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it seems just Dieng said and antworten
> May 15, the day before the wedding, the trial finished gown custom-made for the wedding after Louis began these days he is doing a job - Exercise signature. WWw, QUANbEn, cOm either French or English, the text of this letter constitutes a signature, beautiful and one of the standard is a draw in the end, the more smoothly the more people "not see" the better, if the sudden appearance of a clear letter or upright to appear in print, it can not be regarded as beautiful. In fact, over the years, Louis has long been a good hand written word, it would be the queen had given one of the outcomes of the training. Signature, and is a beautiful sign for Louis is not difficult, in Corsica, he had not signed the document less beautiful signature. However, partly because of the minister responsible for the wedding wedding smoothly and deliberately jiāo be a lot, but they're also in order to pass the time before the wedding, he became pen on white paper and geese máo accompanied spent a lot of time. Of course, he is not light in the calligraphy, signed at the same time he is also thinking of Lorraine and Alsace two areas of specific measures. In fact, he is most concerned about is money and stability. Lorraine and Alsace there is no need to put it the other day Noe Earl Parliament introduced as Bei Keli Earl said, this will lead to regional instability. I hope these two areas into a power base for Louis, naturally do not want it to appear premature revolutionary flames. So, now Louis has decided should be at least as Bei Keli Earl said, as far as possible to maintain the current situation. But there is no need really two different political and administrative authorities fǔ merger, even if it does not matter continues to be divided into two districts, as long as these two districts are loyal to him before it. In the administrative system, the Louis thinking direction returned to normal on the road, it is about how to get more money. In fact, when he and Noel to Bei Keli Earl Earl question of the purpose is to let them think of ways to improve these two areas and the promotion of economic gains. Only economic development, and it may increase taxes, it may accumulate wealth in order to accumulate a powerful force. Only then entrusted inhuman, and the two men are not economic experts. An amateur painter and soldier, one is seeking home yīn the Home and amateur outside a layman, a moving mouth can not do it. Let them advice on economic issues, Louis now think of it all feel a little ridiculous. Four o'clock in the afternoon, then a long absence of a young soldier who led the de Mr. Peng Te guidelines down to the ground in front of Louis. "Your Highness." Dieng respectfully and with him a young soldier salute to Louis. "Dion, long time no see." Come see this old friend, Louis immediately stopped the hands of the pen, but in rejoicing, he also ignored the Dieng beside a young soldier, just thought he was Dion The men, after all,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, now there is a naval Dieng military. Louis Dion came to study with a reception room next door, and he sat down together around a small round table, and that his subordinates were Louis thought it was a young soldier standing Dieng is neatly behind the seat side. "How, Corsica trip go okay?" Louis asked. "Everything is fine, no wind, no Mediterranean island is alive. Magistrate's report is given on the display, first-quarter earnings last quarter than last year's revenue higher than 20 per cent of the port of Bastia The expansion project has entered the final stage, I believe that the fall when you can fully completed prior to the time the ship will be more than doubled, the city also because those business travelers and prosper. well as farmland, and now has come to chā martingale season, those who had already been wasteland reclamation, while the original agricultural land will have all kinds is on the crops. "" That's good. "Louis absently, this is not his thing to hear. Although the construction of Corsica he is also very concerned about, because there is wealth that he can still indirectly control and domination, however, in addition to money, the Sheriff and his twins nv which children are there. Relative to the money, he is more concerned about his family. After all, is to be married, although the marriage had already foreseen, but nv people's nerves are sensitive fragile. Louis do not want this time on the island princess COSCO thinking what will fluctuate. So, two weeks ago, when Dion suggested that Corsica to return the Naval Academy for the port expansion and construction inspections, Louis did not want to think how he agreed. "Your Highness, I would like to congratulate You should first glimpse of the Duke of Lorraine, but there are still the essence of the Duke of land and power,Nike Jordan Big Ups UK Sale, which was a fertile land." Dion rare smiled, although he usually mild mannered, but rarely smiles. "Thank you, but I think in addition, other people will not be too happy to see me become Duke of Lorraine." Then, De Mr. Peng Te came with two attendants brought tea and refreshments. Put them in a round table, they will make way. Louis waved do a "do not hesitate" schematic, they just keep picking up the front of a black tea shǔn. Put down the saucer, he took advantage of the occasion to drink tea Dieng, tone asked quietly: "They okay!" Dieng surface tantamount sè, in the peace of mind to drink a cup of tea before we replied: "Forsythe Kerry nv Duke and her children nothing had. While there are several pagan criminals attempt last month on the outskirts hostage to ransom them, but thank God, they are near misses. "he said lightly, but almost Louis did not let a scare. "Assassination? How is this going?" Louis asked, aghast. "My specific situation is not very clear, and I to the island when that thing is over." Dieng backhand will stand in the rear side of the trunk of the young soldier pushed up and said, "specific things I want from these Bit Jean Mathieu Lieutenant Philip Bet Selvliye to illustrate is the most suitable, however, he is then rescued nv Duke and kids 'hero'. "Louis turned his attention to The Sailvliye lieutenant, I saw him of twenty aged 17 or older, handsome, face serious, although the figure is thin, pale face sè, a kind of sickly feeling, but this did not prevent his At a glance you can judge for many years to be able to train the military training of the straight backs soldier shown by British Gas. Some people can rely on first impressions can be judged good or bad, people are not usually so full of bad guys is full of good people, because they have evil or good deep into the bone marrow, every moment, every move will the revealed will. Although it is the first time I saw Selvliye, but first impressions alone, Louis would feel that he was not the kind of heart, bad water very much, good to engage in political struggle of the people. "Hello, Selvliye Lieutenant." Louis politely said, "Thank you bailed out Corsica nv nv Duke and her children, and then I would like you to explain to me the situation." "Is a , Your Highness. "Sailvliye respectfully salute, and then while standing straight, while the most brief language clearly said that the situation at that time. It turned out that the so-called assassin is a group from the pirates from North Africa, because of greed and wealth Corsica hijacked nv Duke intends to ransom. That day the Duke nv first time after the birth took nv children leave Bastia, newly built villa suburbs to the south among the results had to suffer them. As a long-time bodyguard brought Michelle Tulum person limited, plus raid encounter, so war and back, the last being surrounded by a farm in. At that time, as Corsica garrison officers patrolling in the vicinity just Sailvliye lieutenant, so they dig down to rescue the trapped nv Duke a pedestrian. Louis knew the whole thing was relieved, but also for Corsica actually appeared pirate things and depressed mood. "Do not worry Highness stationed in Bastia 菲迪曼准将 naval fleet has been dispatched strangling pirates, and the victory, destroying all their boats." Dion seems to be seen Louis fears So verbally appease. "I hope that no more pirate waters around it!" Louis does not believe it will no pirates,Oakley Store, there is a there is two, Who is now the king of Corsica merchant intensive unless destroy nests xùe, otherwise he does not peace of mind. Secretly, he should find a time to consider whether the Mary Adelaide and the kids secretly received Lorraine go. "Your Highness." Dieng for a cry. "Ah, how?" Louis recovered looked Dion. "In fact, this time I did not just come with Sailvliye lieutenant that thing, but to his referral to you." Louis gasped, looked depressed soldiers still face serious expression Sailv li Yeah, it seems just Dieng said and he has nothing to do the same. "Lieutenant, not quick to take out your referral letter." Dion turned to the body side Selvliye reminder. Immediately, the lieutenant would slowly from her waist, with pockets of the military removed the two letters sealed with wax, and gave it to Louis. Louis accept the two letters, I saw the front of the two letters signed, one is Michelle Tulum, one is Corsica nv duke. Though Princess Mary Adelaide has been closed to Corsica nv Secret Duke, but also did not know nobles in the distant island of Corsica much a nv duke, who do not know her true identity , but she wrote openly using this identity, this is very bold. Louis opened the first letter of the Duke nv can look at a closed immediately, and then put away, and opened Michelle Tulum letter. Letter, except to say that a lot of the situation, but also exceptionally written about Selvliye Lieutenant advantages, is a common recommendation. In addition to talking about the same situation, but Michelle Tulum on Sailvliye lieutenant highly, spend a honest, positive, courageous and all good soldiers even called Knight's words of praise. Michelle Tulum has always been cautious, so he would praise a person, then that person as surely as he said there are so many advantages. In addition to letters of recommendation written on, Louis on Sailvliye first impression at this time also played a role. "Well, Lieutenant, you stay with me being on the first side, but soon I will go to Lorraine, will you follow me?" Selvliye Lieutenant attitude solemnly said: "I am willing to swear to God , lifetime follow, allegiance to the great French Royal Highness. "" Great? "Louis can not help but secretly smile, but fortunately had a lesson before, otherwise he has to get high up. PS: Sailvliye Marshal is one of Napoleon 26, with integrity, courage admired by others. 70 years, when transferred to Corsica. He is 70 years that 26 marshals who is not the baby. [..] .. <
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