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> [Network Www.] Eight hundred and thirtieth chapters looting Palace on July 15, drizzle to visit the southern Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, as the hot summer months brought a chilly. Throne hall, Empress Catherine II lofty, came from St. Petersburg ministers gathered at the sides of the throne, Suvorov and Platov generals clothing such as a public place one knee on limed Oza audience. Catherine II pout, coldly said: "You are saying that you are defeated? Wiped out?" "Yes, Your Majesty." Suvorov low head gently point, detail said, " Narva, Kingisepp, Volodymyr Kosovo, Gatchina, army four are defeated, and now has to enter France to Gatchina, which is only twenty kilometers. "remark a superior all outcry, Ministers' faces are exposed panic of color. Catherine II tight frown, asked: "How many people you have left?" Suvorov looking sank, ashamed to say: "Your Majesty, my hands only less than three million people in it. "Ministers face the color of panic even more than before. "Three people what can you do?" Catherine heaved a sigh, turning to the left column minister, call out, "Ivan? Osterman count." "In, Your Majesty." Ivan ? Osterman Earl crashed out, bowing orders. Ekaterina two morals: "Earl, I want the peace talks and the King of France, you go to arrange." "This ......" Ivan? Osterman is not answered hesitantly, cautiously said, "Your Majesty, the King of France I'm afraid not peace talks, he is said to enter the St. Petersburg slogan ......" "usurper deposed throne I stand Romanovs dynasty legitimate heir Paul. hum hum ...... "Catherine did not mind smile, proudly said," This is nothing but an excuse. Louis XVI had reached his goal, and then continue to play and can not let him get what So he will accept the peace talks. "Catherine II suomei smile, An Fu:" Louis XVI is really powerful, but Russia did not perish in his benefit in France. If I were him, will leave Russia, the Russian restrict Sweden, Poland, Ottoman, Austria and other countries. "Without the sophistication of tools and accurate insight, Catherine is not possible to rule as ordinary aliens vast Russian empire, so she on their own judgment and speculation on the Louis XVI extra confidence. By now, she does not mind losing Poland, Russia, and therefore, just to be able to keep their territory and their own rule. She firmly believes that as long as there is breath in Russia, will make in their lifetime to restore Russia's national strength. "Yes, Your Majesty." Ivan? Osterman look of pained nodded, and then retire to leave. At this time, Suvorov opening advised: "Your Majesty, and now the situation is urgent, without waiting to see the King of France Count Osterman, the French army will come perhaps I suggest you still under the protection of the army to retreat it!" " retreat? "Catherine pretended surprise, then novelty smile, asked," My general, you want me to give up my people, and give up my country, to give up my palace, and then as a non- Responsible coward, like the people at the critical time hid behind, are not you? "" No, Your Majesty. "Suvorov shook his head, shortness said," strategic retreat to after a counterattack. Ekaterina Palace and St. Petersburg has been in the French army attack range, you temporarily retreat no harm. "" No! "Catherine II flatly refused, awe-inspiring," I was the Russian empress, even though I can not bring Russia to glory, but also not allow unarmed civilians to be my shield and I sat on the throne, I should be the people to back Dang Zidan, rather than to allow people to back me Dang Zidan. "Carter, Boom, Then as if an earthquake, the whole hall suddenly shake a few times. Ministers panic disorder panic, screams one after another, endless. "How is it?" Catherine the pale face Jingwen heard, may this time, the middle of the hall chandelier soon fall to the ground when they bang, causing more panic. Ministers do not ask why, in succession Duolu go, Suvorov and two men responded quickly to the throne immediately stepped on stage. Suvorov crouched beside the throne, earnestly to Her, said: "Your Majesty, wanted to come to the vanguard of France,Oakley For Cheap, which is Louis XVI's trick, I battle with them several times, each time it was first Striker disrupt formation, but after its main rout now critical situation, you go first! "Catherine the heart anxious, dark resentment and said:" I can where we're going? If I am back, domestic group of Orthodox who will rise up against me, when I was not as finished? "Think of the history of those deposed emperor, especially the thought of Peter III, she would fear in the heart. Her fear not for the French people, but hidden inside Russia in St. Petersburg opponents. Guns more violent, more intense shaking hall. Finally, Boom, a projectile launched into the hall, but fortunately was stopped in the middle of it, did not hurt the innermost Catherine II. "Too late." Suvorov boldly grabbed Catherine II, half-dragged half-dragged to forcibly bring it out of the hall. French army array on the south side of Catherine Palace, the palace has not yet completed the encirclement, therefore, the palace dignitaries from north to escape. Catherine II in Suvorov left under the protection of the palace are being bombarded in the back door boarded a simple, old black buggy. After Platov personally led his cavalry escort departed. Ekaterina palace guards rarely, only hundreds of people, Suvorov's troops not in here, so the fall of the palace soon. Came to the palace of the Russian Minister Ekaterina mostly fled, only Ivan? Osterman active white flag into the French army. French army because of its claim to the peace talks, so courteous treatment. 16:00 pm, Louis led the guards came to Catherine Palace. He looked at the four palaces rubble and broken surface, with a sarcastic tone, said: "I heard that this is a very beautiful palace, is a lover of Catherine II tryst where I want to Ekaterina two world should no longer come here a couple tryst it! "He in triumph into the palace, the palace attendants in surrender to lead down to the Amber Room. The magnificent Amber Room that he seems like exposure to a Bifalanxi more powerful kingdom, but he knew it was just an illusion, not a real Russian St. Petersburg, Catherine Palace, not more, and in the vast plains of the field, in every a serf home. "Hubert Thierry!" Louis suddenly extricate yourself from the illusion extravagance, calling out the names of the chief of staff. "In, Your Majesty." Hubert Thierry took a step replied. Louis cleared his throat, so that: "The drafting of a proclamation to the name of the King of France, Russia, all with immediate effect to restore freedom of serfs, nobles no longer arbitrary beatings, abuse serfs, and offenders will be prosecuted." "Is a , Your Majesty. "Hubert Thierry did not hesitate to answer it. Proclamation play is regulation effect,Oakley Sunglasses Oil Rig, the actual significance. Louis has always been enlightened monarch appeared at the front of everybody, so the capture of great political significance after the first Catherine Palace issued a strong command of a propaganda significance, and its purpose is different from the Russian emperor disguised kings, buying Russian general public's heart, and thus stripped Enlightenment seeds of social unrest in the Russian factor. The best way to destroy a country than from the use of the army to destroy the front, but from the back, using its nationals. Louis did not want a Russian one city in one place, but one always has a destabilizing factor in Russia, always tends to civil strife between Russia and stability. Russia to take advantage of this, but not too strong. After the order was given, Anna led Ivan? Osterman Earl came. Louis renowned for Ivan? Osterman, straight to the point and asked: "Are you coming with me peace talks?" "Yes, Your Majesty." Ivan? Osterman performance was cautious, if not wrong word, but also revealed a hint of hope look. "You can go back, monsieur." Louis unceremoniously underground expulsion. Ivan? Osterman quickly stepped forward and asked: "Your Majesty, talks regarding it?" Louis Leng Heng, said: "Please tell your back to your Queen, I refuse to peace talks. Should she does not want to become a sea of ​​fire in St. Petersburg, on the ask her to give up the throne. "" Your Majesty, it is no leeway yet? "Ivan? Shortness Osterman said, "Russia is willing to give up for peace to all territorial claims against Poland." "Has been late, monsieur." Stern Louis replied, "You should know that peace is not who or gift bestowed, but by their own hands to fight and I've given you the opportunity many times who the Queen,Oakley Sunglasses Sale, but she has refused to accept. things now, I can not believe you are who the Queen, so only one battle in the end. "" Your Majesty ... ... "Ivan? Osterman speechless, the initiative is not in his hands, he is now no way. "Please leave it!" Louis, "I will give you a comfortable carriage, if you wish, I can also give you a horse you would be safe to go back." Ivan? Osterman reluctantly leaned salute, and back out. Louis sneer, then right Hubert Thierry, said: "It is the Amber Room demolished loading, sent to Paris this matter to you personally responsible." "Yes, Your Majesty." Louis took a deep breath, then said: "Tell The soldiers, Ekaterina palace treasures leaving them free to dispose of. "Hubert Thierry Leng Liaoleng, wondering:" Your Majesty, the war has not yet arrived be, I am afraid is not right to do so! "" No! " Louis shook his head and said, "they risk their lives, get some loot understandable." Then he will no longer be ignored Hubert Thierry, asked Anna said: "Russia's Crown Prince couple has fallen yet?" ps: looting is whip, gave serfs Freedom is the honey, followed by Russians as hatred, or gratitude, casual! This section of books published by the network Www. <
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