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28.05.2013 04:11
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West Piedmont egrets fly peach flowers flowing away with water, mandarin fish fertilizer. Ruoli green, green, light wind and drizzling rain do not have return to. Yang Yitou wearing a bamboo hat, a gingham dress, in the early morning rain, fishing in the river side of the Wu Pengchuan, Gannabe Ryuimai,Jordan UK sale, will the rain fine like fog, smoke like the smoke, let the green landscape looks like a blurred the ink and wash painting. The cabin, Qin C ā o offered Fuqin, a "thin" and forgatting the vulgar ideas, diaspora in the landscape, the perfect combination of drip River underwater and the ship on the hood, as a part of the tender leaves. Qing Niang is rogue, holding an oil-paper umbrella, standing on the bow as a Yurun Begonia, from time to time she folded under a willow branches into the water, drive to hook the fish, the mouth quietly croon with: "I left home before, reluctantly bid farewell; now I come back, through the rain and snow......" Yang Yi doesn't mind her trouble, sit in the bow, sit in a part of the landscape in the rain. Outside playing like a raging fire, toward the class be raging like a storm, Yang Yi the mood was very calm, as if everything with him, never mind. Yes, Yao won't fall, and the more the face of chaos, the more need to face with a calm state of mind, do not let yourself busy in error, the busier disorderly, more and more busy. Yang Yi is now just a little, urged Shen Qing straight complete river regulation project as soon as possible, this is the core of all the problems, as long as the river end of the project, then pack up all the mess, sweep of history is not too late. Yang Yi this several days have been reflecting on their own, have to admit, these a few years he did too fast, all want to finish in a few short years, the Song Dynasty made like a taut string, voice lost calm atmosphere, sharpened don't say, this string is likely at any time broken. There are some things * * speed not up, this time around there is smoke, completely out of potential, is on a j its ng clock to Yang Yi. So he is not busy around to trap, but let yourself calm down, or are likely to be everywhere, everywhere leakage. Music stopped, furnace water has been boiling, Yang Yi fish but has not. Amidst the vast field, the farm had started the ch ū n tillage field, for the farmer, or Western Liao, too, all things are not plow their fields important. From their silent figure, Yang Yi is not difficult to realize a truth, either one, or a country, should be the first to plow their that field, keep the year's harvest, eat only effort to thousands of other. The original history, X ì ng Qing Niang how Yang Yi is not very clear, but now, under his very fond of this girl, sometimes very naughty, "sometimes", this is usually the and Yang Yi together; women are like bullying is said to love his man,Oakley Sunglasses Active, Qing Niang now in the "bully" Yang Yi, he so long not fish on a fish,Jordan Superfly Shoes, because the Qing Niang beside her in trouble, don't is not possible with the daughter of small X ì ng oscillator. But this Yao Yang Yi of peace of mind, no matter how her trouble, no care, just on a misty rain, any floating thoughts Z ì y ó u free. This makes clear the mother have a sense of frustration, this trouble, often also >
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