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28.05.2013 04:53
only to encounter the typhoon antworten
Guangzhou is one of the great song four foreign trade port, has close trade with Southeast Asia, each R ì vessels pass in a continuous line. With the open boat field, lead a private custom-made ships, Guangzhou port becomes more prosperous, the harbor with clouds, voice noise, R ì night without rest. Now Yang Yizheng rate army conquered Cochin, plus south of the Five Ridges "port two" development plan has been launched, almost every day from a large number of goods shipped to the port of South of the Yangtze River,Oakley Glasses Online, with the boat to Guangxi through the Pearl River Waterway transport. At the same time, a gang of two development plan also attracted many sharp-nosed businessman, like the Jiangnan chamber of Commerce member, and almost every family has opened in Guangzhou. This day, the six ship slowly out of Guangzhou port, waterway although boats come and go, but the six ship is very eye-catching, because they are not the merchant, a naval ship but the song's newly minted. The song now rich, very rich! With the development of maritime trade, to create a number of suitable for naval warships logical. But the six ships, the Navy or the second, mostly do ninth people, two thousand five hundred people because of the typhoon had stayed in Guangzhou for eight days. Yang Yiyi initially planned to ninth people as a left hook, only to encounter the typhoon, let them around Qinzhou, with their north-south pincer attack Yong state plan could not be implemented. Ninth people stay in Guangzhou was bored, they are a result of Ruan Zhishun Jones, one hundred thousand troops are out, they are even Mao also saw a root, is simply toss one back in the sea. Today, Yang Yi suddenly received a military order, under this well, finally had the chance. Now the king is like a drowning dog, a both enjoyable, and exploits the fishing, who is not happy? Li Shangxian gave the order, two thousand five hundred people took only an hour. They bring the materiel, boarded the ship in port, it is a pioneering work of the ninth. At least Li Shangxian had not seen his help soldiers Wuzi moves so fast. Wind whistling blowing the sails, naive, the sea is blue. Flocks of seabirds flying around. All head beam and brother came to Li Shangxian's side, excited and asked: "general, I want to fight?" They are side around the officer his ears, for fear of hearing a word, they only know to combat task, but do not know where,Air Jordan 5 UK, the heart is like cat itch. Li Shangxian inclined beam and brother eye replied: "I don't play, we returned to beijing!" You don't say? General, you can not deceive us, the great march duct is not a let's attack Cochin?" Ha ha ha. See you this help monkey nasty, rest assured! This time, we can do a good job in a!" "General, you say!"...... * Li Qiande Yujia personal expedition, is greatly encouraged the morale, moment to see the Royal flag. It's the thunderous, the crowd cheered, only Li Changjie or bend the brows. Yang Yi garrison from the north, they do not move, but a reward, this can let Li Changjie eat enough bitterness. Lang Son jungle trail everywhere, Li Changjie command,Air Jordan UK, the army actually is all some porters, those who pass trail sent more in not, every provision is difficult to >
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