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28.05.2013 04:51
Ferdinand and sī born nv antworten
> Unhappiness go fast, but how much is still to give the king a little face, where shì from the official motioned inside, Louis still huā spent one minute of time to sort out feelings. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM Louis XV suite after entering, I saw him sitting in the dark bosom hi sè parlor sofa. "King Grandfather, I'm back." Louis bowed, said lightly. This time, Louis noticed that just came mén have been closed, possibly from the official who shì related. He knew from the official who shì confidant of Louis XV, who on the one hand but also nv cronies nv people search for Louis XV. Just listen to Louis XV or with the anger I do not know the tone of joy, pondering, said: "a father who really different from before, more mature." Listen seems to mean praising him, but Louis how to listen to feel there is a kind of meaning in the accused. Louis just nodded and did not answer answer, he has not nòng clear meaning of Louis XV. "I heard that a pair of twins nv child?" Louis XV asked. "Yes." "This booing." Louis XV seems relieved,Coach Totes, then warned, "Listen, I have nothing new to say it does not matter who your mother is aristocratic fiancee, but you have to remember live, it ends here you can have countless future nv people, but you and she must be broken. "Louis sè surface does not change, as usual. His heart is playing bō Lan,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars UK Sale, but then in the dying queen training, he had already learned to hide the true feelings of the heart. Louis did not huā fee how much effort, they understand before Louis XV and later tell Zhefan loose gas to break up, then he and Princess reasons. Princess in the final analysis are the Orleans family old daughter, his "despicable" means to be the abducted, if the matter publicly, Orleans family, even if the matter is not over mén daughter what happened, but also must not tolerate this and other humiliation, that time will inevitably lead to a direct descendant of the first kings and the royal family of the Cold War between, and even may therefore trigger a hot war. The reason why Louis XV would feel loose gas, because he felt that if Princess is just nv children born, then it is impossible to his grandson Louis defiance would Princess back to Paris. Moreover, he simply thought that Louis just as the young Princess of restlessness chūn vent, and nothing real thing. Perhaps also allows Louis gave birth to son emotionally unable to give up, and gave birth to nv children, it may therefore interrupted the two emotions. Louis XV did not expect his grandson and is true love between a princess, so he just unilaterally think so. He felt that as long as Jean-Louis away from the princess, and then to Austria, Marie Antoinette to replace, so Louis could be able to recover the heart, rather than continue on a far Corsica nv people. Of course, this does not mean that Louis XV completely satisfied with the Austrian princess, if not a such circumstances, if not twins Princess is sī family background, but for Princess and the Orleans family before marriage laid down, he really hopes grandchildren and Princess married. After Peng Diye Fu royal family's wealth is now the most lacking something, but can also strengthen the marriage relationship between the royal family and nobles to form a new aristocracy alliance network. Louis XV was awake, now France, the biggest hidden dangers from within, rather than external. With a decline Empty title Habsburg emperor marriage, might as well let the French royal family to have more support in France. But, there is no way that, mén when the household pair is a prerequisite for marriage. Duke and Earl may be marriage, but not likely, and viscount, baron and even civilian marriages. The royal family will be more demanding conditions. Only the royal family and the royal family, or the family of independent Archduke marriage, when Louis XV and Queen of marriage, they just bō orchid queen waste because the relationship between the king, and was ridiculed throughout Europe. mén households opinion a long time, even more than some of the political factors, even if the identity of the peer's marriage is often connected disarray of political factors. If we say that the French Revolution broke out at this time, the royal family in order to quell the revolution will marry the princess born revolutionary leader of civilians, in exchange for the end of the revolution, if such a thing happens, I am afraid it will only happen in fairy tales. The more high status, the more long family history, they are far more proud of their own nobility, but also more attention to family honor. Any nobility can not undermine the family reputation allowed everything happened. France does not really need a way to consolidate the marriage alliance with Austria, had to consider the reasons for this, simply for mén first opinion. Louis XV would be a more desirable is the princess of the Kingdom of Sardinia Yuesefeinuo · lù Marie Louise de Savoy, the princess is one year older than Louis, can be compared to Mary Ann Austria Antoinette have a greater chance of giving birth early successors, however, the Savoy family and the Habsburgs than really bad on unharmed. Moreover, the original Savoy family or in the case of betrayal of France became the King of the Kingdom of Sardinia, this hatred of Louis XV has not been forgotten. Always thought bō next family is Europe's first family of Louis XV, they had to give him the Austrians did not favor the Crown Princess of Versailles White House, as the princess who Sardinia, for the consolidation of peace in the southeast purpose, Louis XV also has her second grandson and his Louis Stanislaw Seville engagement, and their age apart two years old. Louis his grandfather's heart guessed pretty close with the facts, and now it was his turn a headache. Louis knew the meaning of his grandfather King has been very clear, the princess raised on the outside, a lifetime not to return to Paris, the twins, too, has black female nv trio of life, nothing exciting life had finished. However, Louis XV did not know was that his grandson did this and he thought just the opposite. Even in seeing the true face of deceased queen after Louis still very envious of his grandfather. Although the marriage of Louis XV was not how symmetrical, but this asymmetry is that the benefits of marriage without any political pressure. It's like when Henry VIII of England, the king's six wives, apart from the first one have more backing, the other five he can be said to mén not properly account. He became the first divorce had some trouble when, after several clutch, are so relaxed, not because he does not need to listen to the Pope at that time, but because the next few wife do not have any backing . Today, Louis, is very eager to to his grandfather as a little background patron's wife, so that he will in future also convenient Sheriff righting, the problem is, who is the master of Austria Marie Antoinette princess, although Habsburgs had yesterday, after Huang thin dead camel than Ma, Austria, Hungary coupled with affluent city in northern Italy, the most important is that there must not be underestimated nv a strongman Maria Theresa exist, the way it must be good to go. Louis knows can not be changed, it simply did not stubborn, and he actually never thought stubborn. He will not be foolish thoughts come clean, so will definitely be opposed, and may even have bī Louis XV had extermination. Louis at himself, at least until their grasp of power, began to do it. Waiting for the day not too long, Louis already learned in intelligence from Dion, Louis XV's body has every situation Kusakabe, now only a weak, as long as Louis XV has been to continue this lifestyle, not France's crown will need a few years different owners. Young is the capital, the jackpot Louis win the game. Moreover, he will also be happy to stay in Corsica Princess to Fun luàn away from Versailles and Paris. Corsica, France in front of ignorance can be said that a wild land, who would not imagine Louis received annually from Corsica millions Riffle even more income, and now, The whole island is also vigorously carry out reconstruction projects in the future will become a stronghold of the French Crown. Louis is very clear, the next period of time, he needs to face a lot of enemies, so he does not want to let Princess Mother nv in this unsafe place, just stay together Corsica Louis mind. But, it is only just to stay in Corsica, sever relations is impossible. "King grandfather, really only able to do so?" Louis still need to put on a very sad way to, so that it seems normal. "Louis, you can not lose because of a sense of proportion nv person." Watching grandson of Louis XV, in all earnestness, "you can have a full-France nv all people, but before that you must be aware of these nv nòng people in the background, some nv people you can not touch. "" I know. "Louis filled very frustrated look, deep down in the sneer," What can not touch, have a child. not that the Orleans family do? What's great. "" But, "Louis Tude said," I still do not trust them. solitary island of Corsica, now fortunately Peng Diye Fu Duke still, if the Duke died Diye Fu Peng They would not be dispossessed. "one of the strategies of Louis, which is tantamount to the king to beg for a title. He still remembers his grandfather, and he will be the king had his father Louis Ferdinand and sī born nv thing, when the king grandfather was snappily, and thus, he will filled with fear, cowardice, the introduction of a sympathetic look. If faced with the actual occurrence of the words to the queen, Louis felt afraid so. Vigorous island of Corsica after that war, who put this sixteen-year-old Crown Prince of France as ordinary people? However, if the object is a Louis XV, he is still confident that eluded. "Do not worry!" Louis XV with a sigh, "Before you leave Corsica later, I made a secret edict, I will get rid of your title Corsican Prince, and turned to Mary · Adelaide nv Duke of Corsica, while her twin nv children,Oakley Lifestyle, large nv Earl of Ajaccio, Bastia nv small as Earl. "Louis really shocked. However, he is not because of their twins Princess nv children and raised him and got scared, but because he was rid of the title of Prince of Corsica and frightened. Grandson of Louis XV that is too jī move, so no funny to say the sentence: "Oh, what kind of father, what kind of son I probably did your father sī Health nv is a bit too much , it appears that the treatment she is also a need to improve the look, after all, her parents have a noble descent, if the student aside sī nv identity, she is probably the most qualified to become the king of the French people. "Louis born on his father's sī nv milli no interest, but in contemplating how to Corsica for the future control. Louis XV's intention is clear, that is, do not let him go to Corsica, because the tall island and he really is no relationship. However, he also realized from the Princess of the title in the situation is not bad. If Princess inherited everything before him, then Corsica is still in his hands. He just lost a nominally Corsican owner of the title, but does not affect his actual control of Corsica. But now he is also aware of the need to Corsica and have the ability to find a trustworthy person as Governor of. [..] .. <
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