting, sweet sugar fruit, rice dumplings, white group and other holiday items. Basso, also called juuso, Acacia cable, monarch soldiers tie or a long thread,Oakley Active Sale, wire rope with colorful silk thread kink and become, in the arm to ward off evil spirits, archaism cloud: since a concentric Basso, wish more personally with. Silver drum, snare drum, or hanging from a shelf, or under the seat, different shapes, the wealth of the family car buying more,nike air jordan, giving each other. Flower Qiao fan painting, small fan, divided into green, yellow, red, white four colors s è, or embroidered or painted or golden thread or s è, style is not a. To the Dragon Boat Day friends and relatives are a fan he. According to historical records, Tang Zhenguan eighteen years in May five R ì, Tang Taizong sun loudly, Yang Shidao said: "the five R ì customs will service celebrates this play, I all the Qing calligraphy fan two, Shu dynamic wind, to increase the virtue, pushing the old customs." The custom of dragon boat to fan the. AI, the Song Dynasty, people have put the wormwood plunge into AI, hanging the evil customs to a gate or door. Fitch is the Dragon Boat Festival in the pressure wins fabric and accessories. While people will and clay Zhang Tianshi like, AI Zuotou, with garlic as boxing, placed above the door. In the Dragon Boat Festival at noon, put tawdry to squabble over nothing. ", written in May five R ì festival days in the green Luo with cinnabar, tawdry to squabble over nothing as to destroy". Hanging on the door to prevent non-tongue disaster. This day to prepare foods are fruits, rice dumplings, white wine group, etc.. Sweet sugar fruit, Acorus calamus, put ginger, apricot, plum, plum, perilla, cut into filaments, add salt, dried in the sun. Called "grass"; or the use of honey in pickled, Meipi, called "Niang mei". Is the Dragon Boat Festival fruit. Tokyo city not only stuffing dumplings s è is various, and different shapes, have cast angle, cone dumplings, dumplings, rice dumplings, Jiao cylinder balance "dumplings, rich families also have the dumplings made rendezvous, car, ship model. In addition to the Dragon Boat Festival and drinking sweet wine, vermouth custom, when people think, the wine has the resuscitation, Qi and blood, to the humidity and wind dispersion effect, long service can not only smart eyes and ears,Oakley Fast Jacket Sale, prolong life, but also to evil poison. From May to May four R ì R ì. Peach, willow, sunflower, calamus, wormwood sold streets, the day of the Dragon Boat Festival each and every family put these evil things put to the door, the AI nailed to the door, eat dumplings, five s è water masses, such as tea and wine, Shishu home turns to dinner to celebrate. Tokyo residents will cover in the Dragon Boat Festival, with wooden shelves, to each s è gauze paste. Not only can be used to cover food, can also be used for the pediatric sleep mask, prevent worm bites. The Dragon Boat Festival this day officials routinely vacation, and held a grand dragon boat race at Jin Ming pool. The whole town turns out to. Have rushed to the town, Jin Ming pool watch dragon boat races. In addition, this year there is water swing, Cuju, Polo project performance, but in truth, even number thirteen Niang donkey ball game the most popular. Various programs together in this >
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