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28.05.2013 04:06
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@@ps: five one double, hope you cast more monthly support Hao yuan. Today, look at the book, Hao far more than two years, the first among the historical monthly list of the top ten, heart very regrets, two years to write every word, but the results have been very bleak, stand by knowing, this book was even Sanjiang recommended list could not, once many times to give up, but some book has been supporting the Hao far,oakley sunglasses sale, Hao Yuan is a softie, even if there are a few people support, will feel abandoned guilty conscience, so difficult to adhere to today, I will write down, and will dedicate more J ī ng color sections to everyone, hope everyone can support Chi Haoyuan, let's go! Surge of yellow dust, thirty thousand rolling North Song, the distinctive armor, high heel, orderly array, dark murderous look, look to make along the way people came to Liao, many families were panic, fled fled. But as they soon discovered, the rolling flow did not heed them fled fled, but to take off pants fart -- make an unnecessary move. The land, sea, West to East LAN Taihang, South Central Plains control lock, North Liaodong, Sekiyama Yui, the situation xianyao. This land so rich in beauty has made countless heroes bow in homage. In the Qin and Han, Tang Song Zu, but some spirit of the king,Cheap Oakley Holbrook, who has not given up the ground, will y ù into her arms and then quickly. Great song self-reliance country think constantly of back cloud Yan, however since Song Taizong defeated sorghum River, song never never reached Youyun. History will remember this day, after a hundred years, the thirty thousand song once again pushed northward, flow such as CH á o, rolling north, such as tiger, Ma Rulong, like a R with the wind. Rise directly to a high position ninety thousand. Army front, flags fluttering, fluttering in the wind, the most conspicuous is the gift of the Dragon flag, flag red S è. A Ipomoea cairica make threatening gestures. Ling Feng y ù fly; Dragon flag next to, is a Yang a word, it is the army's sign. Behind the thirty thousand soldiers to follow this word for Yang rong. Because, this word had beaten two Yang Xing Qing palace. Rising dragon. It is a representative of the invincible myth. Follow this Yang word, means that exploits, means glory, means Fengqiyinzi. Banner, Yang Yi with cloud cover snow. He is not a nail, but also put on a black s è outfit, waist not Damascus Dao, full of heroic spirit and tenacity and perseverance. In addition, Yang Yi followed him a majestic white wolf,Coach Bags Outlet, more is to the north, the white wolf more excitement, it rushed to the front position, from time to time up long howl. It is understood, from their homes near the. Yang Yi by white wolf that call long howl sense, also be in high and vigorous spirits, march forward courageously, laugh and song: "the Fubo may also. Dingyuan Xusheng entry. Can make the clothes into Rong Di, fraction Zhongyuan hero restore our lost territories!, ha ha ha...... .. "Liu Wu, Li Yizhong, listen to the generals, all scream and call. Well, this is a young army. They speak in excitement emotion, at the same time, it is also a way of teachers, they have the arrogance of the world. Even Tang Geng, agricultural real autumn these literary young, at this time is just the >
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