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28.05.2013 04:22
Yang Yi total command over 50000 troops antworten
* * * now people eat is not a problem, the imperial court in the East before the accumulation of a large number of food supplies, is to prepare for the Yanyun, and even win the whole Liao prepared, now the nearest transfer relief to the people, is the material transfer winter difficult this is. Yang Yi this time from the capital bring all officials, a total of forty-seven, now mostly he was assigned to the county to supervise the relief work to go; and near the affected lighter County under the command of Yang Yi, sent many officials, artisans, doctor came to Xinzhou, Dingxiang this two heavy disaster area to support; it is east of the garrison,OP Art Coach Sale, Yang Yi total command over 50000 troops into the post-disaster reconstruction to the East, are now busy with one thing, that is to relief. Is now in the middle of ten, it did not reach the coldest time of the year, until the twelfth lunar month, then I'm afraid a lot of things do not because of cold. The two cities of Xinzhou and Dingxiang has been razed to the ground, according to the meaning of Yang Yi, are another new city. Department officials quickly draw the design drawings of two city, in fact, drawing is not complicated, military Yu not excessive considering. Xinzhou North Yanmenguan, if even the Yanmenguan defensive ability also be of no avail if, one more seat Chow City must also stop a powerful enemy. If not the east mountainous, easy bandits bandits words, Yang Yi and even the wall does not intend to build. Metro is planning a street, yamen, sewers, latent fire spread,Oakley Holbrook Outlet, the Salesian Bureau, the old and lonely Institute, state and public facilities, and then the building; whether it is wood structure house. Or adobe houses, the construction speed is very fast, Yang Yi involving more than ten thousand troops, more than 4000 craftsmen, more than 30000 young into the reconstruction of Xinzhou Metro to; as for the Dingxiang there, sent the Qin Zigui past master it, the distance between the two places tens of miles. Transmission of information more convenient, Tan Zigui presided over the Dingxiang new progress is good, investment and also has more than 20000. Xinzhou here. North City in the collapse of ten,Oakley Sunglasses Radar, thousands of houses were also built, be in full swing scene. A few days ago is still in desperate people see such a grand scene, mind can not help a vibration, J ī ng God look much better; these are the free house built for them, although not a luxury, but for their future life for twenty or thirty years is not a problem. Yang Yi took several guards walk at the site have a look, the craftsmen built Adobe was first erected pillars, and hay paste on the mud, the internal and external paste, and then dry, or roasted with fire. The adobe house built fast is very fast, but very rustic, not durable. Yang Yijian dug out on both sides of the street sewer of loess, the loess has just dug out a large stick x ì ng, is the kind of loess used brick. But the brick is time-consuming, too late, Yang Yibian ordered the direct use of the Loess building. He let the craftsmen to make a wall bucket, the bucket is two block wall is ten feet in length, width of a ruler, splint two feet. Made of outer mold wall, then use the dustpan outfit soil, poured into the bucket to wall, and then a long wooden hammer loess conflict; conflict with a layer of the wall, bucket pumping high and Zhen Tu, and then washed, so a >
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