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Saxony will suffer a huge antworten
> [Network Www.】; Seven hundred and sixtieth chapters Elector of Saxony in Dresden clouds country in the past few hundred years occupies an important position in Europe, but also with a number of historical events have a direct relationship. Which, to the birth and development of the Protestant Lutheran it with very close. Early Reformation, Martin? Elector of Saxony, Luther is in support of the anti-Roman Catholic Church's activities, Saxony Germany thus became the earliest abandon the Catholic areas, the people are completely Protestant Lutheran. At the same time, when the Saxon Elector advantage of this opportunity to break new ground, some church merged with the surrounding territory. Rulers of Saxony Wettin family descendants. Wettin family and the family, like many of the Middle Ages,Poppy Collection Coach Outlet, in the early accordance with the "brothers in his father's death so divided territory" Frank act ancient rules, which will be divided into two branches. Among these, the main branch of the Protestant faith, and ruled Saxony, owns elector of the Holy Roman Empire of the place. Distance proselytism Soon Saxon Protestant Elector was then Europe's most powerful kings - the Holy Roman Empire and the Spanish crown while wearing a crown on the head of Charles V Habsburg defeat. Subsequently, as a defeat punishment, Wettin family and child support long branch exchange territory, the young Catholic branch became the Saxon Elector, has spread so far, Protestant in its long branch and then continue to divide, forming a non- I left princes. However, the history of Saxony has only just begun. Catholic child support shortly after he entered the local Saxon Protestant Lutheran assimilation Elector of Saxony once again became a Protestant. Since then, Saxony has embarked on a new road of enlightenment, its territory in a very long period of time are not even a Catholic businessman. During the Thirty Years' War, Saxony Shoushuliangduan,Coach Totes, sometimes standing on the side of Sweden and other Protestant countries, sometimes privately with Catholic Holy Roman Emperor to make peace, and ultimately, Saxony was Protestant and Catholic army turns coalition forces ravaged large areas of land lost its the forces in Germany are also due to the Thirty Years War and the rise of Prussia beyond, officially becoming the German second-rate, mediocre European countries. But, Saxony did not obediently exit the stage of history. 17th century early 18th century, the original Protestant Elector of Saxony Lutheran Roman Catholic proselytism, and then was elected king of Poland, known as Augustus II. His son is also Roman Catholic, and then also been elected king of Poland, known as Augustus III. However, the rulers failed to convert the whole country has changed beliefs, Saxony is still a Protestant country. Grandson of Augustus III, Elector of Saxony, Friedrich is the incumbent? Augustus III, one of his daughters married into the French royal family, the birth of grandchildren are now the King of France Louis XVI. Because of this kinship, Saxony and France in the middle of the 18th century has a close relationship, the two rulers even cousins. Talleyrand was brought to withstand theological education, though not consider herself a loyal Roman Catholic priest, but did not dare to deny that they are not faithful to God Catholics. He does not think what intrigues bad move, but that faith unfaithful amoral things. Given Saxon Elector there has always been "betrayed" move, he arrived Saxon capital of Dresden from the moment they filed a spirit of twelve. May 5, Talleyrand arrived in Dresden after the third day, the whole city are spread throughout the "Prussian thousands of troops to cross-border south" rumors. Prussia had bombarded and occupied Dresden, coupled with its military troops on the border indeed, the whole city was therefore cause for alarm. The next day on May 6, Saxony power of people to leave Dresden Prince Anton, to inspect the barracks, while Talleyrand also been a Saxon Elector Friedrich? Augustus III of the audience permission. So, he and the Elector's uncle Franz? Aqsa Virgin Prince together into the Palace. Since their arrival in Dresden after Talleyrand will appreciate the atmosphere of unease here. Not only the palace, even the whole city was Anton Prince of people watched, even if there is "His Royal Highness the Elector Prince Anton was placed under house arrest," the rumors are considered normal. He also knew Anton Prince forces so great reasons - Saxon army commander Chen Theis Duke and Prince Albert Prince Anton formed an alliance, Anton Prince actually mastered the Saxon army. Talleyrand and Franz? Prince Aqsa Virgin atrium castle in Dresden saw wearing a red military dress Saxon Elector Friedrich? Augustus III. Saxon Elector just Sanxun, but sad to not show his face like a six or seven-year-old man. After some red tape, Talleyrand intentionally looked around, and then softly on the Saxon Elector cautioned: "Your Highness, although no others within around fifty meters, can be monitored by fifty meters are outside, we are not Better go to the castle? "castle surrounded by closed atrium would like to be surrounded by a fence wrapped in prison, in addition to the head is the blue sky and white clouds, no path around it. Over Pentecostal Franz? Prince also connected Aqsa Virgin said: "Your Highness, this does not fit to talk about the secret." Saxon Elector lament, reluctantly said: "In the atrium, I at least fifty meters of space. If you go to the castle, After that there will be monitoring those walls. "Franz? Aqsa Virgin Prince surprised: "how could this be?" Talleyrand then also pretending to be surprised to surprise or two, but the hearts of illegal channels: "Imagine Saxon Elector actually would be controlled like a prisoner, it seems peaceful The effectiveness of the methods is impossible to achieve. "Saxon Elector exclaimed:" Anton force is too strong, and has been advocated war against France, and I in order to avoid war, the appointment of Chen from the Duke of Austria Theis back to Admiral, commander of the army The results did not think ...... hey! collusion with the two of them turned out to be a commander in chief powers transferred away use my bodyguard, and the other took the opportunity to arrange their own people into the castle. "Talleyrand curious said:" Theis Chen Duke's wife was the sister of Joseph II, the French queen's sister, both in Austria and France declared war on Russia's case, his position should not be so large deviation ah! "" My initial thought is true. " Saxon Elector tone remained retarder, said, "Theis Chen Duke is my uncle, with the Duchess of this genetic relationship, so I told him tremendous trust and when he returned to Dresden talking to Saxony effect, I do not think they would agree, although I think he means to balance Anton, but I was never sorry for him, whether he is why backward Anton's side? "Talleyrand frown : "Your Highness, the Duke of Theis Chen is back on their own initiative? was a man?" "Yes." Saxon Elector nodded, "just in March, is a man." "strange." Talleyrand if look a gift horse to say, "Theis Chen legend Duke and Duchess of very good relationship, marriage almost inseparable. Debu night he came back this time not earlier, and immediately after the backward Anton Prince, is it a premeditated ? "" No matter whether it is premeditated, the most critical is how to change the situation. "Franz? Old and deep Aqsa Virgin said, "There are two ways, one is secretly arrested them, two are Highness escape." Talleyrand fine plus a thought, nodded, agreed and said: "Anton Prince and Theis His Royal Highness the Duke of Chen's appointment in order to power down, the castle has been though they control, can Saxony elsewhere is not that they can control the., or that they be arrested or fled Highness here, is a reverse situation approach, but now this situation, I think perhaps more prudent to flee. "" No! "Franz? Aqsa Vail Road Prince suddenly spoke out against "heavily guarded castle, Your Highness is not so easy to escape. Even successful escape, how can we lift Anton Prince and Duke Theis Chen powers? They could deny escape Highness, may even be halfway Run even if these do not occur, His Royal Highness also really organized force, but this would mean a civil war will happen. If Prussians took the opportunity to move south, Saxony will suffer a huge disaster. "tower Column Lang retorted: "If His Highness remain here it will not make the threat of war exempt Saxony, on the contrary, if allowed Anton Prince and Duke Theis Chen continues, but will also suffer Saxony Prussia and France's attack, that when the loss will be greater. "" Yes. "Saxon Elector interjected," I can not let my people suffer from the war, it is necessary to stop them, even if it would allow me to pay with their lives. "" Your Highness,Air Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, your peace of mind I already have policies. "Franz? Aqsa Virgin Prince appease road, "the past few days I've met with several brothers, they dissatisfied Anton Prince and Duke Theis Chen, I think ...... secretly combined their hands." Saxon Elector frown into thought. Talleyrand secretly sighed, An Fu said: "Saxony assassination and escape are your thing, although not able to accomplish His Majesty's command, but I know so much, even if not too remiss Gongbaichuicheng no wonder that His Majesty will In the time I have left, so I do not have to be too concerned about success, it seems he was already had plans. wrong, it should be long had the intention to send troops. "Talleyrand saw Saxon Elector from the moment would have been abandon the initial hope, after all, then, but in order to further temptation. Although the vast atrium, you can even say the words of this will not be listening to preach to the people, but also being puzzled. Once Anton Prince et al to be prepared, that are either arrested or fled the odds minimal. In the knowledge of the Saxon Elector suspicious fickle, indecisive character, he is even more determined. Then, after a brief meeting, Talleyrand immediately had an excuse to leave overnight Saxony. Franz? Aqsa Virgin Prince then stayed to arrest matters. ps: Originally Saxony really want a peaceful settlement, and finally lay still feel Come! ! # This section of books published by the network Www. <
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