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> [Network Www.] Eight hundred and twentieth Zhang Pu Russia does not make contact with Mrs. Prince Artois stay, do not say a word, as if suddenly Zhaxian meteor-like, and suddenly disappear. WwW. QuAnBeN. cOm she was gone, a person from walking up unnoticed. Mrs. Prince was previously Artois and Mary? Yuesefeina forcibly sent to France along with the soft, so around her attendants, maid of mixed Louis spy. Louis from spy mouth that she would come back exactly. Originally, Prince Frederick II in the Artois extradition when things do not come close lead intelligence leaks, the results Artois Mrs. Prince Prussian territory when you hear the cicadas into his whereabouts. So, she left her sister Mary? Yuesefeina, in rare attendants escort alone chase over. Artois wife's sister Mary Prince? Yuesefeina and sister Maria? Anna is the mistress of Louis may Louis right she is very strange. Louis careful retrospect, although in recent years, to meet with her lot, but every time she is escorted to meet her sister or sister, intersects can say so with her deep impression on her just to stay in the same year Prince suddenly Artois escape,Oakleys Squared Sunglasses, she implicated been Queen Mary? Antoinette protection. Lady with her sister Mary Prince Artois? Yuesefeina and sister Maria? Anna beauty are known for their looks, though not of Mary? Yuesefeina gorgeous, but also do not have a flavor. Their three sisters as royalty, they are beautiful, and the king still unclear, it is quite well known in social circles in Paris. However, if born wife of Prince Artois like loneliness in general,Air Jordan 10 Sale, whether it is social guests, or at home and sisters, that any far, almost no one can walk into the secret world of her heart. Louis in Paris widespread eyeliner, able to collect any of a socialite's intelligence, but except seldom heard the news about her, the only news about her non-existent or "The King mistress rumors." At this point, Louis saw Mrs. Prince Artois style, had played a admiration of the heart, or even think as far as the husband Prince Artois this wife. French army starting again after a brief stopover, not a few days, they reached the shore of the Baltic Sea in Riga, while the Prince of Prussia Artois previously cavalry escort back to Minsk, the issue will be exactly Artois inform the Prince Frederick II. General military stationed in the east, several days reinforcement barracks defense, but only no further into the soldiers. Frederick II and Prince Henry with a few attendants walking around the city together. They rode into the wild, Frederick II command attendants back, only forward with Prince Henry palaver. Out to be some distance before he stopped in Malaysia, to Henry Prince said: "Prince Louis XVI forgive Artois, Artois Prince have no hands, I grew more and more strange Louis not so tolerant person, A Prince Tuva people are not willing to placing him in person next. "" I also find it strange, but I'm more worried about. "Prince Henry look dignified to say," We are thinking Artois before Prince will kill before Louis XVI and Russia, contacts, and now I'm alive Louis XVI, contact us and Russia is not redundant yet? "" Well! "Frederick II did not mind to Leng Heng, said," Artois Prince will start, By the time the French army will retreat., and Russia the first contact and there is no problem, we can not as Louis XVI buried alive. "" Your Majesty, the contact like to continue anyway? "Prince Henry gently reminded," Russian envoy has arrived. "" contact Of course you want to continue. "Frederick II smiled," Prince Artois stay in Louis XVI side, it is like an artillery shell fell on the foot of Louis XVI. Fengyun dud shells may be the same as no reaction, can not last long it will explode and he lurking longer, the greater the chance of succeeding, we do nothing wrong. "" I understand. "Prince Henry nodded," I'll go with the Russian envoy to meet. " "Wait!" Prince Henry Frederick II Hanzhu and carefully cautioned, "Do not forget, our conditions are reserved for the Kingdom of Poland and the Russian forces in Poland." "I know." Prince Henry solemnly nod. Russia, Austria, Prussia in the 1970s, after the partition of Poland, Minsk from the hinterland into the eastern part of Poland, the last one the main cities. Minsk from the Polish eastern border there is a certain distance, but no more important stronghold since the east and the city, therefore, occupied eastern Poland in Minsk is the control of the portal. Frederick II was never legalistic and trustworthy person. He is breaking the law Austrian alliance, for France and territorial interests will support an alliance with France and sent troops to Russia. Prussian troops Russia is not much interest, his initial intention is only scraping some land in Poland. Today Poland has arrived,Women's Nike Jordan Shoes, he did not want in-depth Russian hinterland, it happens to be known to the assassination of Prince Louis XVI Artois, so they decided to betray allies. Frederick II of careful calculation. He tried to take advantage of France, but the French forces of fear. Artois the assassination of Prince Louis XVI If successful, he would fight back, and Russia together. By then, the inevitable defeat of the French army rudderless, Austria depth alone will be lost back. Eventually, most of the Polish Prussia, France and Austria, losses, Russia decimated, the future EU and the world will be dominated by Prussia. "Louis is not dead yet?" Frederick II Yangtianzhangtan, a kind of feeling of their dreams. He can not wait, fear of death in Prince Artois himself to die first. "If Prince Artois has not hands, or hands, but he failed, I do not there is not much interest yet? Seems to need to develop a second policy." Frederick II once again ready to make a fresh start, not the allies betrayed Russia. A few hours later, Prince Henry Qingqi come alone, softly whispered in the ear of Frederick II: "Your Majesty, the Russian envoy to accept our conditions, but they have to go back to St. Petersburg verdict." "No need." Philippians Frederick II, took a deep breath and said, "Tomorrow troops, target Smolensk." "Your Majesty, the negotiations have been successful." Prince Henry Yaran. "Success? What success?" Frederick II seriously ask, "Should Russia gave France a copy of this secret about how to do? Louis XVI in the hands of three hundred thousand troops, plus there are four hundred thousand Polish army How do we resist ? "" I understand, Your Majesty. "Prince Henry poor mood nod. Frederick II has said: "Of course, closeted can not stop. March and negotiations to the same time, Russia must make the necessary sacrifices." "Yes, Your Majesty." Riga port, warships covered pier, dock workers continue move cargo from a ship down. Rode to Port Louis and Dion. Looking to move from wear under cargo, Louis on Dieng said: "These supplies must be distributed immediately went down to St. Petersburg before, we depend on it." Army conquests have two supply lines. In Warsaw before the French army supplies sent from the land. Riga, the French military supplies sent by sea. Maritime transport capacity, and the risk is small, therefore, the French army next road trip will be close to the coastline. Dion crashed after said gravely: "Your Majesty, some time ago to escape from Liepaja Russian warships broke through the Denmark Strait heard, into the North Sea." "While several wreck it, no big deal." Louis did not mind to said. "Your Majesty, you need to tread carefully." Dieng look dignified manner, "said that several former British naval warships belonging, mostly people on the ship as England and I worried that they would return to England, to incite people against England. "" England has Bei Keli Earl and Norman Legion, a cause for concern. "Louis Road," Even if something went wrong, you can immediately troop past from France, a mere one Channel, I'm not looked down on. "" Your Majesty, I feel the need to make the local naval warships guarding outbound inspections, if necessary, may authorize the various ports blockade the British Isles. "Dion suggested. "This approach is feasible." Perfunctory style of Louis Huileyiju, then said, "Dion, he also subdued in the barracks do?" Dion first Leng Liaoleng, after react, said: "Prince Artois very law-abiding, he did not, and other military officers and soldiers have too much exposure, usually do not step out of the tent. "," how do you see him? "Louis asked. Dion frowned reluctantly said: "Your Majesty, after all he is your brother, your why so tormented him?" "I torture him?" Louis sneered, "I was somewhat unfair to him, but he is also from do not make me feel at ease. "" Your Majesty, then what does this mean? "Dieng puzzled road. Louis said: "He does not soldiers and officers in contact with in order to make people feel assured, no camps for their own safety if he died in the camp at this time, it would mean that all know that I found someone to kill you? Therefore require long-term perspective. "" Your Majesty doing something right. "Dion favor," I believe that no rebellious ideas Artois Prince "Louis meaningfully shook his head and said:" Artois is a person not to be believed, you have to be careful. "" I understand, Your Majesty. "Dion replied confidently. He then paused, and then said: "Your Majesty, I have found that Prussia and Russia seem very close, had to prevent." "Prussia and Russia?" Louis hesitated, plus a fine would have understood why. He and Frederick II of this on the likeness, so each other's habits, trick also understand. He did not Artois Prince as one of us, so think of the first one that makes the Franco-Prussian alliance is torn assassination success. "Your Majesty, how Prussia Russian alliance, we lose the posterior." Louis smiled and said meaningfully: "Do not worry! Frederick II If you know me alive, he is bound to continue to fulfill its commitments, if I die, it is really knows nothing. "ps: seeking recommendations, monthly, subscription, collectors! Thank you! ! ! # This section of books published by the network Www. <
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