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28.05.2013 04:59
Yang Yi said quietly to her antworten
Hu Xian Ling spider bent over to pour the tea, then rounded flavor hip high up, a pair of * * stretch tight straight, knee-length skirt rides up some,jordan online cheap, the leg with a delicate whitening. Yang Yi occasionally look,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, can not help some tiny Leng absolute being, I seem to see the later Street those pretty skirt beautiful outfit. This from the feeling, so he could not help but give a long sigh. Xian Ling spider hear sound, turned and looked at him curiously. Even the Army food, every day to the gruel of R ì, Xian Ling spiders are also heard him sigh; now supplies have been transported to the front, the very smoothly, the Kunlun Mountains Pass south of the enemy defeated Pennsylvania, like a gust of wind back to Cochin native, the song will now without any obstacles to promote throughout the city, to recover lost. In this case, Yang Yi be happy it is, but how to sigh? "My Lord, how do you?" Xian Ling spider recently how much. "Cough...... Nothing, just outside a flying geese, alas! Pik Wan days, yellow leaves, bear in western North, the wild goose south flies, Xiao Lin come drunk who dyed cream, little always tears away from the people......" "Adults talk nonsense, this July, where the geese flying south so early?" Anyway, it seems Xian Ling spider always retain some of the women of Miao s è. "Is? That is my wrong, always look at this report more, eyes spent, probably just to see the swans." Yang Yi said quietly to her * * a glance, the mind can not help but ask: Xian Meng, what the hell do you want? "There is? Where there is a swan?" Xian Ling spider seriously, stood on tiptoe to the door and looked. Yang Yi ha ha say with smile: "certainly." "Why didn't I see?" Continue on tiptoe. "I'm thirsty!" Yang Yi smiles. There is no more to see, to give an irrelevant answer. "Oh, give you tea." "You should say so, sir, please tea." "Love drink!" Can't you have good manners. Have you do maid?" "Who is your maid? This girl......" "See, spirit spider girl is eight holes of the proud, but what are you doing here?" "Who love to? If not for my grandpa let me......" Ha-ha. Yang Yi smiled at her Zhang Mingli Qiao yan. Her fierce pharynx slobber red in the face. Having nothing hidden in the mind of the girl! Uh...... Wrong, the accumulation of years of experience to Yang big Bachelor of visual income, this girl is still very deep. * * and other two Wai can form the golden ratio absolute. "You, what's so funny? No big deal. My grandpa told me to come again? The girl does not love to serve you this kind of person." Bad girl finally snaps, feet, stamp, the teapot with in small table. Hot tea splashed on the desktop, heat Zhimao, like a little girl...... Yang Yiyi hand play pen, one hand holding the chin, lukewarm smiling, as in the theatre on the three Su sing: Su three from Hongdong County, she is coming to the street...... . people say Luoyang flowers, partial slave to not ch ū n...... . Xian spirit spider had internal heat, it is like a punch in the face of cotton, not a collapse. To him! She is betting on gas will go toward outside walk,Oakley Oil Rig Online, Yang Yi that the voice: "you >
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