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their families Ligne Prince antworten
> [Network Www.】; Seven hundred and eightieth IX close embrace January 15, within a day and more easy way to three children. wWW. QUanbeN. Com morning, Maria? Anna gave birth to a girl at the Elysee Palace. At noon, her sister Mary? Yuesefeina in the same manner gave birth to a boy. Evening, Sheriff 佛蕾泽丽卡 Württemberg in the south bank of the Seine residence also gave birth to a boy. Louis to Maria? Anna's daughter named Mary? Alexandra, Princess of Turin gave its title. About Mary? Yuesefeina child named Louis? Frederick, Duke of closure as Warsaw, Poland Prince. Longer 佛蕾泽丽卡 Princess child named Louis? Eugen, called Neika Bo Jue. Louis is not a random name and Conferring the children, each name and title has a certain significance. Mary? Alexandra's name is in line with her brother Duke Louis of Sardinia? Alessandro,Coach New Arrivals Clearance, Alexandra and Alessandro is from the same root name for both men and women. Her title Princess of Turin and do not have it meaning. Turin is the capital of Sardinia, Sardinia or a ** Country, Louis with this title the one to declare himself the supreme power, and secondly also to establish the Kingdom of Italy plans. Louis? Frederick's name is an expectation, Louis expect him to be a like a Prussian King Frederick II as commander of genius, as he will in the future become the king of Poland. Louis him as Duke of Warsaw and the Polish Prince, in fact, denied the current king Stanislaw III's throne. Louis? Eugen name is also an expectation, Louis expect him to be like Prince Eugen as military commander. Neika Bo Jue's title for his mother. His mother 佛蕾泽丽卡 Princess is Wuerttemberg people Neckar River runs through Württemberg, so use this title is most appropriate. January 16, Louis ordered submitted to Parliament "Inheritance Act," the amendment, the entire contents of the same, only the last one added restrictions - he has become heir to the throne of the French monarch the order of succession to the last drop. Therefore, several of the most likely in the future for the chaos Prince concubines vying for positions may be lost. Concubines first one is Mary? The eldest son of the Duke of Maine Adelaide Louis? Hugo, he has become the Grand Duke of Oldenburg, the future can become the King of Holland. Prince Condé pains in Brussels to support the Duke Louis? Henry is the possibility of loss of inheritance. This will depend on his rank after he engaged with the Saxon princess, Louis simply modify Saxony Saxony inheritance can make him heir. Prince Condé and Conti Prince was still in Paris, they have voting rights in parliament. The objection to the Prince Conti "Inheritance Act," this time also voted against it. Condé unpopular prince was banished, and found that the amendment unfavorable, and thus voted against it. However, they have been reduced in many of Paris's power, with no ability to influence political. Amendment passed without any risk. Louis then modified Condé Prince and Prince Conti transfer order, replaced by the Indian Prince Condé Quebec, Quebec to India by the Prince of Conti. Quebec is the earliest development of the French colony of England, although briefly ruled, but did not allow local change much. Quebec is also not a rebellion ** thirteen states factor, as befits a former dignitary Prince Condé. India's situation is more complicated. Mysore southern peninsula, north-central with Maratha and Mosuo Er, northwestern and Persian forces. France, only to regain colonial India in the eastern coastal areas of Bangladesh and forces, so they need a nominally able to co-ordinate the overall situation of people, Prince Conti is most appropriate. January 17, Anna escorted Ligne Prince family to Paris, in the palace of Louis held a welcome party. The next day on the 18th, Dieng personally escorted Rumyantsev arrived in Paris. 10:00, Louis for a long time did not wake up so early, but in order to show respect Rumyantsev, he will be in front of the castle early in the morning to wait. Carriage stopped at the palace gate, Dion and Rumyantsev has come down to earth, Louis also simultaneously down the steps, greeted. Red tape later, Dion pointed Rumyantsev said: "Your Majesty, this is the Russian Field Marshal Rumyantsev." Louis looked Rumyantsev, saw his burly physique, eyes of God, and the majesty the gas like a born general. Louis Anzan of I grasped his hand and said: "Marshal Sir, I am very glad you came here, I heard about your experiences in Russia, really a shame." Russian spy has happened survey clearly, the original Marshal Potemkin everything is a conspiracy. Potemkin With the Crimea credit glimpse into the Russian marshal, but he was not satisfied. He coveted Ligne Prince positions, so the design framed. Ligne Prince after the fall of Catherine II intends to let Rumyantsev as Minister of the Army and military advisers, he will do this as a thorn Rumyantsev. As Rumyantsev shelter Ligne Prince concerned, it was an accident, however, in which he was also manipulated, spyware found he had spent bribed Rumyantsev some army officers. Louis and Rumyantsev would have been in a warm living room,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK Sale, he spies report to the Rumyantsev. Rumyantsev while reading, while more and more gloomy. After reading it, he took a deep breath, solemnly Louis said: "Your Majesty, I have now cornered, if you trust me, I am willing to help you." Louis smiled and said: "As long as you gave to me loyalty Of course, I will trust you. "Louis can not believe Rumyantsev, but he must be reused. Russian Marshal Rumyantsev, the Russian military has a high prestige, while he knew the inside story of Russian troops. Louis will not be handed over to him a legion of France, but will listen to his advice. Rumyantsev sigh, absent-minded like. Louis knew his emotional ties to the motherland, then change the subject, asked: "I heard Ligne Prince came together with you, how not see his shadow?" Rumyantsev heaved a sigh, bad spirits replied: "His Royal Highness Prince halfway on the left, he said to return to Brussels." Louis nodded glance, the dark said: "He is back to Brussels to see family? fortunately did not change its decision, or he may really not come to Paris . "Louis smiled Rumyantsev said:" Marshal Sir, I think you will soon be able to see the Prince of Ligne. "Rumyantsev shook his head and said:" He is a true knight, he loves him family and I think he will not leave his family again. "" So he will come to Paris. "Louis said pretending to be mysterious," Ligne Prince family are in Paris, he will come. "Lu Burma mining husband surprised a moment, understand its meaning. With his past experience, that the King of France will Ligne Prince's family held hostage again. He expressed his disgust heart though, they had to press down resistance. After 1, Ligne Prince really to Paris. He entered the palace, in the hallway was reunited with family members. Louis and Rumyantsev standing in the distance, enjoying touching reunion comedy. Rumyantsev whispered an apology and said: "Sorry, Your Majesty, I think that you will Ligne Prince's family seized as hostages." "There is no relationship." Louis did not mind when he said, "Many people have misunderstood me, I already used the. "Rumyantsev more guilt. Louis continued: "Ligne Prince refused to serve me, though, but he was a true knight, I would not work for me because he did not vent their anger on his family, but will not make hostage-taking that kind of thing I thought he suffered a mishap before it is sent to his family in Paris, was originally meant to shelter them more easily, but did not expect to be accidentally provoke Ligne Prince. "Rumyantsev spent a day in Paris, but to see a lot of celebrities. He knew from celebrities mouth Ligne Prince family suffered courtesy, thus Louis had a reverence. He went on saying: "The Majesty's kindness brought good luck, this is not an accident." Louis nodded, and looked as usual, said: "we have it! There are important decisions to talk and I have not given up recruiting Ligne Prince." "I will help, Your Majesty." Rumyantsev road. "This is the best." Louis Road. Then, they came up with Ligne met a prince. After a brief side, separated from their families Ligne Prince into the drawing room of the king. Louis, Rumyantsev and Ligne Prince, three sides face to face. Louis said bluntly: "Ligne Prince, I hope you stay on my side, for me and France effectiveness, of course, you no matter what decision to make, I will guarantee that your lordship, and in accordance with the criteria will be given Pensions. "Ligne Prince Austrian army, the last rank of lieutenant general, he is the Queen of the Russian military advisers involved as a private military, therefore, Louis will only give him a pension specifications, otherwise it will make subordinate refuses to accept. Ligne Prince thought about it, and said: "Your Majesty, thank you for your favor, but I'm tired of military life." "I understand that you are rejected." Louis said with disappointment. Ligne Prince bit low weights in Russia and president global, knowledge should Rumyantsev above. Louis knows this, and therefore did not give up. At this time, Rumyantsev said: "His Royal Highness, you do not want to avenge it? They are not openly beat you but the use of intrigue, you willing to back an espionage vain do? '" Marshal Sir,Jordan 5 Sale, you are ...... "Ligne Prince looked stunned Rumyantsev. Rumyantsev righteous rhetoric and said: "Your Highness, I very love Russia, but I can not let a group of villains destroy a country I love and I do not want an enemy with former colleagues, but I do not want to be falsely accused of treason. "Ligne Prince silent without words, but deep down in the fierce contradictory. He was disheartened this setback, but do not want to suffer unrighted wrong, and most importantly, he gratitude Grace King of France. He did not immediately make a choice. In Rumyantsev and persuaded the king of France, he remained silent and his family left the palace. ps: kill the mutant. .. This section by a network of books published Www. <
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